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Free And Paid DLC In The Works For Magicka

Also, more bug fixes!

Post-launch support for PC indie darling Magicka has been aggressive since the game's bug-riddled debut on Steam. Arrowhead Game Studios has dropped (count 'em) 10 patches for the action RPG in less than a month. But, surprisingly, this heavy-duty approach to patching isn't getting in the way of DLC plans--extra content is indeed on the way.
In a recent interview with Big Download, publisher Paradox Interactive’s Mattias Lilja said that Arrowhead is split in a way that allows for one team to create DLC and another to continue throwing out patches to fix and tweak the core game, all without sucking up each other's resources.  
Oh, the content in pipe? Look forward to some free stuff mixed in with some paid downloads.     

"Yeah, the release plan includes both free and paid DLC. The Arrowhead team asked if they could be a bit daring when it comes to the DLC and we told them yes," Lilja said in the interview. "They really did go off the reservation with some stuff, and I bet my Wizard's survival kit most gamers will love it. The team is set up in such a way that some guys can keep patching the game while others produce DLC, without getting in the way of each other or stealing resources from one another," he said.
Another tasty bit of news via this interview is this little factoid: Magicka has now sold over 200,000 units. Not too bad, eh?