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Gamers Helped Capcom Donate $500,000 for Relief Efforts Via Street Fighter IV

Capcom's iPhone sale translated into a good chunk of change. Feels good, man.

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How about some feel good news?

Capcom Japan today revealed that a whole bunch of you helped the company raise roughly $500,000 to donate towards the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts ongoing in Japan.

Back in March, Capcom put the pretty decent Street Fighter IV for iPhone on sale for $1 for a week, with all money collected becoming aid for Japan. The results of those sales were released by Capcom today, totaling about $500,000.

"Capcom hopes that these donations may contribute to help provide the greatest possible amount of assistance to the earthquake victims," the company said, while announcing the impressive numbers. "Furthermore, we wish the restoration activities in the damaged areas progress as quickly as possible."

Capcom will also be donating another one million dollars towards the same cause.

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