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Get Beyond Good & Evil Free With...Cheese?

Say what now? Next thing you know there will be old 2600 copies of E.T. popping up in Cracker Jacks.

Friendly Giant Bomb user Lucas May sent over a strange, depressing note about possibly the weirdest video game tie-in promotion I've ever heard of. Apparently residents of Canada can purchase the Cheese Heads brand of mozzarella cheese (which appears from the pictures to come in the highly desirable string configuration) and receive a free PC copy of Michel Ancel's excellent but largely unappreciated Beyond Good & Evil.

No mail-in order or anything required, it's right up in the package! Here's the photographic evidence.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

We all knew BG&E didn't sell anywhere near the number of copies its quality warranted, but man, did they really overproduce it that badly? Oh well, this seems like a win-win for Ubisoft. Clear your warehouse of excess inventory? Check. Build awareness for the upcoming sequel? Check. Plus, when you end up with a package of string cheese, everybody wins.

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Posted By Brackynews

Seeing as Canada doesn't use the PEGI ratings, I think this is a batch of Saputo product that originated from Europe.

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Posted By bcfish

Dude that's awesome!  I loved that game, and string cheese!  Come on down to the states man!

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Posted By TechnicallyProficient

I've never seen that particular brand of cheese strings before, but I'll totally hit up my dairy isle.

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Posted By Crono

This is mind blowing.  I was foolish to have bought the game at full price when I could have waited and gotten all that and a bag of cheese.

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Posted By wrecks

More proof that everything is better with Cheese.

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Posted By Artemis_D

Damn.  I love both of those things.  I just wish the cheese came with the game, rather than the game coming with the cheese.

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Posted By ma_rc_01

Damn, cheese! Cheese is awesome, oh and games!

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Posted By LordAndrew
vinsanity09 said:
"LordAndrew said:
Wait. Some cheese brand is gving away European copies of Beyond Good and Evil to Canadian cheese-eaters?

You do know that Ubisoft has a pretty big studio in Montreal right? lol"
I'm well aware. But look at the rating. That's a PEGI rating. Those are used in Europe. In Candada we use the ESRB, just like the US.
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Posted By zoozilla

Huh, that's...kind of sad.

And yet...kind of good?

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Posted By Kraznor

This is indeed depressing but for the record, Beyond Good and Evil wasn't THAT great. It was a merely okay game with some personality and it didn't sell well, that is all. Not sure how a sequel will turn out.

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Posted By ShadowKiller

I've never played Beyond good or evil so I'm all for playing it (Though that's pretty low), just one question... How the hell are they going to keep those in the freezer with the cheesestrings!

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Posted By jaks

One of the best adventure games in the last decade and they are giving it away with cheese.

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Posted By Absurd

I'm Canadian, and I've never played the game, I must go get some cheese heads.

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Posted By Guest

Beyond Good and Evil is a great game. I bought it nice and cheap on Steam.  However,  I don't intend to pay $50 for a game that lasts around 10 or 12 hours when I can get ones with a lot more lasting value for the same price.  It's not a matter of if it's worth the price or not per se, so much as it is a matter of whether or not I can get more for $50 with another game.  That doesn't mean I want them to pull a Wind Waker where they put in a bunch of tedious nonsense just to pad out the game length either.  Game developers need to come off of this notion that every retail game needs to be released at the exact same price.  A few have, but most simply don't get it.

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Posted By DrX25
The reason why there is a PEGI logo on the game is because in Quebec the majority of people speak French and unless the it's a triple A game or a console game (excluding handhelds), publishers use the european version of the game (with PEGI) instead of creating a North American version in french with the ESRB logo.
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Posted By SinGulaR

I own the game twice and I'm happy with it.

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Posted By Ubergeist

Strange but cool I guess. Too bad this game isn't backwards compatible on 360... such a great game.

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Posted By chw

YES.  They should do this more often.  A copy of Psychonauts with every can of tuna!  A copy of Brute Force with every loaf of bread!

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Posted By Wright

hey I live in Canada....I need to pick me up some cheese strings!

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Edited By Chicken008

Wow! may have to get this, just got the PS2 version a couple months ago..
But why Pegi? Canada uses ESRB..

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Posted By dsplayer1010

Haha. Wow

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Posted By MisterSpiffy

Definitely gonna pick up a bag of this.  Too bad it wasn't the official Cheese Strings brand...

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Posted By LordAndrew
DrX25 said:
"The reason why there is a PEGI logo on the game is because in Quebec the majority of people speak French and unless the it's a triple A game or a console game (excluding handhelds), publishers use the european version of the game (with PEGI) instead of creating a North American version in french with the ESRB logo."
I'm not sure about the PC version, but the North American PS2 version contains English, French, and Spanish language options. So I doubt that's necessary in this case.
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Posted By Media_Master


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Edited By YDGI

Hey, at least get a good game, so far out of all the free games I got with crappy food, V-Rally 2:Championship Edition and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for PC was the only good ones. I once got a really bad version of Monopoly Westwood made. 

 It's weird posters here are saying this game has plenty of copies, since the PS2 and Gamecube versions are hard to find. Granted, they put it in the "That's Hot" Ubisoft PC range in Australia (The one I bought), so there's plenty more PC copies on top the original ones. It's their fault. 

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Posted By ZombiePie

... and for everyone else it's on Steam for $9.99.


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Posted By WilliamRLBaker

I love cheese.

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Posted By albedos_shadow

Well, that's depressing.

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Posted By rexualhealing

The whole thing reminds me of Chex Quest now that I've thought about it more.

Also, I'm bummed because I've never gotten a game for free with any food product ever. Chex Quest I didn't get because I never liked Chex but a friend of mine gave me the disc when I was younger because he had two of them or something like that.

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Posted By Deusoma

I made the decision back in the day to pass on BG&E mainly because I didn't buy into the hype and didn't like the look of the stealth sequences. But if they're giving it away with cheese, and with a probably-much-better sequel on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to check it out.

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Posted By Linkyshinks

I suppose it makes sense what with Ubisoft being a french company. The french do love cheese.

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Posted By dagas

Problem is that it doesn't work very well on a modern PC. I bought it from Steam when it was on sale and it's got so many graphical glitches that it's unplayable.

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Posted By Destroyeron

Fuck! Now I want cheese!

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Posted By DrX25
LordAndrew said:
I'm not sure about the PC version, but the North American PS2 version contains English, French, and Spanish language options. So I doubt that's necessary in this case.
It's only recently that publishers have been using the ESRB rating system on PC games that are in French.
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Posted By KingdomHearts93

Can't wait fot the sequel

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Posted By shelcobsohn

As someone who played beyond good and evil and adored it, i feel a little sad that a game of this calibur would be tied in with poor quality cheese.

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Posted By Mandaray

That is seriously depressing. BG&E deserves better.

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Posted By Pibo47

What the fucking fuck fuck tit cock fuck...That is awesome. BG&E was a great bad it sold like shit.

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Posted By seram

That is truly depressing. Now if only it were the cheese that came with the game, then maybe...

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Posted By Sekoku

Dude, they should ship that shit down here to the US. I'd buy a package even if it is the PC version (and my PC can't run BG&E) just for the fact that it's a free (good) game + string cheese.

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Posted By Skillface

As a Canadian cheese-eater, I'm proud of our Canadian cheese prizes.

Too bad I never eat Cheese-heads.

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Posted By CountRockula

If I lived in Canada, I would consider this an amazing opportunity to buy a ton of string cheese for myself, and then give a copy of the game to everyone I know.  Everybody wins!

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Posted By SciFiCat

I bought that game shortly after its release and it sits proudly on my game collection.  If something good comes out of this is that at least more people will be exposed to it but still... that just has to be freaking depressing for the developers.   If at least it came included in a PC gaming magazine but on sliced chesse?!

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Posted By Snail

That's a cheesy promotion!
Shame on me.

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Posted By CrescentFresh

I'm happy for anything that brings more awareness to this game.

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Posted By Kyle

I wish it at least would've been packed in with a product that would better get the word out. I don't know how much attention it will get in packages of string cheese....

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Posted By Deathawk

Well at least it's a 5 year old game. I mean it's not like this promotion is for a game from last year.

This does however make me worry a bit about Beyond Good and Evil 2, their was a rumor that the game was canceled a while back and this doesn't really bode well for it.

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Posted By GaspoweR

My laptop can run BG&E! THIS IS GREAT! =)

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Posted By lamegame621

mmmmm....cheeeese. String variety :D

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Edited By Kyle

"My laptop can run BG&E! THIS IS GREAT! =)"

I hope you're prepared to play with a mouse unless you're going to use a third party application like the old version of Switchblade to be able to play with a controller.