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Get Your Resident Evil 5 Demo In 2-3 Weeks

Depending on platform, you can shoot a bunch of zombies in high-def on January 26 or February 5.

Right stick = camera.
Right stick = camera.
If you've given up on trying to get a Japanese Xbox Live account working in order to grab the Resident Evil 5 demo that only came out over there, you can give it a rest. Capcom released word the demo will be coming to Live over here on January 26--at least for Gold members. The demo will go wide to all Xbox Live users the following week, and a PlayStation 3 demo is also scheduled for February 5.

The demo features two levels, both set in arrid African locales. It's the same content that's been shown at various trade shows since last year, so you've probably at least seen these areas before--but I'm most curious to see the public response to the game's new Westernized control scheme. I like the direction it's going, but I'm not convinced it's enough yet.

Think Capcom can use feedback from this demo to further tweak the game's design, with only two months to go?
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