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Giant Bomb Cannot Be Stopped

The first day of E3 put a bit of a dent in our livestream coverage, but we'll be back soon enough.


Hey guys. You might have heard that Giant Bomb's L.A. studio was apparently burgled during Monday, when the crew was out and about at the day's press conferences, resulting in the loss of some equipment. I'm mostly posting this so that I don't get a million confused tweets tomorrow morning asking about where the archive of the stream is, and etc. There was no show last night, but I'm told that the guys in L.A. are looking to get something together for Tuesday night. The important thing here is that everyone's OK, of course. Theft's no fun, but it's a matter for the police right now. We will of course let you know what happens along those lines when we can.

I'm up in San Francisco posting trailers with Marino, so I don't really have much info on what's going on down there. Rest assured that we'll continue to post as many things that pop up out of E3 as we can during the day on Tuesday, and hopefully everything will be back to normal-ish by the time the Day One livestream rolls around at 8:00 PM PST today. We'll keep you updated via our Twitter account if anything else pops up, as well as update this post.

In the meantime, there's a boatload of trailers to look through! Go do that for a while!