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Giant Bomb Hockey Jerseys Are (Finally) On Sale!

Customize your very own fine piece of Giant Bomb apparel today!

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The opportunity to procure your very own Giant Bomb Hockey Jersey is finally here! Whether you exhibit the lithe grace of a Dino Ciccarelli or the board-pounding muscle of a Dale Hunter, you'll be sure to fit right into your local hockey rink's hijinks with this sweet piece of gear. It might not be as classy as a jean jacket, but it'll still be a fine piece of apparel for a night of ice fishing or smashing some Labatts down behind the Tim Hortons or waiting two hours in the cold for Sidney Crosby's autograph. It features a custom Giant Bomb logo on the front and your choice of name and number on the back! Click here to order!

That's right: you can choose whatever name and number you want to throw on the back of this bad boy! Memorialize your first pet (Gandalf!), or the object of your first crush (Gandalf?), or maybe your favorite literary character (Gandalf!) Or, you know, if you want to be quotidian, you could always just throw the name of your favorite hockey player (Gandalf!) on the back, or maybe even your own name (....Gandalf?). It's up to you!

(Fine Print: You can choose any name you like for the back of the jersey, but we reserve the right to cancel/refund your order or ask you to change the name if it's super inappropriate/racist/sexist/etc. You're the one who's going to have to wear this thing, so we're going to be pretty lenient here, but, you cool. You can have a maximum of 12 characters on the back, including spaces!)

*These are all going to be custom embroidered, so there will be no returns or exchanges. Be sure to watch the video above to get an idea for the sizing you want, and be absolutely sure that the lettering/numbers on the rear are correct, and triple-check your shipping address before confirming your order! Colors are not customizable, sorry!

*You'll also want to double-check your sizing using this handy chart:

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As you will have noticed, these are big, bulky garments! I personally going down one size from your regular t-shirt size if you intend on wearing this without pads underneath, but if you're at all concerned about sizing I'd recommend taking some measurements!

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*International shipments will often run into extra fees for customs and tariffs depending on your country's laws! You will be responsible for paying any fees or tariffs that these packages incur on their way to you, so you'll probably want to check with your local customs office to see what those might be before ordering!

*The initial ordering window will end on March 1st, at which point the jerseys will go into production, which will take around four weeks. We'll open these back up for orders in the future sometime after this initial run ships.

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*We have disabled some of the very cheapest shipping options so that all orders will have either signature required for delivery or point-to-point tracking and will also be insured, which wasn't possible with some of the cheaper shipping methods. Please make sure your shipping address will be valid for you at the end of March! I'd highly recommend getting this shipped to an office or other secure address where it won't be sitting on your porch. The person who orders the shirt will also need to be the one who signs for the package, according to our store partners, so you may want to make sure that it's ordered under the name of whoever will be receiving the package!

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I'll do my best to address them!