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Giant Bomb On Your iPhone: The Time Is Now

Watch videos and view our database from the comfort of your iPhone.

The time is now! The impossible is now possible! The Giant Bomb iPhone Application For iPhone And iPhone-like Devices is now available for purchase in Apple's App Store!

Needless to say, we're pretty excited. Partially because the application is really cool. It'll let you watch all our videos... yeah, that means you can now catch up on the Persona 4 Endurance Run while driving cross-country. Or watch video reviews while standing in a game store.

Of course, text is also represented. You can dig through the database to view pages, read news stories like this one, reviews, all of that.

But we're also excited because it means that we finally get to show you this commercial we made for the application.

How can you say no to this amazing offer? You can't! Head over to the iTunes Store and turn $1.99 into an eternity of magical moments!

Update from the Engineering Team:

It looks like an older version of the app somehow made it onto Apple's webservers. Unfortunately the app will crash when trying to load more then 25 videos at a time (you can still view videos from the game pages). Also, news stories will show a broken image where the embedded videos (like the one in this story) should have appeared. Simply click that image to launch the video. An free update will go out as soon as possible so there's no reason to wait if you want Giant Bomb on your iPhone.
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