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Giant Bomb Oscar Mike T-Shirt Update

If you ordered one of our limited-edition Child's Play shirts, and you've not yet received it, read on.

 It was such a simple dream...
 It was such a simple dream...
As some of you might recall, back in November we released an extremely limited run of our Oscar Mike shirt designs, with the intention of giving all profits from those sales to Penny Arcade's well-loved Child's Play charity. It was intended to be a fun thing for our users as well as a meaningful feel-good gesture for the holidays. I cannot stress enough how positive our intentions were with this, largely because it makes the rest of this so much more tragically ironic.

Many of you have already received your shirts, and you all look fabulous in them. Really, we've seen you, and seriously. HOT. But many of you--our international customers in particular--have not yet received your orders, and are understandably concerned that, nearly two months later, you've not yet received your shirts. Sadly, there has been an abject communication breakdown with the individual who we contracted to both manufacture and deliver the shirts. And when I say communication breakdown, I do not mean that we're arguing over terms--we have been unable to get ahold of the vendor since just before the holiday break, despite countless and increasingly desperate emails and phone calls.

At this point we have to proceed and assume the worst--all of the up-front capital we provided, as well as the shipping costs that we paid for, are gone, and our international customers will not receive the shirts they paid for. We're already in contact with the appropriate authorities to determine our vendor's whereabouts and to try and recover at least some portion of the not-insignificant amount of money we've invested in this ill-fated venture. Regardless of how that is resolved, though, we will be refunding the full purchase price, including shipping, to all our international customers. 
For those of you in North America who have not received your t-shirt, or received the wrong size, we have your emails and will be going through refunding your money as quickly as we can. 

We wish we could just give you the shirts you paid for and were obviously eager to receive, and then give a nice fat check to Child's Play. But this has turned into such an exceptional boondoggle that it makes the most sense for us to just refund the money, and whatever is left over we will donate to the charity. Suffice it to say, we will be reassessing how we approach the business of Giant Bomb merchandise, which means we will find an established business partner who literally can't disappear with our merchandise and money.

As a meager consolation for everyone who missed out on the Oscar Mike design, we've decided to make the original high-res image file available to the public. This is what we used to make the shirts, so if you're the crafty, DIY type, you can gin up your very own Oscar Mike shirt, or at least make some kick-ass desktop wallpaper. For accessibility's sake, we're making the file available in both Adobe Illustrator and PDF formats.
Again, we extend our deepest apologies for how this has played out, and hope that you find our solution to this thoroughly compromising ordeal acceptable.
For any further questions, please email