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Giant Bomb Premium Is On Sale During May!

Lock in the savings now!

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Folks, it is time for another one of those there Giant Bomb Premium sales. We have been building the new studio working on our streaming technology over the last month or so, since This Whole Thing started, and we are planning to start resuming Premium streams on a regular schedule! Join us at if you're Premium, and if not, try a free trial for seven days! You can cancel anytime, but if you like what you see, you will get a full subscription in a week at the discounted price. You can find out more information here, or just head over here to sign up or click here to extend an existing membership.

That’s right, instead of the usual price of $50/year, Premium subscriptions in May will set you back only $35. (As usual, we remove the store code from sale subscriptions, so you won’t get that! Sorry!) This sale will run through the end of the month, so you have plenty of time to check out Premium content on a free trial before you make up your mind!

If you’re not familiar with Giant Bomb Premium, it’s a monthly or yearly subscription that unlocks exclusive access to Premium, subscriber-only videos. You also unlock ad-free browsing on the site and our videos and podcasts! It’s kind of exclusive (and a little hush-hush), but until the end of the month, you too can be a part of this fantastic club. We're starting up today with a new Premium podcast as well as some Premium adventures in the scary, exciting world of Minecraft! You can also check out our recent adventures in Sea Beasts, Resident Evil, Mass Alex, or Nancy Drew! Join us in chat all day long! Your Premium subscription also opens up access to thousands of hours of Premium videos in our archives.

We know that these are are pretty unprecedented times and as usual we appreciate your business. We've been doing our best to entertain and amuse since the beginning of all...*gestures around*...THIS, and rest assured, if you're not in a place where Premium is right for you right now, we will continue to be doing plenty of fun, free content here on the site. If you do have the means and the desire to pop for Premium, though, thank you for helping to keep this place up and running! Here's hoping for another ten years!


Where's my discount code? We remove store discount codes from the Yearly Premium membership during sale periods to allow us to offer this membership at a lower price!

How do I try this wonderful Premium content...for free? We also now have a free trial system! If you start a free trial during the sale, you should get the sale price when your full membership kicks in, even if that happens after the sale is over.

I want to share this wonderful knowledge with others! Not a question, but congrats! You should totally get your new soulmate a gift membership to Giant Bomb! Note that gift memberships are full-price during a sale, but you will get an extra few months of time if you buy during the sale. Unfortunately that's the way the gift sub system works!

I renewed at full price! Also not a question, but most renewals during a sale will go through at the full price with the store code, unfortunately, due to some fun quirks of our payment processor. If you'd prefer to get the sale price, just go ahead and extend your membership during the sale and that'll be that! If you do renew at full price, just email me at and don't use the store code; I can cancel it and refund you the difference. It might take me a day or two to get back to you, though!

If you have any questions about this sale, or have any issues taking advantage of it, please get in touch with us at! Still not a question, but that'll get you a much quicker response than any other method of reaching out. We get a high volume of support emails during sales but we'll get back to you ASAP! Thanks for subscribing; it really does help us run this little dumb train! Choo choo!