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Giant Bomb: Your Questions Answered!

A mini FAQ for peeps curious about the future of Giant Bomb, including the revelation that we do indeed have a security system.

Hey everyone, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for all the e-mails of support that have been pouring in since the blog went live. Together, we can build something seriously radical.

I also wanted to address a handful of the common questions that have been coming in from you so we can get the easy stuff out of the way all at once. So, here are a few things…

  • If you want to change the icon you get when posting comments, head over to and sign up. You can upload images there, and they’re tied to your e-mail address. So whenever you use that e-mail address to post comments on a gravatar-enabled blog or site, that image will pop in. It’s not an instant process, though, so once you get your image uploaded, you may have to wait a few hours for the image to start appearing.
  • Yes, we will definitely have forums on Building a community of people who love games is a big part of what Giant Bomb is all about.
  • Thanks for all the offers to donate money, equipment, or other stuff like that, but we’re currently taken care of on that front. The best thing you can do to help us is to tell your friends about the site. Spread the word!
  • We aren’t currently doing any hiring, but we will be down the line. When we’re hiring for a position, we’ll post about it on the site with an e-mail address you can send resumes to.
  • If you have serious business-related inquiries or proposals, feel free to keep sending them to the info e-mail address at the top of the page and someone will get in touch with you.
  • And yes, we have a security system.
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