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Giant Bombcast 601: Chief Daedra Officer: The Official Novelization of the Podcast

#1 New York Times Bestseller. Includes Bonus Material.

We like to explore new tools to streamline our workflow and processes around here, and to that end I was messing around with a podcast transcription service this afternoon that... will remain nameless for now. Below, this week's podcast, brought to you by robots and unedited by us for length or content. -Brad

Here's a giant bomb cast is


the 17th September 2019. There is food in the middle of the table. I didn't bring it this time. Okay, there are brownies in the middle of the table. Is it food are they there? Is this plastic for like foat photography photographic Devin? Okay, Devin 70% brownie AIDS 30% Did someone say unwrap Clif bars and mash them together?

Blondie who brought this not today stuff. Should I tell them? Well, when you post it in slack a couple snacks in the podcast Studio, I thought you posted a picture of us, but and then I checked it. It's the food in the middle of the season. Given, here's my follow-up question is this weed? No.

Okay. Looks like there's maybe a fried egg and one of this cheesecake cheesecake brownies. I okay. Okay had a brick of cream cheese in my fridge. Yeah, it was going bad and it wasn't I didn't mean for this to I just want to bring it. There's no contention here. I want first time. I think I've been looking at him.

I want to eat one of these one. How many did you make originally I made or how many book on this plate original when you bring up like a food item and say hey, here's some food without any backstory trying to work backwards and when you back story whether any of them have been. None of these have been eating it was like nine by nine.

I had one Jan had one I had one it was okay. Okay. All right. Okay look so unlike the I left a couple at home. Unlike the energy dogs. You guys were willing to eat. I'm gonna try this one. That's like rounded on top a little more the okay. It looks a little more conventional in shape now that I've picked it up, you know with the Great British Bake you took.

Oh, it's a weekly instead of all at once people are just craving this this baked Foods because judging Hollywood in here here I come Danny's have the mic right? Yep. Hey Paul, how's it going? It was all this. And all your fucked-up shit better jump but uh, but I think something about fall apart.

There was a let's not taught that Chrome see it don't get crumbs on this week's baking show. They had to make. Oh God. What was it flowery Bim Bim. Bap snow bibimbap, isn't Bob. Hold on. I gotta look now because this is this it made me it's a British thing for like hamburger buns, but it was Rio she LaRoche, but no it was called like a flock top.

There's yeah. Topic a bit Bop like a bit baps flowering baps that worry Bap flowery Batman tell me more about these flowery baps. They wanted some detail and fluffy. Yeah large enough to hold a narrow talker. Yeah, so, what's the story? All right. All right. Yeah, it's my first time making them just a brownie good job.

There's nothing Insidious lurking in there. Not so far good brakes on the Pod welcome. I mean, I ate it like 30 minutes ago. So we'll see ya in about an hour minutes. We'll check back in with Gia and then and then all know what awaits me. Hmm. Okay, you know I thought I think Sabrina Newton some things some snacks here and there.

Yeah, I like that bacon a lot. Okay. I've got an honest. I thought you made these here. No. No, I just got Manic the baked on maybe you guys broke into the Test Kitchen early in the morning. Oh, I do that on a daily. Are you nesting at home now? You've got a big house now. So yeah, it's like yeah your nesting that what it's called.

You don't like losing my legs and really like I have all this stuff to make brownies. I'm gonna make brownies and I'm gonna go because it's like you have brownies. It's 11 p.m. You now live too far away to go to where's the kids little yeah. No, but Jenna and I are planning on getting back in that kitchen soon.

Oh, yeah, you guys getting back together. I've put my I just moved my starter there because it's easier for me to adjust it here than it is at home because my feeding time is hasn't been a equated properly write this this is abou still in there. Oh, yeah, you notice like does the level of booze like quietly slowly drop over time or hmm?

It's like Grandpa's liquor cabinet right there people sneaking in there for an. A hundred percent thing. So now a hundred percent things so stuff also gets moved around on the stoves and you know, not that I like quit pay attention to everything that's going on in there. But like Laura Croft is now moved in there too, huh the statue of those briefly standing around somewhere not visible.

You say somebody's somebody's using that as a dressing room. There is like a legit little dressing room in there with like a steamer for to get wrinkles out of your clothes, huh makeup and stuff like. An actual green room but that toilet does not work do not use the wireless a show toilet to use the toilet.

It's very like displaying food. Yeah. I'm kind of fascinated by the presentation is everything it's like exactly like with your eyes first as a mystery set. That's kind of Hidden Away. Yeah, I think we talked about it before but we thought that kitchen had been dismantled for the longest time.

Yeah, because they open that restaurant out front and we were told that it was like, oh the kitchen we thought that's Verdun the space was yeah and life's up kind of with the kinda and. I assume that whole area was just like bricked over this point. Basically, it's almost like you guys are like Urban spelunking your way into this.

Yeah, this scene abandoned forgotten like not building all six of their treadmills out of there. Yeah. Geez. What if we just moved all our stuff in there and turn that into our full-time Studio as I started playing video games and everything in the kitchen God damn it. I really do that. Can we do like extra life there something?

Oh my God. I mean has why not gonna know yeah. So taking the access to like look at the calendar we didn't give me access to book anything. So okay. I'm just is there anything ever booked on that count? Oh lately. There was like a crap ton of treadmill tests going on, right? Okay, and then gamespot's do in some random film in there.

And the rest of the company's going to get wise to the existence of the kitchen. Don't they all listen to this pocket keep talking about honestly, that should be our studio it out. Goddamn it there's enough space for like all like all of us to have desks in there and like yeah, there's a big window that we can look at look through this.

It's a nice unloads window that points in an alley. Well, you know, you get some sunlight. Yeah verse that's where we sit. Hmm. Where it gets dark a lot. I'm thinking that's because the lights shut off when nobody moves that's tram and happened along with half of the electrical outlets. Yeah computers.

Also, I kind of protruded a certain darkness that I think yeah, it would travel with us horribly. It's less of you protruding darkness. My sweat is vantablack. It's we don't tell anybody because I fucking sue me because I think they just can't get your Sweat Right on TVs. No matter how much you adjust the said.

No the colors, you know, at least not as never quite right. There's a bunch of do a teen we can. Shine it around like put it around you to get your own little fake cubicle of Darkness. Great. Great, I need this. Here we are in the podcast where we talk about video games. Yeah Borderlands 3 came out on Friday.

Yeah. Yes. I think it's kind of a rare instance of everyone in here playing. Yeah after them not sending it to a surly. They say said a ton of coffee. Yeah on launch day. The here's a bunch of PS4 copies after kind of around the time that it came out. I wish damn it. I just bought a copy playing a bunch of order like not to get too far into it already right after that.

Like I think I was a terrible decision because the that game really takes some time to get enjoyable. I would really how long because I got Mom 11 hours and enjoyable in the. It picked up it certainly like to pick up once you get into the abilities and stuff. But I mean, they three right back into Pandora you're fighting band is you're fighting psycho sister that stuff.

Yeah pretty quickly. But yeah it from the get-go. It is very very much like old Borderlands. Like I went in expecting them to where you're driving the same car as your I went in expecting that and I still am kind of shocked at how much it's just well or Borderlands. I think the. Borderlands 3 is fine.

Yes, but also it would be way more like susceptible if. If this was like 2013 totally Borderlands was an annual franchise and this was the sequel to Borderlands W. Be like fucking a yeah. Oh they added like all these little quality of life things. You can cycle Jekyll sort of pad. Now, you know, it's a little bit better but like why I don't know why challenges don't display at all and I don't know why this sort of sucks and this sort of sucks.

But hey, at least they added this and they added this and now I can fast travel anywhere like that smart stuff. Now, I have to pick a hit a button to pick up a. Yeah, but it's 2019 total. I'm so the this many years later you look at it. It's got like what the fuck no longer horse battleborn happened in the middle there.

You look at that. Alien what happened? But yeah live longer they went. From one game to the next the higher they raised the expectation healing of just like no one wanted to make this game, but they felt they had to or something like it's just got this weird vibe to it. That is so strange with that stuff.

It just it feels like they sat down with them dusted off the blueprints of like, all right, turn the crank and then here's another one and then let's back up a little bit same basic structure as the other Borderlands games, you know for classes right out the gate. Basically, so I think that the biggest change that I've noticed kind of happens.

Once you clear the first couple of bosses and you've got to is it a spoiler to talk about sanctuary and the stuff after it because there's a chance and Sanctuary was like the Hub in Borderlands 2 great and it was known to know to be a ship in Borderlands 2. So you are traveling to different planets and I think like right at the gate.

I was playing the first couple hours. I'm like man are they really just like you're on Pandora again? Same desert ruined again, but same racks, which they do but then they start to like get you to different Locale and I think in one in one aspect is really interesting because they do kind of look different you go to like a very City and urban looking planet that has different cars and stuff.

You're going to kind of a monastery looking plan. And after that that like has cool waterfalls and stuff, but it also becomes like weirdly live in here. At that point. Yeah, so I think you're kind of not giving Borderlands 2 enough credit for the visual Styles. It has friends like over the top of the course of that game, but also over the course of its dlco see it also did yes, all these different looks but still in a lot of ways the DLC was a little different but like.

In Borderlands 2. They met in in Borderlands 1 maybe even more so it felt like one connected environment. Whereas this just feels like well. Now we've got our swamp planet and we can have three zones here and we've got our city planet we can have two zones here. And it just it all feels so disjointed like they're not planets.

You're not going up there. Yeah, you're going in there are three different angles different like art style three different zones right as China because of their different plan totally. Yeah, and and and that's like a cool expansion, but it's not when you hear like you go to different planets that sounds bigger than it and yeah, it sounds like well because like when I think I'm texting her mind of like no man's sky and other games.

I know the scope isn't going to. Big of course that but in 2019 when I hear video game with multiple planets, I'm imagining landing on a planet. I don't know anything about wandering around for a little bit kind of getting like, okay. This is like a jungle Planet. It's got some jungle things instead.

It's like no you land and then you walk down a for all intensive purposes a hallway fight a bunch of enemies the hallway branches out into other hallways and big areas. They're basically question every one of those hallways basically just a different way to load you into new biomes exactly. Yeah instead of driving.

The same Planet if you fly there it looks more like the Phantasy Star Online biome structure of just like you went to Forest you went to that. You know, I mean, it's like the Star Wars thing, right but every every every planet also every planet is exactly one kind of environment. Yes. Here's your desert Planet.

Here's your swamp Planet, but I guess like the thing is is like, you know, this isn't Pandora as you know it from the previous games. This is like a small section of land mass compared to what you think of as the the scope and size of Borderlands, so you're not getting like. That scope ever on replanted on a tiny planet really which would be ridiculous to expect but at the same time I think just kind of undermines like when you think about like they trademarked the term border worlds after I think Borderlands 1, it's right and it was this feeling of just like, oh my God if you can you imagine.

Like and at the time the thought was like that they would be more of an MMO style thing and you start that your Wheels start to spin on that you like. Holy shit if they could take the size of this planet and then there's a whole nother Planet, that'd be some shit and they got there but not at all in the way that you wanted them to and it's just like kind of like that.

That's I feel like that's my ongoing story with Borderlands is like they get there but not in the way that they could have if there was just a little more to it fair enough. I think that's that's. it's a bummer that games a bummer. It's. I don't think it's quite a bummer. I didn't I feel like I probably had higher expectations going in and y'all in the in the like it's just more Borderlands category.

I'm like, I'm kind of ready for that. I don't need Borderlands 2 update to Too Much turns out I was after playing it I kind of wish they did go for something big and fail rather than do what they've done here, which just feels like. Kind of just a duration of sorts and it reminds me bored of playing Borderlands 3 reminds me of like going to your high school reunions where it's like you depends what you go for you go and you're like, oh man, we're like you like Oh, you mean if there's your friends and you're like, oh, okay.

Yeah cool. But if we do, we really get a lot like where we really fresh. Like I really enjoy this high school, but. All that aside if you just go for the open bar if you just go to have a few drinks and like maybe do you know see a couple people and like everybody they're still telling the same jokes from yeah.

All right, you don't you do you put that on me? Yeah, and you just go to the open bar and you have an okay time for Lance is fun for last three. I'm with you guys. Yeah, I'm with you shooting is finally my character shooting is really good. Like I this moment they've really improved shotguns for whatever reason that and like the SMGs.

I've got like an armor set on a regardless what you get you get a shirt. It's like not every SMG is going to have the The Big Field on it reaches like all the Hyperion Hyperion have shields. They've made and go on some here we go on. Yeah it regardless ya gotta be like extra stuff you get a crit with a shotgun.

It'll actually pop enemies up in the air or lock them down. Like I had an instance where I like jumped off this ledge and as I'm going down I popped this guy twice in the fucking head. He went up in the air as soon as you as soon as I landed. I fucking malate him as he was coming down killed him great feeling there's a lot of like, Guys in the legs, they'll fall down dive out of the way a little more physical more reactions from the enemies and stuff, which is cool.

It's a lot of fun. I like some of the changes to some of the weapons, you know, like the old fire stuff. I like having like a electric and a corrosive weapon all-in-one. I like these do shields where you you crouch down and it will project a shield out in front of you. It gives you covered like wherever it's.

It's just so the hassle with that though is like when I think about Borderlands, I think like every gun could be the gun and the gun could be crazy. But instead they've given these manufacturers very specific traits. Yeah. We're like the Mallet one thing they've all got personalities and the was it?

Okay. So the malabon guns charge up these at TD or CD radio and that was important as to why they did that. That's true. But now since the now is sometimes you'll throw them and they'll sit turrets. Yeah, they'll be turrets or there's certain place in the just fucking Kamikaze towards. Yeah an enemy and social should give you get variants within their but like they've they've formed the guns into such archetypes now that when you look at a gun you look at your sassy know the manufacturer you go like.

Oh, it's another one of these. Yeah, like I already have four of these you have a basic expectation of how each gun is going to perform. Yeah with some minor variations and. That just seems so counter to like the big the best part of Borderlands 2 billions of God the bill. Yeah was like, you know fucking pull the gun slot machine everytime.

I get a kill and maybe something awesome will come out instead. It's like now they've got item scores on the items and you look at it and it's kind of cool. They're deceptive. There are plenty of times where I've had. I love something had a grinder like way better. There are way better like time to kill and stuff like that other their idea of what counts toward item score seems to bizarre be inconsistent.

Yeah, like sometimes like resist will seem to contribute to that. Yeah and a bigger way than they should and stuff like yeah in terms of just like real world usefulness. The item scores like like of course, I want the shields with a higher capacity. But here's this lower capacity when that you say is better.

Well, you know in that case he might have a shorter recharge delay and stuff like that always worked out, you know in the previous games to. It's the item score is not as like like when you come on the string firing guns, you want it to be a little more straightforward and it's not and then on top of that the inventory system still really suck.

It's like they haven't changed anything and its meaning here. They're laggy navigating. Nothing is yeah her henchmen every time you put it like that on PC sometimes. Okay? Yes. I'm not nearly as bad bitch PS4. It's enough for me across the board. I guess. I'm playing on the on a PS4 Pro Set to Performance and resolutions and.

Note that they did not write high performance. Holy shit. Yeah it like maybe 30 it's weird how it was something all over the portion is playing in the office. It was worse way worse than mine. I think that was on a pro. That's not a prayer. Yeah. I feel like different sections run differently.

Yes, but it's never yeah. I've never looked at it and said like man, this is really performing to this is like really running really well and looking great like it, you know, it looks like it still looks like Borderlands running at a higher resolutions. Got HDR. I feel like me and so I'm playing on PC PS4 and I maybe it's just because I'm coming right off of control, but I'm like the frame rate is never like to tune the little chubby here and there but really the menu switching is like it's like worse than Xbox one.

It's like Destiny. Yeah, it definitely gets better as it loads parts of the menu in and cashes them and then then it's a little smoother to navigate around. But the first time you go through every Tab and it's extra bad because of a point. That we know spread which was you can't cycle between quests on the map which is wonderfully.

You've really so it's cool. They added in the game running around when you can see you're going everything you can cycle with the d-pad through the quest objectives and that's cool. Yeah, but you say this help on your mini-map, but the mini-map isn't big enough to show you how far away they are like you need to do it on the real map where you can see like, okay.

I want to see how many quests are within the like 30 seconds of me so I can pop them all off but you can't do that. Oh, maybe they'll add something like that. Yeah, maybe it's just it's a bizarre game. It's like when I think about the time it took to develop and I think about where like loot games are today like forget that like games of served like online offline, right?

Like all that shit like, you know, you could have philosophical discussions about that all day, but when I just think about like. Diablo 3 and how old that game is and how much better that game. Is it doing some things? I mean that was always the comparison Point like back before Borderlands 1 came out like gearbox was name dropping Diablo specifically right in interviews and this just.

They've missed the so many different quality of life things along the way that you know, it's not even quality of life are yeah, it's sort of like things that you kind of expect from this genre right now. They're at this point, you know, you're like like equippable armor or like something to do with all these guns you're racking up besides selling them, you know, like some kind of yeah, we're like loot.

I just assumed a loot as junk button would fucking hate that that's like because that's how low the bar is that I'm saying man. If they put that in that would be a game-changer. There's a knack to pick it up and go like, oh, I like to compare and sort through all this fucking shit. No, all these guns are garbage.

I really I really hate the way that ammo and reloading in this game works. I know it's like Borderlands 2 have a that. I've always done it but stuff like like just I running out of ammo in a shooter is a terrible feeling and it's something that mid boss fight mid boss fight mid anywhere like in a combat Arena whatever like it's something that I think shooter developers have realized is like it should almost never happen to you.

It can happen sometimes like if you're or less like cheesy not a bomb. There needs to be realistic things. But like I'm thinking back through all the shooters. I've played including like battle royales and stuff in the. Five years and I like count on a couple hands maybe the amounts of times where I've really run out of ammo and been like oh shit.

Okay, I need to like move around. But in this game, it's happening. Yeah, it's happened before multiple times in just the first few hours and see if it's a mitigated a little bit, you know, once you open up the weapon slot so you're able to equip different types and they've they've so yeah, and so it leads to you.

Switching out weapon switching out weapons and having like, okay. Well, I don't want to have two pistols equipped because that's crazy. Yeah, it's straight up at this point have like pistol SMG sniper rifle and I'm still running out of ammo in certain Arenas kept it happens for sure and like stuff like, oh my God, you go to the the ammo vending machine when I buy ammo from the ammo vending machine.

It should automatically reload. My other fucking guns. I don't I shouldn't have to manually wait killing all of my yes. Wow, you don't it doesn't automatically reload them. You have to switch to the weapon. In the middle, you be just actually lift by in the magazine gun know that vile ammo button, but it doesn't really go through all of your quick.

It's that there's so many little things like that notice fine, but the Bielema button buys, I think it buys Mo for weapons. You don't have equipped. It's like yeah, I often don't want to buy Rockets and the Rock I always do like so that what that was. Kind of a rituals like you know in previous games is like I would just top off everything.

I was money and I've got much money. I've really liked that generated ammo so I coached her because it wouldn't have been such a hassle. Yeah, once you get the sanctuary and you start buying the like big upgrades to your stuff, it's like you burn through they changed a lot of sounds like Borderlands 2 you use the Iridium currency to purchase your like inventory.

And so if you wanted to hold more ammo and hold more in your backpack, and that sort of stuff is that the little tank icons. It was like the rare occurrence. Is that what I'm getting for racking up these challenges that you can't track manually? Yes. Yes. See. Yes, the I don't like I was able to see them randomly.

I can see my friends doing that. So but now like when I hold down the the touchpad one of the friend completes one, it doesn't pot doesn't do anything broken now. I don't know what the fuck you mean there was a list and it's not accessible. Now that was somewhere that's hidden away and bad. Okay the tracks everything you do.

Like it's as granular as like get burst fire kills with this manufacturer and get full auto kills with it like everything you do but that does results in some oranges tab in the map is just it's limited to these Zone specific one. That doesn't show. Yeah. You can't even specific one can't I don't know where those are what you're working on.

You can't see what you're supposed to do. And also I have no idea what those points do because they've never said I've just got them sitting there. Well so that the currency with their it'll be shown at the bottom of your backpack next to your golden keys. Yeah. I see it. I just don't know what to do with it.

So that's how we get sanctuary. We'll see what to do with it and but in Borderlands 2 that was like a rare currency that was used for inventory upgrades new was like a big deal to upgrade that stuff because her fuck I can find any more shit. Finally. Yes, because no Town portal in this game. So, you know Inventory management a hassle.

So now they've replaced that to where it's just the regular currency and now you spend that up to that other currency on cosmetics. Cosmetics and and you can and there's a vending machine that just sells like way better guns. So like I feel like all the drops have been like it's weird for a game that's like supposed to be.

Hey, we're rolling guns. You drop them guns all the time. Like I feel like most of the stuff I've gotten from drops has been terrible like completing quests and even into a couple of cases buying guns out of that specific vending machine. Yeah, once in a while, I'll find a gym. Yeah, but for the most part, yeah, I've been buying the yeah.

Yes. Yeah, which is frustrating because it's just like my drops have just been one sniper rifle after another hmm in a game where if you're playing solo I don't you don't want to use a sniper rifle that much. I have a stealth. I've installed. Okay. Yeah. I also I feel like I picked the wrong class.

Hmm. So when the game would have the game would have really benefited from like here's a 10 minute tutorial where you look at every entry and play with the Borderlands website to look at that. What do they think you do? Like, he's Renoir one. They give you like one or two sentences of text when it's time to pick your class about what each one does and it's like archetype you like.

Okay pet class. Oh, yeah, so I'm playing I'm playing the flak the pet class your family for the mech the Gunner. I guess she's called the Gunner. I try not siren just for the hell. Having a fucking alter the siren school and playing the operative the Irish dude, right cool with all the gadgets. So we're all playing something different there.

I feel like by the time I got into the point where I was like man, I really hate this character like all these abilities on the skill tree sort of suck. I thought I was in too deep as I can but also I don't want to play through any of this unskipable stuff anymore. So come back. I've got a level 10 Mac on a PC as well.

And it's I'd love the interchangeability of all the weapons. Like I've got a flamethrower one and grenade launcher on the other arm went with. Like real Gun and Rifle still like it's fun hopping into that Mac and just like blown the shit out of you know, like anything in front of you. It's nice having that big papa bill, right?

It's what you feel Invincible on a bomb and white. Yeah and stuff like that. I feel like I'm not doing it's better than just like fucking throwing up a turret. You know what I mean? Like, you know, there's a little more interesting a little more engaging. Yeah. I still think I would rather play as the soldier class from Borderlands 1 through all of this stuff when I think about the full skill tree, right, which the that class was broken.

It was to survival, you know, it was just like you would like okay now the turret Regens ammo and everything else to stand behind and I'm fine and I'm rejecting everything so I can go forward for the next couple hours and and yeah, like admittedly it was broken, but I feel like in correcting it through Borderlands 2.

But I didn't feel strongly about any of the classes in two and now three. Well, yeah, you know, I did eventually go look at the other skill trees for the other characters. Yeah, these are I wonder what she'd he's looking these look better than the one I'm using but fly I figured the Gunner would have been the one that you really liked terrible.

Just terrible. I really cool but between like the different the like three different so there's there's each character class kind of has like an active ability. A passive slot and then like other passives you can just learn through the skill tree. It seems like all the characters active abilities are very different like from each of the three skill trees, you know, you equip one of the like there's like blue red and green kind of so like, you know Flags got like that.

You can go stealth. You can summon your pet to like show up irradiated like this big hulking version of it to like go Rampage or you I never use the third one. I don't know what they're missing. But like they all seem like vastly different and then the sub pet you can clip is different like sometimes like I have these my main one is I throw like these rack out which are kind of the pterodactyl looking creatures.

Oh, I know. What about why is. Motherfuckers for the you know, okay The Listener like ice racks that'll come out and just like explode and freeze enemies and stuff like that and you can kind of you can even change what type of Elemental damage they're doing based on how far you go down the skill tree and that stuff is all really cool.

I wish you maybe got a little faster a little further because I don't know how much game is in this game. But I've barely made a dent on the skill tree at like level really 14. Okay. I have like. One tier 2 episode. It sounds like you've also been like strip spreading the points across the three trees.

It's like Borderlands 2 is any indication you need to focus on one if you want to get that final skill. Yeah, you kind of need to get there. So I've been putting all my points into pretty much one tree. Do you? Stop getting points after you hit the level cap, or can you keep an eye on them? Wow, I don't know.

There's a reason there's a reason to change it up. Yeah, I'm not too worried on that for and where they've raised the cap in previous games along with side DLC and stuff. So there's been ways to get there where the class mods into. Yeah. Okay. So I really like how they're handling this one. I found one right away that gave me life.

Those tier above the last tier of abilities like two points in some really. Hope broken skills. That's been fun. Yeah, that's pretty rad. When can you equip the class mods? You're really close. Okay, you've got to think I'm getting that sense. I think it's a story based okay. Alright the weapon slot unlocks.

I think our story based to definitely the story. Yeah. That sounds like I got four weapons looking. I still have some locked stuff that I don't even know what like by the grenades down there in the corner. Mmm, I don't know if it's like different types of grenades or whatever. There's its class mod.

And then the fourth thing I forget what it is. It's like a ready. It's like the little Diamond you looking gem thing but I think they hadn't to hmm. I thought that was also a class mod, but it is something similar to that but it's like it's like it's like another passive. Yes thing. I don't remember I think so.

Yeah, but it is it is some kind of like Hey, we're going to tweak the way you play this class by, you know with some stats chains and stuff like that. But I must say I feel like you specialize like. Like a grenade launcher person or the other maybe yes likes that type of specialization. Okay, slot or something.

I forgot. Yeah, is it like this the subclass almost night because I was on the space Master for me in the bottom corner that would change to whatever really it might be. I actually don't know that sounds Vaguely Familiar. Yeah, it's me. I don't remember what it was into what how those that stuff exactly worked.

But but yeah operatives a weird one because you can I thought I assume every class could do this when I. It was presented to me, but apparently not I can trade in my grenade and just equip a second skill. Just kind of wild weird. Okay have two skills of wicked old times, huh? And I operative seems like the interesting the operative is kind of I think that's actually the well sounds like flag is pretty cool too, but I don't ever want to play a pet classic game.

Yes, but I have this little monkey that so look you with a gun. Yes shoots things so I can wow I can I can equip two skills at the same time and then there are a bunch of passages on his tree that buff like your guns and how long the skills last based on how many you have active at a time. So they encourage you to use both.

I have continuously because like then I had my guns do more damage in the skills last longer. I can make like a hologram myself the drawers fire and shoots back like has a gun. Oh cool the Heather check tech kinda and there are skills for like their skills for like, oh give your hologram clone the same gun that you have equipped.

You can teleport you can swap places with your clone. You can have a skill that refills all your ammo when you swap places you go. Actual useful skill right? So Keith some get yeah that bullets but I might the other skills and the other skill I've got right now is just a straight-up division drone like just pop a drone to fly around shooting everybody.

So like I just tracked everybody and then pop a drone that also like I've got me into things shooting everybody and it definitely way more interview just kind of like way late for them really wastes into a group of enemies with the Mac that I've got. It's just like a it's a real gun. It's machine gun.

It's a melee attack and its got like a bubble Shield. I think I have a shield equipped. Gives it like a Nova blast when I get in or out of it that doesn't do that much damn, like ultimately like the it it only feels really useful in boss fights and it's just like, okay. Well, that's a third of that bosses bosses health and cool.

Now I can run around and wait for it to refill write you another 30, you know or something like that, but. Yeah. Jeff what's your favorite joke from Borderlands three. I have one. I actually do have one do you it's there. It's the one thing in there that I was like, okay, that's okay cool. I wish that this game would have come out four years ago for something when this would have but it's a dumb little Telltale joke.

Okay. Maybe you have gotten there yet, maybe not. Okay. Well, whatever. It's some point. Like it asks you a dumb question a question and that is ultimately meaningless about a character asks you something about himself and you have to give an answer and then he just goes all remember that and then it pops up a thing like no other Quest has done it but literally just pops up a window that says, you know Reese will remember this.

Okay, like all right. Yeah. What's your least favorite joke from Borderlands 3 everything Elder son pretty so many. We my favorite the big Rick and Morty the. Are you are you a poop guy or a boner guy Mike, so I'm gonna put a wardrobe because we got both. Yeah, but only boron has three feels like a game that really double down on like.

not Tiny Tina in the way that she talks. Yeah per se but in the just like she represent every the singular focus of just like every character in that game is like really. Really wants to tell you how casual they are about loving murder. Yeah, this is like and I let the murder things like every the end of every sentence some character has to say like and I kill stuff.

It's the human equivalent of dig dot-coms comment sections. Sure. Mm. Well, it's yes, it's China is basically like I'd like manic manic pixie psychopath. Yeah sure. I don't exactly like this tweet tweet and it just, you know, some psycho maniac and it's. Driven into the ground out of the gate. I mean that was kind of always there thing to a certain extent but it feels like this game.

That's kind of all they have left. And they're just writing it when writing it and writing it so strange because like so this is one of the first games in a long time. I can remember that. I just straight-up turned the dialogue off the volume slider. Wow, I put closed captions on and I put the volume all the way down.

I'm like, I'm just going to re-watch like Breaking Bad or something while I play this. I mean you still have to like sit and wait for the lines. Yeah. I still have to cut scenes are unskipable. You have to sit in a location while a character talks at you. You know what? It's like, you know one way just I'm going to sit here and do my jokes at you almost like somebody forcing you to watch a magic trick or something.

You just have to sit there and listen and Nod your head but like it's like you went over to someone's house and there's like no check out my band Yes, really good Oh, no, you're gonna watch it. You don't talk. Yeah. Just don't talk to me. There's a guy in there that wants you to take his mixtape, right?

Yeah, but like. With all that being said like I kind of like the main story to a degree. I think the setup of like these basically influencers have found a way to get everyone. Brainwashed basically, like they're brainwashing people through twitch and like I think that's like we were talking about it.

Yeah, we were playing the first day that's consuming kind of like dark, but also like timely I like your because they don't feel like they don't do enough with it so short and so I'm back at the point where those characters have come back into the story The Dropout foot like they drop out for like 10 hours of the game.

And then then there the backing like oh, All right. I've been fighting this other person that seems like a Bad final boss kind of, you know bad corporate guy. And I guess now that that's why it's done. We're getting back to this thing. Oh, right this thing interesting and I think it's that. Yeah, like like it's just paste it and I thought I thought I thought I'd like uniting all the band of Clans through a cult of personality was a cool framework, but then when I actually saw the villains for the first time and realize like, oh, they're literal influencers.

Feels way too on the nose to me. Well, I also it feels really there's something really cynical about it. Like it feels like the people riding those characters really fucking hate influencers, which hey I can get it it's there but like in a. And I think influencers and more hating the fans. Yeah, how often ask people can get about the winters, which I think is again invalid the conversation have especially when you think about like, well we can you think about the way like people love Borderlands is actually really strange and then there's also stuff like like I really like flax dialogue flag is like the coolest character in my game there this like, you know kind of.

They speak in a way that's very much like knowing and above everything and in a way that contrast really well with the like MiMi kind of like and it's not like smugness. It's more of like I've traveled to a million planets and this is just another thing on my adventures and I'm just like kind of a wise thing.

I like that there's like there's a lot of really interesting strong female characters. Like, you know, they set up a not Lilith know what's her name from the older games. She's like that the person the siren. Lilith is has a really interesting role and she's kind of put up against this main female antagonist and I think there was like, it's weird.

I feel like there's like one or two writers there who are really trying to like. Do something current and interesting their shit like the overall story beats. Yes. There's something to it. It's the dialogue that like really dress up but it took the path on it and we're like What if you made a DubStep reference here is dead, right?

Really? It's like I said when I hit that the the cult leader I didn't I don't need. Like And subscribe jokes undermine what you should be trying to do with a co-leader here. Like I don't like that's just played. Yeah. Well, that's the thing like the like And subscribe joke is it is two years too late right do that in the game and on into obvious like if you like and the joke is someone's like being like Oh all dubstep songs sound the same is the dubstep joke and you're like, that's like the coldest take you can have a thing.

Like what are we? What are we even fucking doing, right? That stuff's just bizarre. So like my character like again, like I fucking picked the wrong character across-the-board Gunners. Tyler is like she just doesn't give a fuck. So like there's all these icons are these little things around the world that are written in some alien language that you can't read and I read some point you'll probably learn the language and be able to read them.

I assume you to give you the too much kromm. Yeah well, but every time you go up to one and hit the button like no one in the game has cared about these things. There's one off one off thing where a siren goes like Oh, the aliens have been here the Bible. But when you go up and hit the button on it cheese goes blah blah blah alien garbage who cares whatever and then like, okay, like you can't even be bothered to make the character give a shit about anything in the universe.

Why should I write like they haven't they don't give players a reason to care about any of the dialogue. Like there's a great reason that you know, you turned it the fuck down like so much of it is so fucking bad, but like in a totally different way than Borderlands 2 was like it's not like, you know Borderlands 2.

Like went down that Meme hole in some weird ways. This stuff is way more around the edges when they do insert that stuff. It's like in a gun description or a gun ability or something like that where you're just like okay that but then there's also your internet up in there. I guess a million poop jokes.

Yeah, like butts poops farts boners. Drawn to death look funny, right? Hmm. Let's not say things we can't take back but it is a long way. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. This is like a notch above drawn to death in in that I've been watching little Beavis and Butt-head lately like that has more to say then this ever could like I kept trying to think of a way to like wrap it up in a like a succinct way.

In a way that will work both for people who like the game and people who don't and so far. All I've got is Borderlands is the Family Guy of video games. yeah, okay Archer and yeah, but like Family Guy at least when it drops a reference, then goes like way too long to fucking drill the reference down whereas this is just like.

Throw-in shit out there and moving on in a way. That's okay. Like you just said a thing. That's not a joke. That doesn't count as a joke. The guys who guard the shotgun the Rick and Morty shotguns names are like brick and birdie. Yeah. I mean, that's the whole that's that's the holes and that's the bit.

That's the whole bit. I get it. I get it, you know and whatever its they they it's a reference. It doesn't have to be a joke. We're past post joke Quest as I never evolve. Not really over the course of the game. I'm still on the first planet and the guy asked put a put something in this green glowing slot.

The number of times. They go back to that of like the quest like the the the quest Handler person literally longer arm out with a glowing empty object in it like that. I think they did that in two but like it's felt sparing in that where this is just every single thing is a fetch quest for someone so you always get back to Tanis and she's just like give me the thing.

I mean to be fair the the objectives and mechanics and Quest design in the genre like across the board are pretty bland right and unimaginative. It's just that there's nothing around the edges of this right to prop me up when you know, you know what I mean, like a beast and then these to enhance any I enjoyed the setting like in the division like the combat is kind of dynamic and interesting like none of that is here to help out with kill quests and like and it still I feel like Loosely cobbled together on the so like the of quests where it's like you need to go here and do a thing but in the in the zone.

Right. Now the kind of swamp area like it is easy to fall off track and then have to go way around to get back to where you're going. So they plot they put the diamond in random spots on the path. Instead of just highlighting the area where you're going and saying get there they go drive here then drive here than drive here the drive here, like put a fucking arrow with like let me map a waypoint and then put a thing on the ground like like video games.

Do I'm glad you said way point because it's unbearable that you have one custom. That's there's another quality of life thing. You can pop one custom Waypoint on a minimap and that's it like and bottom modern Shooters, you know, you should be able to like. Have multiple like breath of the wild kind of do I feel like change the game on like what you should be able to do with like Market of a mini-map because there's so many instances of like, okay.

I have three active quests and they're all in this general area. I want to be able to mark out like while I'm here. I need to remember to get this. Yeah, you could annotate like a dozen or two dozen distinctive different things in that game. I'm getting around that by just fast traveling as often as possible.

And it's just like you finish your thing then like, okay. What's the Fast Travel point in closest to the next thing go bad on the next thing and the next thing and yeah, they're not great. I like the was it like this into where you can hijack cars and then bring them back to your garage and then use them and I'm going down.

I think I think that's quite are they different? Yes. So you start once you start getting to other worlds you start seeing more radically different cars like the cool like circle line and the city wheel was that how you get different? Parts? Yeah. Okay. Well that one in particular his story. Yeah, they're interviewing.

Yeah, that first one the wheel is like a story that shows you the system. I know know the one that's just a wheel with two guns sticking out yet on the know. The first one you get is just a normal car with like a gun. Yeah, I know but the the monowheel going to introduce you to the like the parts mechanics like deliberately.

I feel like is I just hijacked one and then brought it back without it being a cleverly. Okay. So it just yeah, it just got rid of that quest to beat I guess for you. We've. No, cool, actually, yeah, I don't think I don't think it's a terrible game by any so no, it's most for the most part is competently made is like pretty fun to play like it's just crazy old like I forgot to remember who it was that described the problem with this game as just being a lack of ambition.

Like it just feels like they did that again. Yeah and ignored like all the ground that's been covered and all the progress that's been made in the genre which is. I don't know what the numbers are but it's up there with the most popular genres on the planet at this point right in part because of his success of right Roman this game.

I mean probably Hellgate London deserves the actual credit sure the like this game is the game that really made it like break wide, right like this game was you like Borderlands one was huge. Absolutely. And and and Tony a great game like the only fault with Borderlands 1 are like the boss fights were broken.

There weren't that many of them in there. Yeah, there was a bad. Yeah, it was like, oh I can hear I can stand here and hold down the fire button and run and win the final confrontation the rack Hive other stuff but like those were bad boss fight think about like the caliber of developers that have a now also taken a stab at this specific genre the first-person shooter with loot right and all the things they've done and like, you know, this this game could have looked at some of that stuff and like taking the good and like come up with new ideas of its own.

Yeah, but it really just feels like a refinement of exactly the thing they did. To or arguably three times already. Yeah, depending on how you've look at the Pre-Sequel. I try not to I just like it like I don't mind playing it. It's kind of dinner. Mildly entertaining. It's just yeah, I just I just wish they had done so much more.

Yeah, I think my issue is that it's a little too monotonous even for a genre. That is like that's the that's the thing. You're going to grind out these guns and you're going to grind out. You know your levels and that sort of stuff like you're there for that grind and I think other games have just done that better now and and and I think that the The Fringe around Borderlands 3 is only gotten around the franchise has only gotten worse the the story the writing like the stuff that would make it stand out from other games of this type.

That's just not there. Yeah. It's not to say it's not fun. Like yeah, get four people together and fucking ignore all the shit and just go. Yeah, I was thinking, uh, Steven. I almost jumped in you haven't you know, they've done a better job. I've tried it a lot but they've apparently done a better job at like getting players of different levels to play the other two modes now.

Yeah, the kind of flop the friendly mode like it instance is everybody's loot so you can't steal from each other and any mix of levels can get together and just balance all the enemies for. And they were worse of doing that before so they've gotten better at that and that's cool. So I started I almost jumped into a game with a couple friends on Friday night and then like I stopped and I was like, I'm still going to be doing exactly the same kind of repetitive Loop just with people I can talk to like yeah actually worth it.

No Talking Top of the you know, what a point being like you could I could I could talk to friends doing a more entertaining things. You know what I mean? That's like the underlying game is not going to change. We're just gonna be more people there doing it with me. Hmm. Yeah friends make a lot of games better.

That's what I'm also. I mean what if you play a better game my friend? It's not it doesn't seem like a game. Well, I mean, I guess your man right like that's a game that's a game that really feels different and like super meaningful with with multiple people like that stream we did on Friday was.

Who was a like that game is a really good co-op game. Yeah, you know I get whatever you get the mix of classes in Borderlands, like know there would be some Synergy having multiple players there, but. The most like you know, like there's no real exploration in this game that I've seen like remnants got that going for it.

Just as a counterexample. Yeah, that's like this is me. There's really just sort of push forward and hope for better guns and that's about wait till there's no reason to explore the environment. Really. Yeah. They I like Quest if there's a side quest a quest Giver somewhere they let you know where it is you go right there.

I get what you mean because I was going off to the side. Just trying to fill out what it looks like crannies don't take this in and there's no hidden. There's a story there's no like I've got it. Officer beaten well, I assure you but like I like I'm yeah like a mountain climbed up. I was like, oh that is a really narrow mountain path, but it looks like they may be intended for people to walk that so kind of like followed it around and did a little light platforming and got up and sure enough.

There were like three chests up there and I opened them and they had ammo in them. Yeah and it's like why is this here if I'm just gonna get ammo out of this. At the end of it skeleton and a diary entry so I can feel like I found something but then I do not read the diary entry. Yeah. Yeah it there's just a lot of stuff like that that just feels like a misfire like, you know, there's a there's a tighter version of this game there.

They hit more of those marks that I think that would really it really sing if they it out. If they got that stuff, right then like I hate to keep harping on Armor, but it's just like a whole different path of character customization that so many other like every other guy excited about your clients to like, I think I wrote some article for the site that was just like here's things I think they should do in Borderlands 2 and you know, they like, I think it would've been funny if they had just given you a shoulder pad slot and nothing else.

See ya because that is the joke about the genre right? It's getting bigger. Yeah, I want to bounce beat the raid and get the big pipe and right and she told her I have lots to be fair. There's a lot there's a lot of customization when it comes to your character. There's a lot of stuff you can unlock a lot different outfits heads, you know, Cody.

Yeah, you heads also like jokes though, from what I've seen they're all like novelty novelty host start buying them from the okay. Let's shop they get a lot cooler. But yeah, I put a lot of guys are also like here's a horse head. Putting some of them are like cyber heads because I'm a robot. The lady's got a Russian hat.

I bought that. Goodbye color schemes to yeah, put that fucking Randy Pitchford USB joke in the game. You're not allowed to fucking do that. And those are some you can talk about how he's allegedly stealing. What do you want? Honey? Present a different scenario here? Yeah. What if that what if that joke was a subversive act.

It wasn't by a disgruntled employee from from how. Intricate that situation sounds I feel like every joke was individually one by the screenshot going around that just has the picture of the weapon that says yes like something about a magic trick. Yeah, that doesn't that the nothing about that explicitly.

I mean dude is legit magician. He has been for yeah that did seem like a stretch just seems like a marine propeller. Hey this guy's it. Okay guys a magician sure, but if it has this connotation to it of people who know the degree deal, but you're asking like for a level of awareness out of. For any level of awareness?

Yes. Yeah. I don't know that you're going to get that. I don't think I'm gonna get that in there. I don't think I don't think the person to or people who wrote that meant it that way. At all, I just want Randy Pitchford to stop giving out shift Rico's because I don't want to fucking follow him on Twitter.

I this very much this very much brought back memories from when the Borderlands 2 came out in 2012. Of yeah, he was just throwing that shit out the candy. He was just like I remember it. Yeah, I remember following Randy Pitchford in 2012 and punching it about shift keys off of his feet. Only invited to exact same thing yesterday.

Yeah. Or Sunday and for the one shift code that is that is put out and it was like he stuff is like frustrating in a weird way because it's one more way for you to get good shit. Yeah in a game that doesn't drop enough good shell. So now there is a second layer of like a loyalty program to this game because you can now also sign up as a boarder lands VIP and earn even better stuff that wish integration stuff seems kind of but that seems interesting and like super elaborate but also a little frightening.

Okay, because you gotta like it. Give me. Permission with you when you tie your Twitch account to your shift account. It asks for what seems like the in the whole kit and caboodle of authorizations this here's my account. Yeah. Gary but yeah, there's some weird metal layer on people are running.

What is it called in switch terms and extension. Yeah people that are running the Borderlands extension like you make a character on their Channel and you can equip guns on it if another silly little yeah, I had to which extensions that have been like meta rpj. Yeah. I was kind of nervous kind of built on those types of ideas, but I hear that thing is interesting by twitch extension standards.

It looked like it. Yeah. Yeah, that's I think that stuff kind of undermines like it salute game. But I feel like all the loot that has dropped in my time with the game has been shitty. I think I've only been Quest rewards and opening that chest with a golden key once and spending iridium at the vending machine that those the only like truly good items.

I've gotten. But even those yeah, I found randoms like sub-bosses that that have good drops and stuff like that. It's stuff is out there. Yeah, I'm only as I'm sure some bad drops and you know, that's how that's how these games work. But it's definitely been like and takes a really rough picture of just like hey follow me on Twitter and I'll give you fucking the good guns and like fuck that is what is uncommon to see a purple gun in the vending machine.

No, there's a pretty that's pretty what I bought a literally the first any machine you get to I bought a purple gun out of it at the beginning of the game that are just replaced at level 9. Hmm. Like it didn't find anything better for that long. Yep. Yeah II there's such. There's a much better game here.

I think that that's what they got to know and I feel I felt a lot of this. I felt this same frustration with Borderlands 2 in a lot of ways and this is just like exponential from that and then but this is also the point where I'm just like now. I guess they're just not going to get there like this is this is clearly the game.

They want to be making and it's not the game at that. It could be so much more. Yeah and not even necessarily make it some big online thing. I think that yes, that's a whole different opportunity. I like people but just I think if they just buttoned up what they had and kept it as a four player, you know online offline game right there still such a better game pair than do not like people people really miss seem to misunderstand us when this game got announced and we were saying like hey, there are all these other games you could be learning from like we weren't saying this game should be Destiny or.

Vision it's just that there are a lot of ideas out there think that maybe they can still be its own could have gone in that direction, but he can still be this like four player kind of coop only like not presented online player game at the end of the day. Yeah, but you know what? I mean, like it's not it doesn't have to be a game with daily quests and bounties and like.

Wife service shit to still take some of the good new ideas rise other games instead like their equivalent of a live service is codes on Twitter and shit like that and where they're just like, hey, they've still created something for you to lust after and Grand, you know, shoot for just don't do it in the game on The Daily, but they just hadn't put in the game and it's.

Yeah, yes. It doesn't need to be a big service game but also like selling it as like a season pass. Here's four chunks of DLC all this other stuff only just adds to the part where like that game just feels old and yeah, I don't know Kyle. Probably keep plugging away with at it but I think my time of thinking like man, one of these days Borderlands is going to live up to that potential that it showed in Borderlands.

1 like no, it's not there. This is what it is. It's going to be this and that's that. I don't know for my perspective. I really enjoy the quality of life. You know, I couldn't see myself going back to your previous Borderlands like, you know picking up ammo mantling stuff like that mantling actually is a big deal.

Yeah, it really is cool because it lets them add platforming puzzles and other stuff to do than to the game that changes things up a bit regardless. I've really enjoyed the quality of life stuff. You know that. The jokes are and what they are and I'm not, you know, really nonplussed by them, you know, but it hasn't been a ridges enough to make me turn off the audio, you know as of as of yet, but we'll see if I get there.

I don't think that all the jokes are so egregious that I turn off the Audio. I just think it's boring and uninteresting and. They're not saying anything important to ever it would it would be more infuriating to me to watch the subtitles go by as opposed to having just that's why you watch Breaking Bad that I can't yeah, I was talking about I can't do that on your laptop.

I guess you can't walk Juniors up to some shit. We have a god. Do we have a new shift code? Oh my God, is it from Randy news? I believe well, this is retweeted from a couple hours. Okay? I've hooked up with Paul for a time-limited shift code for a golden key to give out during the show. Let's see if he does to give out during the show.

I don't know who I'd rather creative director pulsate. Yeah. Okay. They are doing a stream later. This is Randy saying that he gave them a golden key code that they may all be put out the crease them. The golden key code. Thank you very much. Do you think that he just has like a computer in his office?

Is that perfectly crunchy because air gap it's and there's not a line of it generates. This is galen's a generator generator and it's still play to Jen music. It's called latent, huh? So you're enjoying it? Yeah, I am actually for the for the most part not nearly as much as I could you guys, you know.

And hit it, you know, it could be a much better game. It's not as a bad game. It was serviced them to to take a look at some of the in a more modern examples for sure. I think that's that's the there and that's stuff that it's exacerbated by just like how long it's been since your boss without a Border Lands.

You just look at installing. This is this is what will your you've been what have you been doing? It's totally accurate if this game and come out a year or two after two people. Do you like shit this general order fucking awesome? Yeah, but it's think it's so long. I think it's really good looking, you know, especially.

The the HTR stuff in 4k performance stuff sucks. Yeah. I just kind of across the board like, you know, even though the PC I've gotten deleted characters. Oh I heard there were PC issues with lost progress. Yeah, that's progress. I had a fucking character that lost all their guns all of a sudden and I had one gun in my inventory like a back.

No, they'd never came back. So I just went back to town and bought some new ones, but still it's like the fuck is one here, maybe yeah like so that's just on the PC side. It'll sound were put out there. Foreman's breakout on the consoles and like none of the console's Run. Well, yeah, even the x is is less than optimal.

Think about just kind of a rough launch. Yeah, you know they all and that's it work ready to just go probably shocked you guys. Yeah, because it's like it's an okay cool looking game. Yeah doesn't look that. Different I really like the art style. Yeah, it's not that different. It's that's their Niche and they die cave the remasters that came out ran fine didn't they?

Yeah, so as far as I remember it and I play too much of him, but Borderlands. Yeah. All right. It is time for our first break after we come back Jeff you have been messing around with apple arcade, which I cool. Here your fingertips on all right here this out Russians of okay. Alright. Well, we'll get we'll get oh man out out out.

There's a little preview for you can check we'll talk about that right after this.

OK as promised it sounds like what is it Apple arcade the proper launcher is some kind of pre the proper logical data is in a couple of days here is the right is Thursday. So is it just people that were in the iOS 13? Yeah so data. They had a I don't know what caused it to if it's if it's everyone that's in the Iowa's 13 beta which in that case you could go get it right now or if it's just people who like hit the notify me like for the Apple card.

It was like select people that hit the hay tell me when this is out. Those were the people a handful of those people were the first to get access to it. I don't know if they did a limited role out. That way. I was assumed this was intentional because it seems like yeah apple doesn't do anything intentionally and week everything all over the place.

But so yeah yesterday Apple arcade launched in that Beta And so you can sign up for the month-long trial and like games are still being added to it. Like when I woke up this morning, there were two games there that weren't there yesterday. And then since we've come in here one more has been published.

So it seems like it's. Getting ready for launch, but it's a lot of games and how do you get to everything is it just in the so easy being stored in the app store? They have a separate button. That's just says arcade. Okay, and that's where it'll say like, hey sign up and for your trial now and you know list all the games and when you're in anything in that arcade tab you just downloaded player exactly.

Yeah, and then it shows up lies as an app just like any other app. The one difference is when you launch the app, they all have an apple arcade logo at the. That's the only about unifying thing. There's no like, you know, you don't have to launch them from the the app but there's no a blockade app that you launch the games from or whatever.

It's just all it's all just installs like a regular a sap. Okay? And yeah, so I don't know I went and found a separate PS4 controller than the one I'm using on my PS4 and Bluetooth tethered it to this thing and and started playing like exit the gungeon. And so what exactly what did are using like an Apple TV or no?

I'm using my phone your phone. Okay. Yeah shit and prop your feet up on the desk or something. Yeah and and playing all those games with so so all these games will eventually so it's not active on iPad yet even though my eye. No to in the beta so I think my only be iPhone and I think I think didn't I think that's what they said that it launches first on iPhone.

Yes, but also other devices are later. The other devices are launching with iOS 13.1 which I'm already running on both because that's what their beta is right now is 13 1. So I thought maybe it would activate on iPad as well. I don't know about Apple TV. I don't have an Apple TV if it's there yet or not.

It's not in the Mac either running the Catalina beta there and it still says notify me on that. But all these games are eventually supposed to come everywhere. So with that in mind, they all have to have controller support and in some cases keyboard support as well as touchscreen support. So they've got tutorials that seem to be built around whatever controller you're using at a given time and that sort of stuff.

And. That that's interesting. Yeah, because it seems like it would be a lot of work. It can be a lot of work to come up with like one good control scheme for a game. Yeah to have to come up with to you know, a minimum of two and then map that second one around to maybe a keyboard on a Mac or maybe you know, like like that sort of stuff or some cases like games support the Apple TV controller which might there then the remote which might be terrible.

No, I don't have never heard a nice word said about that remote. So what have you. I've played Frogger in Toy Town ice. Okay, that is a new Frogger game from Konami the makers of Frogger and Q games and Q games that developed it. This is wild it is it just isn't just Frogger. I mean, is it at its core?

Is it Frogger? It's that third person one with town. It's a is it a crossy road like no level-based? So the level I played it is like there are six tiny frogs to rescue as you go it will auto. So you have to kind of keep ahead of that not get hit by trucks, but also your it's weird because it doesn't the whole game doesn't conform to a grid the way Frogger does so like you'll hop up and not be lined up for something quite right and you have to line up.

It's weird. I like that. I don't know that it's very I don't Frogger requires. Sighs screen. Yeah, this is Ian. I don't think for our green toy town is very good for my brief stretch of time with it a lot. Hey, I played some exit the gungeon we're going which I think I think might be better with a touchscreen.

Well, then with a control. Okay, I'll put it this way. It's not fucking harder with a controller because there are assists in place when you're using a touchscreen. So I played that first and was like, okay. Yeah when so it's a side-scroller. It's a is a side-scroller with some of the enter the gungeon style of mechanics.

If you're playing on a touchscreen it automatically aims and fires when you're close enough to an enemy. Oh, so you really focus on movement. And so that's like you're using your thumb on the left side of the screen to walk left and right and then the right side is. Like you were swiping it to do a Dodge roll and you can basically like you dodge roll up or down and those are jumps or you know, jumping down through platform or something like that.

And so you're just kind of doing Dodges interactions when you hold your thumb on the screen with the the Dodge roll all the action pauses briefly. Because you can a little radical comes out you can see where you're going to end up if you're jump trying to jump up to another platform or angle yourself a certain way probably feel see you get a little bit of time and you but it feels good.

But also you need it to line up some of these jumps sometimes just because of the nature of a touch screen when you're playing on a controller. It is dual analog. And then you have complete aim and Fire Control on the right stick. And as long as I'm tired, and it's way more to deal with suddenly and that's a must it's a much more challenging game.

And it's interesting that you know, you can kind of it. It's it really feels like easy mode. If you don't have a controller synced up in a way that like is a much more pleasant experience as soon as I switch over controller. I was like man fuck this. This is crazy. Why would anyone do this? When there's this other one?

Is it just a kind of left right side scroller or is its vertical 00 Isaac? I was weird. I saw the one screenshot. Was vertical and I was like surely not every level is like that. Well, I mean for what I played so far has been has been vertical. Well, I mean I guess so that's how phones iPhones oriented will also it's a horizontal game.

Yeah. Hmm. I don't get it Skate City is a skateboard team. I have to just ask the question right now is ChuChu Rocket? It's not on there yet. Okay. Continue. Yeah. Scarcities last side-scrolling skateboarding game calling Ali Ali and it's like one of those games that has very straightforward trick system.

But also you can kind of double tap and do things to get more out of it like manuals and balances and that sort of stuff like the menus seem pretty bad. But in terms of like telling you what you're supposed to be doing. But it seems all right, like there's there's a good list. I don't think that they aren't doing a great job of organizing it in terms of like what's available.

They got a few carousels on their main screen that are just like. here's one that says you have to hear this play for the sound volume up and it's like yours like a collection of games that they think have good sense or whatever. And what else do you arrivals adventure games start your adventure.

Where will you go next? And. The pinball wizard it is like yeah, there's a game called the pinball wizard that is kind of a pinball is a pinball game except the ball is a little like Wizard and okay, you're hitting the wizard around he'd enemies is not a quiz or before, you know, no damn it. No knowledge.

It was like was orb, but then you go to the like show all or or like see all and any of this stuff you get this long kind of messy list that's like to credit like the all games list does have like video clips of every single game of cool, but. All it says is released in September. That's the only the only thing to have so they said they're going to be adding games every week and I assumed that I was kicked clustered into eventually this all games list will say like released in October Lisa November.

Yeah or whatever as you scroll. I don't know but um, it's promising like there's there are a lot of games here and it's like it's a mix of games you've heard of like Overland franchises. You've heard of like Raymond mini and exit the gungeon. And then, you know Dave's you've heard of making new stuff.

Yeah, and and and that's kind of cool. I can't really speak to like, yeah, it's this like for five bucks a month like that that like Neo cab is up there now sayonara wild Hearts is up there now. That's that's a cool game Cool. Yeah like even. For what? It was the trial a month. Yeah, like free trial aside even like if you were to pay five bucks and just play all the games you were interested in and then cancel after a month like that seems like a pretty good deal.

Right? And if a lot of games for five bucks, they are if they're going out there on a rolling basis and like constantly getting new games for the service and I wonder when games will roll out if games roll out I like they're obviously in this big kind of, you know hurried launch period where they're putting games up every day, but then after a while you said every week.

Yeah, but that they're This Isn't that cool new content weekly For What occasion so actually, I wonder what the Cadence will look like and win games will expire and what that'll look like. There's like just enough big-name developers and franchises in this list. But I kind of want to keep an eye on it.

Yeah, like I like there's a fucking a new ChuChu Rocket game and none of those time is have microtransactions. So it's like this weird. Yeah, like you're so used to phone games working a very certain way. And so these don't feel especially once I've got a controller synced to it. They stopped feeling like phone games.

They just feel like the same types of Indie Games you're playing on every other platform out there. I feel like switch games. Yeah, actually, yeah kind and you can essentially do a video out on your phone soon. Yeah. Yeah, you could do video out to TV from your phone or you could get a now if you have an Apple TV, you could do it that way.

So somebody can feel like doesn't have like an iPad or. Or phone like me mmm. What's my option here like able to get an Apple TV or a Mac User? MacBook from work? Yeah. There you go fun a bad idea. That's the way but yeah, and that's like, you know 180 200 bucks. And yeah, we're talking about a little bit yesterday and and slack off line.

You know, we were. Is this powerful enough like is an Apple TV powerful that of current Apple TV is like an eight. It's an 18 x which is what's in the second gen iPad Pro. I think the newest the 11 inch iPad Pro is faster. Yeah, I've got I've got one of the iPad Pros that has an 18 X in it and okay Plenty fine for games.

So the casa casuarina everybody's guy on that iPad and it's perfectly fine. It's looking to be like 200 bucks. Yeah. I mean even for only 200 200 bucks seems steep. Yes service so far. Like the service only makes sense for people who already are body hot into the Apple ecosystem to me. I don't know if yeah, I wonder if it's up to you.

But like I wonder if it's actually worth buying a device to play this I've got a Roku TV, I've got so many different, you know that's on there. I don't know why it yeah, like there's yeah Apple TV that's coming out to you know, I might be interested in that. We'll see but I don't know if you got a Macbook I would say maybe just I'm really curious to see how this stuff works on a Mac and if it is as fluid as like.

Low friction of experience of launching the games and all that other stuff is it is on these other platforms? Like what they did you said is it hasn't rolled out all this other place. Yeah. I think I think it's not supposed to actually launch until okay Thursday and that's only here and then I think on it's the 30th for other platforms really it's not that far off.

Yeah couple extra weeks. So so right away on phones. Yeah, okay, and then lay eminently on phone it isn't right away right away. If you're in that beta kitchen and are turned on or whatever. It is like Thursday. That's when yeah, okay weekend of the month for the other stuff and presumably that we more games hitting than there are right now in this kind of early period over the next couple of days.

Yeah. Yeah, it's a it's an interesting service and the terms seem like I wonder what they're like for developers and what they will be like down the line like five bucks a month seems yeah, like a very good price to pay for access to all of these games list of games. Yeah, a lot of them are exclusive and that's the fact of their exclusives on here that makes the Thing Worth cannot if it were just kind of the hits of Android and iOS collected into it guys.

Caption field whatever. Yeah, that's not that interested. There's a new shooter rocket. Yeah, it doesn't look good. But I will see ha the put a video there's no I don't think so. I just saw that one screenshots. Don't film. It does not look like it doesn't look like how I want to shoot you were exactly like that.

But what a game that'll make you want to throw your phone onto the ground as hard as you can everybody puts the fucking cat track into your base. That's why it's there. I mean, I hate it as much as anybody everybody move. That's what it's there for. All right this week in the news got some headlines got so many that I think I'm going to jettison some of the most interesting ones because stuff came out this morning such as this pitch deck 43 2020.

Oh boy, the game daily got ahold of. which. Man, I'm just going to I guess I'm just going to read some excerpts from this story. It's important to frame it that this is meant for like a certain demographic. Yeah, this is my road early age slideshow the like a presentation that the esa put together.

I think to present to its member companies. I yeah. Okay Microsoft for the only the many large come up Publishers that make up its membership and sweet that this leaked out from the USA usually has such a good iron. I know grasp on its information. The essay is trying to Rebrand III as a quote fan media and influencer Festival.

Hmm. Fuck the fire Fest. Yeah, it's exactly like, okay here this this really sums it all up. I think is it the light here right here. Well, that one's coming in a minute. And this is quoting the game daily story. As part of the III overhaul the essay proposes leaning into influencers and paid celebrity deals with Talent representation agencies like you ta and CAA.

Oh, yeah, the pitch deck includes two examples of these high-profile celebrity activations including members of the Los Angeles Lakers playing a basketball video game in front of fans who wouldn't love that or actors competing in a tournament. Who wouldn't love that these attractions rely on a massive change to the III show floor and attractions are already happening at E3 and around get Kawhi Leonard to play Bill and bears combat basketball with the fans, but see the okay.

There you go, but they've got this proposal to miss out on that. They've got this proposed a new floor plan for the West Hall with eight kind of experience orbs experience orbs. Like I massive amount of the West Hall for space devoted to these circular. Things labeled experience series called it die for this experience one experience to this is dr.

Seuss experience three-story. Yeah is where I'm going. Um, so yeah like the idea is that good and you know, remember West Hall traditionally is where the freaking. Platform holders set up shop. Yeah, that's where the PlayStation Booth used to be. Right a Nintendo Booth is what this is going to be is the key phrase.

Why don't you know, these orbs are actually intermingled with yeah. There are other booths. There are there are traditional rectangular booths on this supposed floor plans or for we've got Natalie Portman playing odama with fans. I would go see that. Yeah. Sure. Alright. Alright that is putting on.

Celebrity and game hearing they will ever come up with sir. I shall hang on. Let me get back to the article. Where is the line Jay Davidson plane see man with the fan with the fans. Here it is. BSA says, it hopes to create quote exclusive appointment only activations for select attendees who will create buzz and foam.

Oh fuck. I love created buzzing phone. Oh, I hate for mafias here smoking bid and trying to understand Tokyo bus guide. I mean, whatever. I mean we got the cast of stuber played Crazy Taxi. Yeah, that's way better. I'd be down but it wouldn't be crazy. Okay playing around about. I mean everybody agrees the D3 needs to do something.

They agree. I don't need I've been trying to do something. I think they should do it personally just fizzle also, they make them a lot of money. Yeah, you know they have yeah, it's this Friday. I think they have to I think it is a huge chunk of their revenue. I don't think I have a choice but to try to continue try to figure it out.

So like the main thing like you mentioned is they wanted to be more like a Gamescom. They wanted to be more like, you know, what would like they want to finally do the thing of just like, hey, let's actually make this a thing that is built to accommodate the public and what that and what that all entails which isn't it like upping it from 10,000 to 20,000 25.

Yeah five thousand. So it's for past 15 to 25 15 20. Yeah, so is. This year they had yet for 15,000 consumer passes. They were proposing raising that schemer path. Yes 25,000 consumers for the next show. And then a fraction compared to those larger things like game soda. Yeah, and then they hundreds of thousands they acknowledge that basically letting that many more people in is going to create longer wait times for things of with the weight and they've come up with a plan for Q tainment the worst thing that I read personally this bothers me.

So you as an a-line Q all these phrases must be like guess his activation is something that I've heard, you know, you're totally that's a marketing card. Yeah. For cyber as opposed to like exposure. I mean whatever this is an internal job suppose just like we built a thing right? This is our activation with this is really an internal document for marketers, you know, this is a language that they speak exactly.

So it's the language that is but it's easy to poke fun at it Dave and here this section now, but yeah, they essentially are basically like this is Dave loves to activate. His PowerPoints don't leak. No, that's true. Did the idea is basically that people will be waiting in long lines. So other companies will be able to Market to them while they are in these lines, right?

I didn't get that like Disney containment. Yeah. Jan payment cat it's so fucking infuriating the because like you see you're already standing in line exactly these poor people that are paying public passes to get into the show and like they'd may not even get to play the fucking game one more or watch the trailer that they could have seen online.

Now they're going to be blasted by a bunch of shit already can't find my move and they can't move and also Bobo blasted like think about it this way like so there's already a weird level of access thing going on at E3. We're like, okay, we got appointments to see games because we're there for a specific purpose blah blah blah blah blah the people walking in on the show floor are not going to see the same stuff that we see now with that stuff.

They're going out of their way to create that. Like instead of like saying like hey, we want to bring the public in. So more people can see this like we want to bring the public in and also create things that only exclusive influencers get to see so we can create some fomo like they're going out of their way to create like more fuckery for the general attendee.

But then there's already some they're inherently. Yeah, it's that's I mean that's must have been that's like the reality of it right is like a the lines are long not everyone can see everything but this just seems fun. Also, I forgot to mention another proposed changes to make Tuesday a media only day and then he and then Wednesday and Thursday will be open for everybody else.

I would think what you go check out these Xperia. That's the thing is I'd like that doesn't like the experience domes don't sound interesting right as a member of the media. Compared to like what Natalie you are going to eat three four, right like it in terms of like, oh, actually I'm there to see the stuff for real.

So like from a media business point of view. This sounds like a nightmare right? Like I mean, it sounds like this is for well. It sounds another Outlet. It sounds like more time spent in The Concourse hall meeting rooms. Yeah, and what's the time on the show floor? That's the ideal company like it depends on like, you know what they want to do with meeting rooms.

If it really is just Tuesday is the day when we leave Wednesday. Yeah. Yeah, like maybe maybe we only go immediately goes on Tuesdays or yeah, like, you know, frankly don't like it, you know kind of those. Otherwise if they do do meeting rooms then yeah, they'll probably plenty to do and it probably won't be that big of a change for us.

Yeah. In fact like the media only day might not be that interesting if it's just eight experience domes, you know, because that's like okay, you're just letting people play the game. Let me play it upstairs in your meeting room. On Wednesday, I don't have to go through this big dumb line and like fuckin.

Oh, no, it's raining in here because you're making a water game like, you know, like whatever the fuck I mean activation has if they move to a model where the show floor was purely for consumers and the upstairs meeting rooms were purely for like, what is this? The actual guy was caught I would be all for it because that would be the like because the show floor is the worst possible place to try to take meetings.

Like it's yeah, it's impossible to navigate. It's hot very elderly few of the appointments. We had last this this year were actually. The show floor in a bit like something we're in separate meeting rooms. So it's always easier to face than whatever is always easier and more efficient to just go into a quiet medium and talk to somebody and see a game should try to make if they want the public to go to the show.

They should try to make more for those people do right a hundred percent glue every time we would talk to somebody. I mean there were people who were happy they were there for sure, but the common question or the common response, I would always get was like, yeah, I played a game. And sometimes it's a game that they've already played that's been out the play Minecraft.

Yeah, there are people playing like Final Fantasy XIV. Like go in an instance of a raid, I guess. Yeah, get a shirt I get ya if you even yeah, if even and so if you if you're offloading that stuff into these experience pods and all this other stuff and like hey, we built an area for people to wait in line because the show wasn't built for that originally and the lines were causing problems that not not necessarily so much this year this year filled empty, but last year it was bad.

Yeah, those are problems. They need to solve. They need to evolve the show into something that is more like e for all and all the fucking hell shows they tried to do before this while still meeting whatever industry and business needs III still has now, which maybe those don't need to happen there either, right?

You know, like there doesn't need to be press conferences at E3. There doesn't need to be big announcements around III, you know, Sony Sony still out there selling PlayStations as far as I know. Microsoft left the building. Yeah, Microsoft had fuck. We got our own theater. Yeah, nothing in that article either about upping bathroom security, which is a shame.

No, Also, nothing about the the leak of personal information. Oh, yeah, no weirdly quiet about something. They said at the time, you know, they were weird going to work to what was it restore the trust of the media. We have changed the password sighs two of our three. You guys look at this Phi access.

Did you guys look at this pitch deck? Yeah, because the did you see the slide of the power of social good fuck that also because that is actually the most cynical thing in this entire presentation that's been going around like at a corporate level for like there's a there's a. Wow, what that there's a quote from Stephanie McMahon folk out there saying like, oh like the best way for Brands to get across is to do some kind of good.

But listen listen to this just let me read I've heard I don't that's not the exact quote. What do you read the first two bullet points off the slide because it's research shows that Millennials and gen Z are the most giving back slash social good Generations ever congrats been here's the here is the real.

Here's the real kicker. We fist bumped by amplifying e3s social good brand. We can advance the industries brand with consumers while storing a positive chits for future use such as policy goals or the next negative video game story. Then again are literally I can say you're literally commodifying land people's Goodwill so that the next time loot boxes happened really using the word chit.

Yeah, like they were literally talking about like banking. Banking some good battles better reputation. But so that you which basically means like a next time something bad happens. They just try to point to E3 and go no games Billy Bob Thornton play the new Rainbow Six expansion up on that stage.

I do remember that. He bought three carbon offsets while he was up there. That's amazing. Damn, it. Shenzi, really dug it these fucking Zoomers way into it does another bit in there about how instead of paying influencers that they would somehow like tie in some sort of charity. On that slide.

Yeah, not on that slide in particular. Yeah, they did say that the member companies came out against paying the celebrities directly right thing the celebrities directly. But okay people absolutely we don't have the budget. No, this is exposure thing for them know how expensive those domes are gonna call these football players.

They love to get up here and play whatever, you know, they love to play for tonight. It's fine. But I mean like that's like epics been doing their Pro-Am tournament therefore important tournament for a while. They did one at E3 this year. And here he a brought in, you know, backpack a brought in all the weed that one year Battlefield and so like they've been bringing celebrities to it that way and I don't know what the invite processes on that and how much they pay those people how we can get involved and how we can get involved.

You need a bigger backpack. How do we get knocked out backpacks backpacks get the hold we'd you need to be. Yeah, Zac Efron's weed carrier to check the bags. Yeah, I mean they might have that might be one of the domes just we'd experienced experience for the Zach the Zach Dome. Yeah time to get Zack just California if you're from out of state.

This is the dome for you. Either he's gonna be weird. We're just playing that one part of Far Cry 3 over and over again. No, you gotta see this.

Hey Bailey went after the fact and posted that entire pitch deck just the whole all 27 Pages. Yeah, Frank slides. Can't wait to get through it. You can just go look at the whole thing. If you want to that should be business Dave's top 10 top 10 ways to save you three top 10. Yeah. Yeah, you should start watermarking all of his slides to yeah, definitely and I'm leaking like a couple of them on Thursday.

Yeah controlled controlled business day for us to control the leak. This is Dave Lee of the week also minutes before this podcast the Rockstar Games launcher debuted thank God. There is now a Rockstar Games launcher on which you can buy all those Rockstar Games their gaming so many games the games of rock star.

We're dead. Yeah, I read that. No, but I mean if okay know what if this is not just laying the groundwork for in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC announcement then what does he even have? So what is what is actually on there? I'm on their site. I mean obviously TTA 5. I've been able to download and install this thing but it's free you get San Andreas for free.

They're doing the they're doing the Epic store Shadow complex thing of yeah install our launcher and we'll give you one of our old games for free. So you get San Andreas for free Vice City is on their bully, LA Noire GTA V. That's all that this screenshot shows on their site. This happened right before the podcast double.

Click the installer to say like oh shit. Here we go. Again. Are there Cloud saves? I don't know how many currencies does except could I searched my library? Anyway, as far as I can tell it's not it's not like they went in Rockstar Trello board look like it's not like they went and pulled all of their existing games off of steam when this launched or something like that.

Yeah. I wonder if they'll do like the more like the you plaything of here's like you are launchers now integrates. The rocks are social club stuff was integrated into yeah Steam games. So Ting, I wonder if they'll keep them there and just be like, hey, here's a soft way into our launcher instead of the hard cut.

Maybe read dead. Just Launches on there. That's a big question one, like assuming that's happening which I mean it seems like it would be insane for them not to do that. But who knows but if it does happen, yeah, are they? Are they Buck Wild enough to say hey, this game is only coming out on our store.

I think so. Yeah, they're badass big deal. Yeah, they've and I mean GTA V PC is like the biggest game ever. So I feel like they can kind of use that as a stepping like sure you like this get this. I mean, I don't think read online has kind of blown up the way it was one of the first GTA online was kind of a slow burn to like that.

That's truly added to hopefully would have been able to predict how big it got no, but also like they rolled out that casino stuff for GTA online and ran fucking ads on TV for it. Yeah, like they're running television campaigns for expansions for GTA online. Like this was like a month ago, huh?

Well, so I mean it's still like consistently the top game on Twitch. Sure. Yeah. Yeah that's out there. You can install it. No, I just died super curious to see if they start exclusively putting stuff on there. It's a buying up other games OverWatch is now exclusively on whatever ends up like Battlenet where suddenly there's like a there's a 2K tab at the bottom where it's just like an NBA 2K here WWE.

Step 5. I just want table tennis. Yeah, PC version of table tennis. Hell, yeah, Bob support. Yeah. They've added all the characters from Red Dead now. And again, that's just monologuing. Yeah, that's he's playing. I've always gotta play it. It's important Tokyo game show came and went ready to go.

Yeah, Japan. Oh kind of it happened. I feel like not a lot came out of there and there was some stuff. I'm sorry. There's a new Castlevania Game. Oh what? Yeah. For phones, I know it's coming that that was what was coming. I knew that was coming. But listen I made this case before Konami. I think you know, you all played that cannot pick cross game right?

It's good. It's really good hearing good things. Have you beaten it know, I'm like a 65% or something. I'm not even gonna somebody tweeted at me about what happens when you quote unquote beat that game. It's fucking crazy man. All right, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna guess here. You tell me if I'm right.

Do you have to solve all the same puzzles upside down? Your clothes your clothes but like, okay. I think boy I never thought I'd be a Konami Defender for a mobile Castlevania game. But I think this game has a shot there. Let's say they're betting big on this because it's got like, you know alucard's in it, right when I say the name, no grimoire of soles for Souls.

It's got the characters you would want from that's got Simon Belmont Alucard Maria. Like they that puzzle game had all those characters in it too. Didn't it? Look puzzled me. There's a Castlevania like like. Puzzle fighter issue phone hopefully, yeah, this is a straight up like a stroller. Yeah.

They've got that ability where you and you've got the around you I love that. Yeah, I don't think the art style looks incredible and I'm going to tell you as someone who has just played Konami his latest release on phones Frogger in toy town and expect much less. All the time Frogger is also what they do to Frogger.

It's not so good. What do they do to Frogger? They did these they did Stephen doing stuff to Frogger for decades more that Dreamcast game. You're right. Yeah, like when the Hasbro name was all those Frogger games real dark time ago that in the office. There are two good Frogger games Frogger and Frogger 23 Deep.

It's like that's it get a weird-ass multiplayer mode. Well, I suppose it's not weird ass. It's like on the clock like Harmony of Despair like that that xbla anything. Which that was the other one had employees. That was the other one that had old characters in it. Yeah, right. I was weird mishmash.

Yeah, that was fucking strange. And those are kind of cool how this doesn't look terrible. I don't think the art is amazing, but it's looks okay everything everyone's ready to shit on it for good reason. Like there's there's not a lot to go off of but I think I think it's got it was Chenoa. For Noah anybody there's been so many she's a different characters in these the human forgot what she's a priestess of the occult uses.

Laurentia corbs, Charlotte. Whip whip orb Charlotte is teaming. I know Maria. She's a French demon answer and I don't know if you be able to use a controller with this I got I would hope so since they sport that now yeah. Anyway that got announcer coming down while I think it's just I was 13 makes it, you know, Konami maker maker video games announced a new video game that I play it on Apple arcade.

I don't believe so my God, it's coming. It's coming to Android as well. Okay. Kaname is like he's good controllers. It seemed like an Ami is starting to care more about video games. Yeah, like the Pachinko money is maybe not what it used to be and they're like may we actually did okay on video games recently.

So coming back I think by my stand-up from TGs was the Yakuza stuff. Yeah. Yeah stuff look really good. Well, I think I got enough before the show you got announced but then they did show these ocean more of it at their you guys end up being more of that was just like here are here are some additional details on an already announced game instead of just like here's a bunch of new stuff.

Yeah. Yeah, this is not there was not much actual you guys see those summons. They look great. Yeah, it looks really good and Yakuza. Yeah, one of the summons like it's an RPG now and oh, that's right our summons and one of the stomach sounds just like a rain of lobsters. That's fucking great. You just call on your phone.

You called in the lobsters and start passing the other guys. All right fucking while okay, it looks great and you see they're adding. Whether they're like the Final Fantasy 7 remake is getting like one of the story turn-based. Yeah. Yeah, they're adding a classic mode to the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

I wonder how far they're going to go with that though. Like they should recreate the camera angles and stuff. They should straight up give you that I would think they would third of the screen covered with the stat stuff. And you know, if you can dynamically swapped and they don't say I was wondering that I hope I hope it's not a like choose at the beginning of the game and then be stuck with it type of thing because it seems like the kind of thing I would toggle on briefly to go like, oh, that's cool and then go back to the real thing because like the game is pretty fun.

Actually really enjoyed that demo. Yeah, but I'm glad to be here for the for the people who really. Want that? But yeah, they yeah, they should do this. This is a cool thing to have the way they described it is just in classic Mode the ATB gauge fills automatically. Yeah, so I wonder if it actually like looks the same as the regular game just without you having to do anything to fill the gauge and that is that would be like that would be less interesting, but we'll see they didn't actually show what it looks like as far as I know.

Billy other TGs news I have is that they actually showed that new Resident Evil game. Yeah project resistance. She was like a four on one. Yeah at that been confirmed up to this point O they so they made it look kind of like Left 4 Dead games in the teaser because it was like four characters that clearly fill different roles and but the kind of the fifth player.

Who's this Mastermind? Drop and traps and stuff. Yeah, not as long as hype kind of sit. Yeah, they're using like a deck of cards. Yeah, I didn't realize that until I read these. Yeah this this right up so you'd have like Monster cards trap cards. Yeah a you getting excited. Oh, yeah, it look kind of cool.

I like the the the 3 of the 4 player stuff look kind of whatever. I mean, it's fine. It's like if you got to heal her in a tank and a DPS guy. Yeah this straight up like instead of going for like a left for dead. You kind of pick these characters and whatever weapons there's like, yeah the look the girl in the sweater is a Healer.

She can do a heel or one dude has melee damage. That's what would all right, but the side seems like the range of things you can do as The Mastermind earned seems pretty cool. Like you can straight up Turn Off the Lights. Yeah, just make it hard for people to see control gun turrets that takes over zombies ever turrets and zombies and other monsters and you can become the mr.

X for the Lord build this in a way where like a twitch chat can be. Yeah, I would hold on if they have ideas like that because that aspect of this game looks kind of cool. Yeah. Those Gates has her ever. There are a lot of games like this like evolved was the kind of yeah, I'm trying to think like that Fable game that got cancelled right originally supposed to be something like, oh the new multiplayer mode in do maternal is kind of yeah, there was that game from forget who that Texas Studio that I was into for a couple ups.

That was like a Dun no breach. Yeah, but none of none of them have really taken off that my dad has really taken off. There's there's a there's a yeah. Yeah kind of yeah. It seems hard to that setting traps or anything. You just playing as you know, the the one character. Yeah, like I'm trying to think of things that are less like that or evolved that are more like one player has a completely different interface because they're kind of indirectly influence injections dragons.

Yeah, but like that type of DM roll. I think it's a really interesting idea. But yeah, it doesn't seem like any game is quite pulled it off. Yeah. It looks like a lot of this is derived from the re to remake. So hopefully it plays like that because that played quite well. Yeah, I imagine they're trying to reduce everything they can out of that engine.

Yeah, that's a damn good game. Those Juicy Burgers. Yeah, also just being worried being developed in Taiwan by a studio called Neo bards. Oh, it's good name is good. Um what else we got ring fit Adventure? Yeah, oh boy. Is that new Switch thing? It's like what if we took some ideas from like the sum of the parts that trailer like have like a Wii Fit vibe in a way.

I'm sure. But like if the Wii Fit lady was suddenly in a role-playing game or something, it's me, who are these people that they got to present that I know that but that dude scares a shit. So I literally had to sit I think both those characters are like deep fakes like it when they recorded this it was just like blank faces just walking around in my me and then they mapped the faces on to them later a guy that guy has such an intensity not go nuts.

That's for like CG has gotten really good and they're going to pull back one layer deeper and be like actually ring fits not coming. You're going to play as the. Guys and no. Yeah, I don't want anything to do with that guy. Now if those two were the the bad guys in Borderlands, you might have something because they're just genuinely creepy righty.

They tried their best. She's all right that guy but that guy yeah. The controller is officially called the rink on yeah. So there's that get back to me when you have a this really suffer. Both Joy cons. There's the ring. Yeah, there's the leg strap like strap, right? Yeah, and it's kind of what you think it is.

You know, it's got a bunch of exercise e move the ring against your abs to form a shield to block attacks. There's like a separate mini game modes, but also an adventure and but you lunch of different little can itemize stuff to make that like next month. They grades are sighs. Well like mid-october I think.

Hmm. There's a silent mode the turns all the jogging exercises into more stationary exercises. Okay case you live in an apartment. You fight a bodybuilding Dragon bodybuilding Dragon trogdor just like Charlie Good 80 bucks fucking arms, Sadie bucks. Good Lord out on the 18th of October. A month after the switch light comes out glad to see that even with the success of the switch.

Nintendo is still doing their quaint little weird bullshit Corky Corky, you know ambitious that started around like the Wii and I never know what's going to take off with them. You know, that could be the heart sensor or it could be a fucking Wii Fit board. Yeah, like laba look like it would be the biggest thing ever right before we came with so you never know.

What's going to be the thing. Um, I tell you what was not thing was that anthem. There was no Anthem moving on. It's what's that coming out again? Now they're almost done with it. I don't know. This is the barely a story I guess but they moved Anthem to the cheap tier of the a subscription service of the bargain The Vault.

Yeah, I used to be how much is like 15 bucks on me or is he is it I thought it was fine. When I forget I should look at the prices, but man, I don't know anyway used to need to subscribe to the expensive version of the EA access stuff to get Anthem and now it's on the cheap tear with the old game.

Yes, so obviously that has a fresh wave of speculation coming through about the state of Anthem and what they've been tend to do with it. I think hi any guesses. I think they're I think they're done. They're done. I think they're dumping you think they're done like that the cataclysm thing kind of came and went yeah that they will just seem super psyched about it with good question then if they're done, Is Anthem just done as a concept because you have to imagine the amount of my sources.

They poured into like making answers John they like there's I feel like well engine and that technology like the stuff that they did their will. A better word and probably filter into the next Dragon Age that they're supposedly working. They announce that right that's happening. Yeah, so it's not like they're starting from zero on Dragon Age.

But in terms of you don't think there is a never an Anthem to its it is really hard to imagine a world where that happens. Yeah. I think you're right. But I mean the real question is I like has he a made the calculation of how damaging it will be to their reputations who just never touch this game again and decided that that's the way to go.

You know, what is there to fix like it's like if you feel so many people moved on and already feel burned by Anthem like are they like how much Goodwill could they possibly be back by your like riding that ship? Versus how much would it cost to actually yeah, I've got at the saying it's necessarily worth it.

But this this story led me to go dig up the road map they put out when this game came up, which is fucking insane to look at at this point. Yeah, because it's called the ongoing Narrative of Anthem begins and absurd have a very different ongoing narrative, I guess. So, yeah, but like so this list was launched on February 22nd and then weeks later in March.

Literally the next month act 1 Echoes of reality begins. Windows for them either really like they went as far as like delineating the schedule of like named named content updates that just but I guess at this point will never materialize. I can't imagine I get whoa. It's so weird to have been out there with a roadmap but also like cific.

So that was a roadmap that came out before the game came out. Yes right around right around so now you're in this terrible situation where they made promises about the game. That's exactly what I'm saying. And what is the legal? Is there a legal ramification there because you said like hey, when you buy this game you're going to get this this this and this.

If they just go like that, but maybe that's the calculation. They've run right up just like actually we will happily give those players three games from the EA Vault instead of this Anthem add-on. Yeah, and please enjoy Titanfall 2. I don't know if there are any legal requirements around the stuff.

I don't know. I've definitely there's definitely just an issue of perception right of like hey you not only said there would be content after launch, but you named it. Like that gate right there is a post-credits scene in that game that 1000% sets up more stuff to happen immediately. Yes in the world of Anthem like major stuff that will just never go anywhere if they don't put the stuff out.

It's just it's just how specific this roadmap is that gets me exactly. It's like you put dates on the stuff you gave it a name and it's just presumably never going to get made at this point. And we'll see maybe they'll or maybe we'll I will not hold my breath games have had like. You know, it's it's a completely different kind of game but like look at no man's Sky total like how over the course of two or three or four years point if they like turned it into something completely different.

I don't know if like he is willing to invest. No that's the thing is like no man's sky was only able to do that because it was buoyed by like immense sales. Yeah like that game sold really well out of the gate in spite of like the rage surrounding it and that was the only thing that afforded them to be able to go like, all right, we're going to hide in our bunker and well that.

As my dad in their private company that gives me Thrice. Yeah, it's like most of their egg were in that. Yeah, he's just like, all right. Well the damage to our rep has already been done it costs to fix that rap. Is it worth it anymore or just take the hit and try to move on like yeah, it's hard to imagine a world where like it's worth it for them to invest any more money into anthem at all.

You're probably right just a shame because there. For good things about that. Yeah. Totally is that Star Wars game next year? No, that's Jedi followed orders and I'm going once yeah. Oh really? It's November interesting.

Um, A lot of good stuffs and so he really do you mean yeah. This is your got like and Janet I even before this were like reflecting back on what came out this year. Yeah member Apex Legends. Yes. Remember Secor. Oh those look at earlier. Yeah Tonica games this year, but it does sort of feel like the waning and of a generations of a generations of me.

Yeah, like there were definitely good games, but there's like clearly a bunch of Studios absent from the release calendar because they're doing new stuff.

I feel like we're going to see a lot of stories like this GameStop is closing 180 to 200 stores this year yoosh boy barely like what a month after all the layoffs at Game Informer and at the in the management level of the retail stores. He met like two thousand of their stores are considered profitable and these are just the production.

I think it's way more than that. Yeah, it's 5757 hundred. Well, they have fifty seven hundred stores total worldwide Invasion say they're all profitable. Yeah, but this is a fairly small slice out of that number, but it's still a lot of stores. Yeah. It's a lot of people. Yeah, so. yeah, it's.

Yeah, of course. And also I guess I think IGN ended up with a video of the store and Idaho, that's like a pilot program for what they think the new Game Stop is going to be like with a focus on like retro game. Oh, yeah. Yes points is owned and I see like they had stirred up crt's for the Retro stuff seems like there may be trying to do something like that.

No. Yeah, right. Yeah. It doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like it will work. For this type of scale that GameStop needs to succeed but will be just big enough to fucking murder some mom and pop shops along the way. Yeah. It's like that seems like rough stuff. Yeah. Why don't they just get into bark AIDS?

Fuck it. There are also no that's that's tired of this point need Cava arcade bars. Oh people fucked up on kava kava. Wait does cop actually get people feel like you're talking about the Tea right? Yeah, but it's like drinking that for years and I was told initially that it did stuff and I would like the supposed to like, chill.

Yeah. Yeah. That's yeah, that's what yeah, but like Ava bars are a fairly is that the kind of up-and-coming the trend friend right now? I've never thought it was all that effective enforcement. Yeah sounded great. Why don't they just like get a bunch of shitty food? Yeah. Eighteen dollar hamburger, that's not that good exactly.

Why don't they just yeah, here's $18 hamburger and some fucking like someone ingredient on there that you don't definitely want like the messiest wings that are also somehow the driest Wings you've ever tasted who signed me up. Yeah. You got like a already got a buffalo wings. Yeah. Okay. That's what I'm saying.

Yeah. Fucking Buffalo Wild Wings to start selling Xbox games. All right. Fucking you can already Gamble's in order to go to a Buffalo Wild Wings and play Blackjack while you ask for the your waiter to get to a Jersey. Yeah, they don't have the jerseys anymore. But when Abby and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings during packs.

Everyone was just wearing t-shirts. We're so upset. Where's it? Where's the captain? Yeah, there was no Captain. They were all the same.

We were very disappointed the wings were very dry. So you get a Bahama Mama. Yeah, I thought about it, but then we had the panel. So I thought against it. He's probably thought about getting a milkshake for the table again, though nervous drinking before the Giant Bomb panel is a hallowed tradition.

Yeah, which her. what is the Bahama Mama? It's like a it's almost like a my tirade. Yasko. Come on. Yeah. Yeah, don't get one with glasses. No, you get with glass window glass go with glass because of you get a free one to get the glass out of the one with the glass in it. All right, two more quick stories.

Nintendo is suing another distributor of reims for an astronomical amount of money. Mmm called the site is called ROM Universe which unlike Emu Paradise. I hadn't actually heard of before. Is it out there that like seem to specialize in trying to like streamline and make ROM downloads very easy and pleasant looking.

Yeah. Yeah. These are Stones the size than you nailed to the wall. People are straight up charging a membership fee like make it easier to get the ROMs I can. Nail em just nail them up man Brazen as hell but the attack the thing that actually caught my attention was they apparently were just straight up Distributing pirated switch games.

That'll do it, which is the first time I have heard of that happening. Well, so think about it and realize we've gotten to the point where that's just a thing now, there are switch emulators. Yeah. I mean, you know, like know they were that functional though in that context ther just ROMs for very modern system.

Yeah that that line the the skirting of just. How old is okay like that kind of like moral wriggling has been a part of the emulation seen for a long while I didn't know the technical Foundation was there because I feel like I feel like we went from like, okay, there's three different groups that can route a switch but none of them are talking about how to do it too.

Now. You can just download switch games and like a very quick time. It's been like that for a while. Okay. Yeah. I didn't realize that the gone that far. Yeah and. That's tough. I don't I don't I have not seen a switch emulator running other than just like some videos here and there so, I don't know too much about that, but given the relative power of the switch that seems like something that would be very doable.

But this this has been going on in different forms for. A long time. I think the first time I ever remember it happening was well it happen with the game boy. There's definitely cases where like hey the game emulation of the Game Boy is at a very playable state yet. There are still GameBoy games being released.

And like that quandary of just like all right. What does that mean? What's okay, where's the line between like these are alms and these are piracy in the actual eyes of the law. There is no line. Yeah. It's just a matter of like these are new games and you feel worse about it than the old games or whatever it is.

But like also like neogeo games like the last days of the Neo Geo the last year or so, like emulation of neogeo stuff had basically been nailed down. So you have like builds of name with the new drivers commented out. And so if you compile your own maim, you would uncomment those drivers and then you can play SVC Chaos on it like a month after it came out.

She's and it's fucking craves a crazy. Oh, yeah, I mean Dreamcast had its hole of course. Yeah, but that wasn't a story emulation. That was just no I know but it still piracy. Yeah still piracy of Mater obscure games. That was like. You know well with that mean in that case the bear the two things that stand out to me are there was no Hardware required rightly literally made it so you could just burn a CD and put it in the Dreamcast PlayStation swaptree and the too far off from that and the platform die, right?

But those are the two things that stand out to me one. But this I mean this then going after arm sites makes more sense now. Well, it makes sense. They obviously they can do it. But like with the Super Nintendo games coming to their online services just another check in the we should do something about at least making wrongs harder for people and exact first.

Yeah, they're like, yeah, it's places that are trying to charge money for this stuff. I feel like that's an extra level of sleaze. Yeah, that is pretty good. You know, we talk a lot about emulation and we talked about like the best kind of emulation are from the people. You are really thick trying to preserve things.

They're doing it as a service right? These games can be don't they don't want anything to be lost to time. It's not people out there trying to make a quick Buck by turning software around right? Yeah, that stuff is way shadier. Like the people who were suck selling this with the first like switch hacks and stuff like that.

Yeah fuck that. But yeah that that's what was so eye-opening about this to me was that there were straight-up switch games being distributed like that. Yeah at this point last story. Billy Mitchell threatening legal action against Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records Billy Mitchell if they don't reinstate his high scores Mitchell did nothing wrong.

Why did he wait so long? Ya had to collect his evidence. He said have you seen as evidence? No, he put out of the we get off of put out a PDF of evidence and just look at the first page and it's dot zip. It's out there Billy Mitchell Billy Mitchell American pharoah entrepreneur. I have some canceled.

Should I not be doing this? It's got that really shouldn't I don't say it before. Looking for evidence. I'm trying to look for just this the screen cap. I took of his evidence. Basically he was saying that Twin Galaxies didn't give him enough time to present his case was kind of the Crux. I think it's also saying that like the print version of the Guinness book came out and said things like saying that his other records that weren't necessarily under question.

There were just like hey, you might hear listen, we're wiping you out like the I think undermining those I think is what he's saying like, hey, that's you what you said here is is against the law. This is what he's basically trying to say up here. It is Billy Mitchell evidence package. People who have not found this at home.

It is a picture of Billy Mitchell holding an award with Pac-Man on it. I believe with the creator of Pac-Man and a bunch of girls probably at Tokyo game show. Wait, is this little fella literally the first page of his evidence package. Is this poorly aspect ratio ratio damage of Billy Mitchell.

And a bunch of ladies. Oh, yeah, you told me stretches. It's going to play at all. His evidence is essentially yo, I'm Billy Mitchell. I posted it to my Tumblr. You can find it at Jeff. Danzo, it's me, it's me. Perfect Pac-Man. Yes, perfect pack and ice box office opt into it. It's weird sauce.

Perfect. Perfect. Pac-Man is a really good gamer tag. Yeah, but he never used it. All right. It's squatting. I wonder if they released it. Yeah, what if they only released from Xbox days not three sixty days. So probably not. This is such a big evidence package. It's also yeah like it's a lot.

It's a long PDF with like Facebook Messenger screenshots from Jace Hall. It's just a bunch of deserve a hashtag free Billy. I believe he owns Twin Galaxies Billy did nothing wrong, but that's right. Yeah forget about the whole thing. Look sometimes a guy just wants to have fun and emulates video games like we talked about it's about the love of the software you exactly my name is a tremendous piece of documentation right playable documentation.

That's right in a lot of ways and it's not a hundred percent accurate, but gosh, it's great to have the option out there to see some of these games before they're lost to time completely. What do we think is chances are of getting really reinstated. I don't I don't think that I don't know. I think if he's willing to like cause a big enough stink and make it annoying enough for Twin Galaxies that they'll just be like, okay fucking your scores or back whatever we don't want to pay a million dollars in legal fees.

Yeah, hmm, I wonder because I think he's like money to somehow hot sauce. Right? Yeah, I because family needs that families face not just his hot sauces family has some hot sauce Empires that would be wrong. But I want to see he like inherited the family business or something that isn't so I mean, that's probably like bit aside.

He's probably just like I could probably drown them in legal fees until I got my scores back. Maybe if nothing else he's got the time for us. Yeah, and also like that's his whole thing. So like if he gets relegated from that stuff, then you know what whatever he continued to make appearances and stuff like that.

So even after that happened, yeah, really? Yeah has he capturing that is our case. So using a lot of really evidence signal screenshots of YouTube videos stray from a phone and I don't know how well that holds up in court. Yeah. I've been scrolling for like three minutes now and I'm not even halfway through this thing.

Yeah, this is why it took him so long he had to compile the truth. Yeah, but I think that that back when the all this happened he did say like I've will die will provide heaven and here it is now, so, okay great. We have receipts tax bill. He's got something good. He has been spilled. Oh, God, please.

Don't shit. We better clean that up. Then. Let's take another quick break before we come back and read emails and wipe up this mess. We'll see you in a minute.

Ivory males her I asked at Giant Bomb email. What you coordinated and everything Blair and Halifax got a dance to go with it. And then yeah, it would be like like bom, bom cast at John's necessarily need to be an elk interpretive dance. I'm just saying that's right. It's right. Well, we'll figure it out.

I'd like to be cool if we could do another like thing where you like. We could do that all talking. Yeah, so, okay, so hits it to me. I that I would like it more if you could figure out how to make your fingers over the holes in to save on cast. Oh, I can only do blood. Okay. Yeah, you're up on I'll get got blood on lock over here.

See what else we can do vertical cast. Blair in Halifax, ah, which yes the Blair Halifax, which I'm going to a wedding and next weekend and there will be karaoke. Yes, my wife and I were thinking of doing Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Okay, that's long one. What is the karaoke protocol for the intermission section?

Should I practice my baseball announcer voice? Do we get a third person to do it? So wait, if you could get a third person to do it, that would probably be ideal. It's like a spoken-- I don't know the I probably know the song but what do they mean by there's a guy that comes on and he's like calling a baseball game essentially.

Okay, but it's in reference to fucking hell. Regardless its third person. You think you think I think I think he needs somebody else. Yeah. Yeah, I think so because surprise like drag talking unexpected person. Well, if you're that close, like if you think you can let right somebody important are like the Father of the Bride or something, you know, somebody of stature at the wedding and then you guys do like a little baseball routine while they're doing it like, yep throw catch it and then it's all fun and then you get back you just straight up strip down shark going at it.

Yep. Because I think that when in the night that is if there's an open bar, right? I feel like those are those are at Play. It's a Good karaoke move to what pull somebody else in what your songs what's the coolest karaoke move you've guys have seen because I have gone to I I did let's see Aladdin Part of Your World.

I would not have rug and I grabbed Lisa. Holy shit. And I said a flapping the rug like in front of us. Like we were flying is pretty rad. Once I was at the mint and just kind of local karaoke dive bar and there was this couple who had seen there before and get Lucky came on. And this was like at the height of getting lucky and everyone's just like calm but they were like going in and out of it with other songs that just matched up to the beat.

They would like their descriptions like you and me baby and they had like. Synchronized dance moves or everything like this obviously from Team this all the way out and people were just losing it and you hate to go after that. Yeah. Yeah, that's rough. I don't know man. There's something about like karaoke prep the rubs me the wrong way.

Yeah, I can see it. Like I like extensive prep. You just like, oh, let's get a prop and do something. You know, like hey that here's a silly thing. We can put together as a real quick. There's something about like. Hey, we really everyone needs a thing. Yeah, it's true if it's spontaneous. Yeah, it's like for her first the something.

Yeah, and yeah, I think we're across the line is if they like took that act to other karaoke spots and then no no that's happened you have yeah, that's that's that's a bit too far. I Can't Go karaoke thing with a specific group of friends because they're into musicals and I like musicals but knees they know.

Oh boy, that's a lot. You don't want to be in that group associated with now people are looking over gone like them motherfuckers these guys. I had a I had a friend put on November Rain one time and the song started and it turned out the subtitles were lag like five seconds behind the actual music.

So she went to cancel the song and I was like, no I got this I took I took microphone and it turned out I remembered all the words. Oh, yeah one time I hit the high note and take on me one time. Okay, but I was like a special level of inebriated that it happened. I just want one of the earliest moment.

I completely fell for my partner. Was them nailing Miss Jackson including the the really fast part just like a hundred percent like smitten that moment anyone would I know? Mike from Wales. How would you use GUI G in real life? Oh, you know a ladder shit ladder. Wait, can we transform? I'm just gonna assume I got a broken pair of sunglasses that I need to stick back together.

Let me know. Okay, I think it's less about me using goujian more about guiji using me. Hmm, I think and do we G will be handy to have around if you wanted to make a. PB&J and you don't have the jelly on hand gross, but it's okay. Yeah. There we go Savory jelly. Yeah. What is it that you can't do sick things with it?

It's not loo BG. We'll get to that but you can't eat greasy because it's been proven. I'm getting to that. It's been proven that if you split up to EG, he becomes multiple gooey cheese. So you're just gonna have a little Luigi living inside of you. If you eat some of invoice Luigi living inside all of us all the time, maybe like a fantastic Journey thing to go shrink down into Brad stomach and get the little gooey G out Brad's Inside Story like this move on to another email face.

Another thing of dirty still hum Austin from Utah a couple pinball emails this week. In line with some recurring pinball talk on the podcast. I thought I'd propose a common activity found in twitch chats for streamers who are playing pinball what theme for a pinball machine that hasn't been made yet.

Would you want to see. Big one big one among all of my friends and I is a Dragon Ball Z machine that that the only pinball adaptation of a franchise with ball in its name has been a GameBoy game and that's a travesty. There's like a plug and play Dragon Ball Z device that has like three games on it.

And one of them is a pinball game. It's terrible. He also he also asks in your recorded in my name and your fantasy pinball machine. What would be the multi balls? And I'm sorry, what would be multi balls and The Wizard modes be called. Oh, man, I don't know. I think though the pinball think all three lanes Midnight Madness the movie.

The rosh pit if you get into the rosh pit a certain number of times you get an Aegis, which gives you the free ball okay with these things mean. I think it's I think it's Frasier than ball machine would be really funny.

There's like no like lights or sound. It's just very like tame and you know like. Hmm. Hmm. Give me. Has it been lost pinball? I'm sure there had to be like a loss to pin by I don't think so. Those probably winter ball was at its nadir. Yeah, I guess. All right, not a lot of ideas from for pinball machines around think about Annoying a Borderlands pinball machine.

Oh, wow. Did you see so many claptrap voiceovers shrew in the Family Guy pinball machine. Yep. Neat. There we go, huh? It's not the direction. I was expecting it has a tiny pinball machine inside of it like it as a reference to a pinball machine that side of a pinball machine which is like on-brand for its folk a stupid thing.

Okay, sure, but also you can play Tiny pinball. Bring the family. I just making me sad when I was in high school junior year Senior High School. We had the somebody finally convinced the film teacher to hold a Simpsons Club in his room. He was like the movie yeah future and so we would all get in there every Friday and watch like two episodes of The Simpsons during lunch.

It was incredible. It was great and then like six months in. The president for whatever reason was like we should change this to Family Guy close and then they changed it to Family Guy club and he'd watch two episodes of Family Guy fuck it was just one of the most traumatic events of that was the same year.

I had major surgery on my foot and I would I would rather relive that then the Family Guy did you accidentally accidentally end up in the yearbook as part of the Family Guy Club, but I did end up in the anime club because I went to one meeting because my friend was like I need like I need 15 people in the room or else they're not going to let me make it.

Club think I ended up in a picture for like the chest and games Club one year because they sold chocolate milk down there. You don't have to go to the cafeteria. It's just a teacher. Like I don't know how I hate enough motherf. I don't know how the fuck it happened, but he had a car of Grace a chocolate milk that he was selling.

These nerds of drinking bathing people were in there playing deed. That's how I got roped into playing D&D one summer. I was like, I don't like this at all. Try to condense this one a little bit Darren in Toronto. He says that he has a friend who owns a pinball bar in Toronto and then goes on to say one Saturday.

I got tickets to a live show downtown for the podcast harmontown posted by Dan Harmon of community and Rick and Morty theme the next weekend. I visit the pinball bar and the owner is friend proceeds to tell me how the previous Saturday when I was at Dan Harmon's live show. It's Jason Sudeikis. Is that how you say it?

Right? They kiss Jason Sudeikis from SNL was in the pinball bar. Pretty much the whole day playing pinball. Nice. Apparently, he is a huge pinball fan and when he's away from home in a different city shooting a movie. He will rent a pinball machine to have in his temporary apartment. He asks the guy he rented the machine from where in the city was a good but quiet place to play Pinball the guy suggested my friends bar, and that's how he ended up there.

Apparently that same night Dan Harmon walked in after completing the very show I had paid to see him at knowing Sudeikis was in town. He asked where he was to grab a drink and ended up at the pinball bar my friend owns. Have any of you had that similar instances where you unknowingly missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Let me just Library hmm that poor Jason Sudeikis, you know living is days in married to Olivia Wilde living off of his all his fucking comedy money all I did you just can't I don't know way to play some pinball. I mostly just hold this email in because it's weird that he's a gigantic pinhole nerd apparently, but there you go.

Hmm barely missed out. I think that you know, like it's not my story. But at the the Werner Herzog thing a teeth. Oh, yeah, most like fucking I felt like produce a perversion of that. Yeah like yeah, because what was he playing? What did you go? See instead? Alex gender 3903.

Yeah, right. But that's not important. What was important he was doing his fucking job. That's right what he was doing. That's right. The fucking guy did that with just black asses? I I cleared it could've been out there drumming up stories, but you beaten beaten feet and pounding the Pavements, right?

I drugged up content. They talked it. We're taught look we're talking about it right now. Well, then then I got two followers on Twitter who work for The Simpsons out of it. So, look who's laughing now, it's me. Ha ha ha aw shit, Jonna. Okay. All right, Zack Lego Maniac Zack. When it comes to ending a round in which you defeat your opponent without taking any damage in a fighting game.

You prefer three Fighters seven golden letters perfect or Mortal. Kombat's throaty Flawless victory. Flawless Victory additionally if there are any other noteworthy ones you can think of four of those in all its five golden letters. Yeah. The six is six letters. Perfect. It's an old another seven some commentator.

Is that how it started some commentator just like yelled at like 5 gold letters have got the perfect and just became a man because he couldn't count how many I say. It's Flawless Victory, but it's perfect for me think I think I feel like Flawless victory has become an iconic phrase that has our fact grown Beyond board Mortal Kombat and Kanye West didn't sample Flawless Victory.

Hmm, you mention it. So what I'm saying is false victories better.

yeah, I like perfect just because it's like. I feel like flop Flawless Victory is better at describing like pumping you up like you won this without a flaw perfect to me makes the opponent saltier because it's like look he played. You got perfect did like you got Flawless Victory doesn't get doesn't have the same weight to it like good for you.

You didn't screw up but a perfect means you got done in and they double perfect. You see the two peas. Oh shit, just like yeah, once they started tracking some of that stuff and like the the victory icon like yeah, I guess is Alpha when they started it's like, oh, it's an S. It's p it's a rich.

He's sort of like a cheesy. Strive for that cheese. Yep, grind out those cheese all day long. You shouldn't you shouldn't be able to die to block damage in a fighting game unless it's a super move. I'll die on that Hill. It's kind of like the way things sort of went right there. That's a little sad.

Yeah, but there's still some games. All right, Cody from Denton, Texas. I was at a used bookstore in Austin on I found this monstrosity. Please have Jeff explain what Horrors I've seen. It seems to be some sort of Juggalo Dungeons and Dragons. Yeah, they did. Yeah, they did a car's a photo here of the box is the title appears to be disappointingly straightforward.

It just says Insane Clown Posse the Quest for Shangri-La like they couldn't even bother to come up with some kind of pun. Well, I don't know that it's necessarily just a Dungeons and Dragons clone. I'm like, I don't know enough about the game specifically because they may request for dank real law that a car Shangri-La is it that you know part of that part of our dark carnival or okay, there's a aspect of that.

I see the dicer carts kind of game we talking about. Yeah just hatchets. Maybe there's more of a board game. I thought the idea of hood ICP role-playing game was really funny. But that looks like what were the classes being honest like this is not quite Batman hatchet man. Have a good stretching the rustler.

Yeah Phantom at wrestler Faygo Merchants. Sure figure is a Fanta. It's a guy is Faygo figure wizard. Yeah. The figure man, sir. Yes. Yeah, all the different spells are the different flavors. I think we're coming up with a better game than whenever the Arctic sun is the worst spell in the game.

Yeah, obviously, it's. the magic Missile equivalent Joe from Herndon, Virginia. I used to think game name the origins Reckoning style names were stupid then I tried Googling help for control. Yes, yeah control control furnace control mold control bugs makes me wonder if remedy has a deal with the local plumbers and Steamfitters Association.

What are the least SEO optimized video game names? You can remember I definitely had that same issue. Control is great. I just searched for the name of the quest like the name of the man was trying to finish a few times. I was like, where are the where I can't find the last mold in this fucking side mission where the fuck is it?

Even if you type control video games something it'll give you like controllers and stuff. Like it's such a specifically a video game time where yeah busting out of that SEO. He'll be tough one tough. It is like probably like stuff like 13. It's probably really bad for it because just like yeah sure.

You know, you always have to add like the game to yeah the search query and thumb. Yeah, even that specific enough. Mmm. Iris email from Joe Hall Of Duty Modern Warfare sure Joel right soon few weeks ago while discussing meat Alternatives. The topic of ostrich eggs came. And Brad wondered whether or not people eat ostrich meat I can confirm that this is definitely a thing.

I live in South Africa and eat raw ostrich meat regularly. It's not as common as the holy quartet of pork chicken beef and lamb but it is relatively inexpensive and found in most grocery stores meet sections. In fact ostrich eggs are much harder to come by and I've never actually eaten one contrary to what you might guess.

Ostrich meat is actually red meat. What's an tastes very similar to beef I thought I had heard that but it's much cleaner and healthier. It's more common is most common forms are ostrich steaks and ostrich mint. I can't comment on its relative sustainability, but I can promise that it's delicious and I will gladly cook some for any of you if you ever visit Cape Town.

Let's go ostrich. Chili. Yeah, I've had an ostrich jerky. Yeah, like a drink stick was kind of like beef jerky. You totally was then he's weakened by ostrich meat at the ferry building. Okay, I'm just saying I'm listening. That's it. You know K. It's laying it out there. He says he's my question.

Do you eat any unusual meats that are unique to your region of the world who with Outsiders may not know about hmm. Not me per se but with a lot of like Mexican joints around here, you can get stuff like tongue and brain. Yeah regularly like but I'm trying to think of actual animals that are different.

Starbucks has a chorizo breakfast sandwich. Really coming out? Yeah, I live there area really up on the culinary Trends over there. Hmm quail eggs. Yeah better Rock wailing and Sushi before stuff like the duck embryo. Yeah. Yeah. I'm trying to think blood oysters slide him. I'll take let's head to coagulate it blood cubes and a nice soup delicious.

Cubes. Yeah, all right and get like a like a father blood you get like a boba but possible bags blood but chicken skin could probably do all well. Okay, I mean, it's not like it it, you know an elusive animal or anything like that. But so there's a collection of there's this thing in Asian cultures called salted egg and it's like I don't know how to make it but it's like a really salty boiled egg.

They started making chickens salted egg flavored chicken skin shit is wild. Follow layers to that. I know what it's real words together. I feel my lifespan just reducing every time I eat a bag of bores the Hawaii little bubbly so becoming cubes inside my skin Aiden from Illinois as someone who still owns the base PS4 lately.

I've been wondering about the system's ability to run future performance intensive games, especially after here Wonder no more. Especially after hearing about how poorly control runs on it. I'm worried that it won't be able to handle stuff like death stranding Last of Us to we're ghosts of tsushima without dropping into sub 20 FPS territory.

All of those games are the ones that I'm very much looking forward to and I prefer to experience them in the best Fidelity possible. So I'm thinking about getting a pro just to be safe at the same time. Next gen consoles will all but certainly be released next year and I'd feel real dumb if I bought a PS4 Pro now.

Only for all those games to get enhanced releases on the PS5. Yeah. So I guess what I'm wondering is in your professional opinion. Do you think Sony understands that enough people out there still play on base PS4s, but they will optimize these games to run well enough on the outdated Hardware now, I think they understand that the PS4 pro has sold better than they thought it would out of the gate probably kept selling.

Well sense, but they they of all people know that there are still more base models out there by a lot. I think specifically the games this email or listen like stranding and tsushima these like PS4 exclusives. Those are all exclusive should yeah. Yeah ideally. Yeah run well enough on a base think you can you can assume that the first party games will run fine on all PS4s.

I personally I'm holding out. I'm not going to get a pro like we're close enough. Yeah, you know and I'll leave one for my job, obviously, so. Getting a PS5 ASAP. But like even if I wasn't at this point, I would yeah, it's a little too close at this point to seem very worthwhile. I can just trade it in.

Yeah nice and it's time I'm bummed out. I didn't do that switch trade in for the line for the for the battery gives off is giving a ton of credit for us which trade in this past weekend. Like you could have gotten the new. Better battery life model for like 75 bucks, huh, which was kind of tempting but not attempting enough for me.

Wonder if Nintendo subsidized any of that. I wonder if there's any interest in getting old switches off the street. Oh maybe. Maybe yeah, Josh from Colorado. Do you think Kojima has ever even held a baby? Ha ha ha. Do you think he tried to mocap one? Yes. I know. Yes. Those are my answers. Yeah, I'm with you.

I don't think I think he like asked his assistant or whatever like find me a baby. Find me a baby. Yes Mads Mikkelsen find me a baby. Yeah, Matt select. All right. Yeah. I got it. I got a baby guy. Yep o Kappa, baby. No, because they're not actually like walking around babies. They're like prison babies Chris, right?

So you don't need a mocap there be there in like a oh, okay still like specific movement over at but that's something you can you don't need to like Mochi up that actually that but you could you could and therefore he believes he should what if it's just full grown adult Andy Serkis pretending to be a baby in kojima's arms, but also, Fully grown in a circus is in the game as himself, right even better.

But if you're the baby like this doctor murder brain or something, I don't know everyone in that game is named something like that. I think it's an important man killed but like it's always like dr. Death man and dark Kilgore Henry Life Death Burger.

Email from Rowan. Down here in Auckland New Zealand. We are getting our first Taco Bell congrats and I need to know what should my first order be should eyeball out an order a crazy amount of shit or is there one item or order that sums up the experience best boy, so I go to talk about is my preferred fast food these days mostly because it's a.

Easy to get vegetarian. It's very easy to like it's why anything like any of the meats for beans? Oh. You know, I think you got there's a few Staples. I think you got to experience Crunchwrap. It's not my favorite, but it's maybe their signature. She's Gordita Crunch. Mmm. It's my personal favorite.

You should definitely get that good quesadilla. You can go chicken and go stake and goat cheese. I like the cheese quesadilla quite a bit. I think, you know go for a sampling get like four different don't get any of the meals never get the meals. They're just get like the three items you want from the menu.

They sometimes have the the big box thing where you get out of each Taco that I mean, that's that's a good thing and pulling those can be okay. I'm talking like numbered menu items right around, you know, I sometimes I want a drink. Yeah. Yeah. Oh sure. Got a Baja Blast it have it and. I hate the cinnamon twists, but get the cinnamon twists.

I don't hate the cinnamon twists get the sum of have you had the Cinnabon orbs? No, I got talking about breakfast drink fun after show coming up where I recount my terrible fast-food day, but they're like little Cinnabon ball like cinnamon roll bones filled with the this the cream the icing Icing.

Pretty good. Okay, really good come with the breakfast items. It's weird hearing you talk about the Crunchwrap as a staple because to Crunchwrap seems like way too new school really for me. There's like for me to cut off on the Taco Bell menu from like new to old and like the last old the last new old item was the quesadilla introduced the quesadilla and then everything when they said like yeah, they said like now here's a gordita.

Everything from the gordita forward to me is new Taco Bell. Yeah. Yes the gordita the chalupa. I like everything that's come since then throwing chips into stuff all that stuff. That's like some fucking newfangled you damn kids and your Taco Bell gonna get the beefy Fritos Doritos. I hadn't really thought about it actually is my favorite thing ever thought about yes, the gordita to me absolutely is the new item on the Taco Bell menu.

Yeah, that is like that is that is the cutoff like is there I'm sure there were items somewhere in between but for me when they introduced the quesadilla, that was like oh cool. Right now that was probably when I started going to Taco Bell looking like I'll get a custody in 2005 for the Crunchwrap.

So yeah, I mean the double decker Taco was like the new thing when I was on don't going there regularly and they got rid of it. Yeah, that's tragic. It's crap. That seems like a scam. Try quesarito. I personally don't like it. I don't like anything Taco Bell stuff with the price. I think the Taco Bells rice is disgusting, but it's not that that's all right.

Hmm But be Fritos burrito. I feel like has a bunch of rice in it. These have a cheesy Fiesta potatoes. Yeah, so good. Just potato wedges with nacho cheese. Yeah. Oh good not surprised if they have them. They're like normal fries, but you dip them and she experienced those once. Three more emails here we go Wells Anders from Sweden.

I've always found it funny that your most popular YouTube video is titled to Skyrim the all Dade request locations and reward. Oblivion Walker achievement guide It's currently close to 2 million views. How did that video come about? Have you considered doing more of this type of content? I feel like there's like some dark split in the timeline where we went in that direction and like this podcast doesn't exist anymore and just cranking out of us work here anymore because it's just a it's like me with a whip overseeing a bunch of interns.

So there's like what you and Kessler that was like it was like in turn was it you did turn involved in that video, but I was part of that initiative which was our old business guy Ethan very much like we need to have a YouTube presence. Let's do some YouTube be stuff. I mean I look like shit. We gave the interns the YouTube channel and said like here you come up with some stuff.

That only goes up there. It doesn't go on the site because we don't give a shit because because they're your interns but yeah put them on this YouTube. So I think we should really get Oblivion Walker editor-at-large Matt Cassel around the phone so we can record a proper. Yeah, they're all history of three of the wheels contact Chief data officer.

Matt Kessler, he didn't even have time for us that video was such a success that Sony just hired him and that's right. We need this Visionary one for us. It's not even on the tip team, which is weird. Yeah, but you got we got there's a lot of weird fun stuff from the YouTube on that. That's where you get like the world's worst Quick Time Event video how the that's that high five thing.

Right? Huh? That one did okay. Yeah. That one was fairly popular like. There's a it was this weird thing of just like oh like because it was a case of like, okay, we get games ahead of launch. So we have time to produce stuff like that. That might go up the Skyrim one didn't go before launch number at launch or anything that was much later.

But the idea was just like, oh we get a game in theoretically you could produce like one quick kind of strategy thing for it for YouTube and have that up right at launch and have that do well on YouTube and so on and so forth, but it became a case of just like to actually do that. You need to play.

30 hours of a game. Sometimes you get to the one part in and then identifying. Oh, this would be a good thing for a strategy thing. And you know, it's why I'm at we wrote Game guides for the entire Game pre-release and not just like what's my one hit video some websites still make a business out of this.

Yes, some do indeed. But they also like breakdown every single moment of a game in that way as opposed. Got a lot more. Yeah Tara. It's like way more of a machine that than we were prepared to build at that point. And so it was like this weird case of just like, oh we're seeing some success with these videos but to scale it would actually be out of our reach right now and also not really the direction we want this business to go in so it was just like.

From my perspective. It was just like we don't have time to teach the interns anything because we're too busy and Ethan needed something to do I think is was also the case. I don't I don't I don't remember the specifics of of Ethan because Ethan was a coder. Yeah, he was yeah, you know building sites in some point.

He was managing the interns and and some Community stuff and some of the other stuff that was not necessarily coding focused. And yeah, so I think it was a case of just like we have these interns we don't have time to do anything with them Ethan you do something and then that was what happened.

Yeah, it was either but the like three intern jobs where that delete. For images from anime Vice. Yeah and talk to Joey because he was like the one guy who would like regular hit Joey and Drew were like down to talk to the interns and like give us advice and stuff. That's cool. Hey, I have a down to talk to the interns when I had time.

Yeah. Yeah. It was less. There was less of an it wasn't like something. Yeah. I've worked as in terms of companies where it's just like the interns are beneath us. This was like, oh everyone's just busy all the time and like playing a game being like. God I got to review this and just like. I like what are you even talked about at that point?

Yeah, like yeah, it's why we don't have interns like we could sign up for interns is but it's always that thing of just like what do we have them? Do do we have time to make them Scandal of those Pokémon code Audrey that would help me out so much, but they'd be like if this company you have to apply for your interns like months in advance right to do like summer intern in January this a do you want interns this summer and you're like, I don't fucking know what but probably but I don't know what to say.

I mean next week or this week. Yeah, it makes you realize there are probably people at big companies whose job is just to be plugged into the kind of larger management infrastructure. Yeah. Those people are very much not us. You can help Dave with his top 10s true. Yeah, but together that powder PowerPoint make a pitch deck.

Yeah for something the first interns we hired we're just there to write Wiki articles pre-launch that we brought a couple of guys allowed fill out a bunch of wacky stuff that wrote Wiki stuff all day. One of my first jobs was clean up the top 50 most visited Comic Vine Wiki's and just like, you know, because they were here, Laboured they weren't like edited or anything.

So just go through and like fix grammar and make it flow a little better and stuff like that. Do you think culinary schools have internships or like offer internships to their students? Well, yes, I'm sure I'm just wondering yeah. Assume so, okay, like what assume that's like a journeyman a program or something.

Yeah, totally. Okay. All right last year emails. I finally put Mojave on this laptop. And now the battery is about to die. Awesome. Let's see. These emails are both anonymous. This one is entitled driving a car with a PS4 racing wheel and hacking your car. Okay? Hello Giant Bomb. I work in automotive research and I have had the experience of dried.

We've been talking about car firmware and stuff for a while. Just that stage. I have had the experience of driving a full car with a PS4 racing wheel and pedals. It was hilarious. But surprisingly difficult what you don't realize is how much you rely on Resistance and feedback from the steering wheel while driving which is entirely missing from the toy wheel on another note.

There is totally a community for hacking your car software. In fact, Infamous PS3 hacker George hotz will sell you a kit to hack your car to drive itself on highways the word of warning. This is entirely outside of any governmental regulation. That is very much user beware. This is his company and he links to a site called comma dot AI selling a product called the E on dev kit.

With the tagline make a driving. Chill know there's a video of a lady driving a car and then taking your hands off the wheel just sitting there like what cars does it support? What cars can I hack to draw it? Can I hack my car to drive itself? That seems like a good way to get in a bunch of lawsuits and all sorts of other stuff Sports.

Most of the top cars sold today is there's a check compatibility link open pilot. Most new cars on the road today are built with features designed to assist with driving but fail to deliver comma open pilot is open source software that improves them. Wow. The words open source link straight to a GitHub repository.

Holy shit for open pilot. You guys see that video that UFC driver and his Tesla playing smash on the switch while the Tesla was driving itself down the highway. Yeah well comma open pilot. It's a weird world like we're a bit sort of got to bury here. Yeah pilot enables your car to steer accelerate and Brake automatically within its Lane.

Yeah. That's wild I'm all for it. I don't want to be one of those people will be like who used to be like that airplane that will never work. I'm never getting in a big old tube that flies in the sky. You should have fun in your death tube. Yeah the makes on this list or Acura Chrysler Honda Jeep Lexus and Toyota.

Hmm Pollock, listen, don't do it. You have a following this seems like a bad idea Jason don't do it. Probably don't do this. Hmm. It's $600. Only looks like you need to have a phone plug into it. Oh drat, the jailbreak the phone Can-Can George hotz jailbreak my oh my God, you have to use their provided SIM card.

Okay yikes. Yeah. I mean, yeah, it also utilizes GoPros. Apparently. Okay. Okay. No, I'm out. I'm out. I'm out requires requires two. Yeah, if I'm reading this, right it requires two windshield mounted GoPros. I don't know. I am going to close these tabs fucking hate GoPros. Look once one's going to just randomly shut off on you while you're on the road and then your careen off the road.

Yeah. All right, last email. This one is signed TV retails a bitch. Josh is entitled to QVC employee testimony. Oh his David a nice guy or not. This is all I want to know. Obviously with talking trash about my employer although I work on the HSN side. I'd like to stay Anonymous to K. So he you know, like they acquired HSN so he's got like extra beef I think know maybe could but also know I don't know a few things first the Q2 is mostly pre-recorded presentations.

So you probably wouldn't have been able to talk to someone even if you saw the testimonial line. Yeah, by the way, you can always call that testimonial line regardless of if it's of whether it's on screen or not. So next time please call in you will have to talk to me producer to get on Just say you love the product.

If you say something you don't like they may drop you but unless people say curse words. We don't really mute them second. Our whole electronics business is a complete scam and Incredibly infuriating as someone who loves Electronics the way do kind of understand. It's just because we don't make any money on the main product.

So we have to bundle a bunch of stuff with it and Mark it up a shit ton. Yes understandable. Why is that way? It's but it's just like gross. Yeah, I we were up for a feeding at 5 a.m. And believe it was gonna QV c 3. It was something it was a call blocker. It was like it was a device you plug your landline phone into the just had a big stop sign shaped button that says block call great.

It was like the most perfect fucking like just all right, everyone who watches QVC is like a thousand years old or something because look at this thing was indeed a direct line to the. It's just just it just you just fucking punch that today that it had like a little videos like almost like an infomercial of like someone waking up looking over at their phone and hitting the button on it's your wife block all God.

Sorry, honey. I don't know what happened cat must have napped on the bus stop sign so for males. Good job, right well, thanks. Let's work through a number of emails. Yeah. Um now what will we do next? Where can I send my emails about has ginormica great. That's all I know. Yeah. Okay, we get the app show coming up cool.

Okay, where the rest of these brownies might get eaten? I don't know. Hmm say who could say who who ate the other brownie? I had one nobody's willing to. I know buddy. I didn't bring my insulin in here. That's probably allowable. Thank you. I'll let you have that really want one. Take one with you.

Okay? Yeah, stay tuned for the after-show. If you at the Griffin listen to this live, it's going to be a banger. I got your nerve bangers. Yeah, three different fast food restaurants in a single day. Oh, yeah. There's a term for that. Wow. Okay, we got a bunch of stuff to record this week. Yes.

Yeah. Oh look at that. We're hoping to have Borderlands up on the site tomorrow upper lid check out some awesome stuff out of TGs some games and you might take a look at parque. Do I understand? Yeah, I might do some like that in session is out today. Oh, right. Oh, yeah. It sounds really awkward.

Yeah. I want to see that. It'll add cool. All right. Well before this laptop melt itself, let's get out of here. Thanks for listening to this podcast. I guess we should do. The room next week. Why not fine. We'll see you then.

Why not?

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