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Giant Bomb's Multiplatform Game of the Year, 2009

Which product crossed platform lines to unite the world in one, singular vision of gaming greatness?

With so many capable platforms to choose from, developers and publishers are increasingly releasing their products across them all. When it's done correctly, this can mean an exciting and memorable gaming experience for anyone, regardless of system. Someday we may see the end of the wars between console diehards, and these spectacular multiplatform games will be leading the charge.


Best Multiplatform Game

Batman: Arkham Asylum

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I'm Batman. As far as we know, taking a licensed property and making a quality product with it is one of the hardest tasks in the business. So, it is no small accomplishment that Rocksteady Studios was able to make one of the most impressive games of the year centering around one of the most prolific comic book characters out there, Batman. Over the years, Batman has appeared, with varying degrees of success, across all forms of media. So it's equally astonishing that Batman: Arkham Asylum feels so original and fresh. 
The intense and fluid combat, the stealth, and the exploration all take place within a tightly told narrative and environments that seem so naturally rendered that it's hard to believe the dank, clammy halls of Arkham Asylum are completely fictional. The whole experience is immensely satisfying, with pacing that keeps you eager to see what's going to happen next. The game also does a spectacular job of portraying the conflict between Batman and the Joker as more of a battle of opposing ideals between two equally insane opponents than some mundane case of criminal mischief. Batman is painted as order and justice to the extreme, while the Joker is his antithesis--complete chaos and anarchy. All of this combines to flesh out one of the finest games to grace any platform this year.


Runners-Up: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed II