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Giant Bomb's Work-From-Home Spectacular

It's... a Lockdown?

With increasing health concerns around the current viral outbreak, Giant Bomb has determined that, starting Wednesday, 3/11, the San Francisco-based staff will work remotely until further notice. In the meantime, you can join us over at our live chat starting at 11:00 AM PDT for a variety of streams, from our home to yours.

Above: Simulated photo of a Giant Bomb staffer's home streaming rig.
Above: Simulated photo of a Giant Bomb staffer's home streaming rig.

What sort of stuff should we expect?

We'll hopefully have chat live for most of the day with a variety of streams hosted by all your pals from Giant Bomb. These streams will range from casual multiplayer sessions, to live recordings of shows, and maybe even a little more experimental stuff thrown in here and there. Part of the fun is we'll be figuring it out with you along the way.

How much are you streaming?

The current plan is to start every day this week (Wed-Fri) at 11:00 PDT and stream for several hours. Other than that, we'll throw some things in the schedule, but someone will be around to take questions and entertain from the mornings on through the day. We'll make adjustments along the way and see how it all goes. Cool?

Wait, will it all be archived?

Maybe! There might be some chunks missing here and there but we'll do our best to make sure everything worth watching goes up on the site until the inevitable destruction of the Internet.

This is where the quick looks live.
This is where the quick looks live.

That's it! We don't know when things are going to return to "normal," but we'll update you guys as we learn more about the situation. In the meantime, stay safe and wash those hands!