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Giant Info Bomb #2: Reviews, Podcasts, and More!

Jeff checks in with a few details on the upcoming site.

- Yes, it's our plan to publish video reviews alongside our text reviews. But that's a fairly time-and-resource-intensive process that requires us to have more equipment than we currently have. We've had a meeting or two about getting our studio priced out, purchased, and installed. So once that's out of the way, we'll start playing around with video reviews.

- I'm working on a guidelines article that describes how Giant Bomb reviews games. It'll be ready in time for the general site launch, but the basic idea is that three stars is roughly equivalent to "it's OK" or "this game is average" or "I am entirely indifferent about this product." Five stars is, roughly-speaking, "this game is great and/or awesome." One star is probably something like "at one point I thought about vomiting while playing this game."

Also, just to reiterate, there are NO half-points on our scale.

- We're deciding on schedules for the podcast and the How To Build A Bomb video series. We'll probably record the podcast on Tuesdays (we just recorded a new one, Ryan's next to me with headphones on, hacking out all the bits where I accidentally sound intelligent and replacing them with farm noises), but the video will probably be shot and posted when something meaningful happens. I think the next video will be shot tomorrow and posted on Thursday. We're starting to have more regular discussions about site development stuff.

- While I think there are plenty of opportunities to play video games <em>and</em> get laid (though maybe not simultaneously), I felt the need to link you to this Dragon Boy Suede video, called "Quit Playing Video Games and Get Laid," because I really like the line "more chicks, less Missile Command." As someone who owns a Missile Command machine, I'll just say that it's not quite as useless in that department as you might think. Or, at least, it's not an either/or. Look, just watch the video. Best use of a Power Glove since that episode of G4's CinemaTech where we took Carrie Gouskos' Power Glove into a men's bathroom.


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