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Guitar Hero: King James Version

Christian rock gets its own Guitar Hero clone.

If Konami's guitar game ever got big in the States they could have called this
If Konami's guitar game ever got big in the States they could have called this "Jesus Freaks."
Personally, I'm of the mind that as soon as Man electrified the guitar, we embarked on the dark project of communing with demons, using the six-stringed instrument to allow Satan into our midst. It would culminate with the release of Judas Priest's 1982 album, Screaming for Vengeance.

So it's with some trepidation that I gaze upon a pre-order page for Guitar Praise: Solid Rock, an upcoming PC/Mac product from your friends at Digital Praise. Could this all be a devious trick? What happens if I play these songs backwards?

The game sounds like a pretty standard Guitar Hero clone with over 50 songs that reflect Christian values, online scoreboard support, support for two players (complete with a lead/bass split), and four difficulty levels. Also? The guitar is wireless. You know, provided these guys went and got the masters for all of these songs and split them apart so that the guitar stops playing when you stop playing, this looks like it's about all of the features you could possibly want out of a Christian rock game.

Here's the song list for the game. By putting DC Talk's Jesus Freak in the game the developers have... well... they put I song I've heard of in it. Congrats?

  • 12 Stones - Broken
  • Bride - Same Ol' Sinner
  • Caedmons Call - There You Go
  • Casting Crowns - Lifesong
  • Chris Tomlin - Made to Worship
  • Darrell Evans - So Good To Me
  • David Crowder Band - Foreverandever Etc.
  • Day Of Fire - Reap and Sow
  • dc Talk - Jesus Freak
  • Family Force 5 - Love Addict
  • Flyleaf - Perfect 
  • Hawk Nelson - The Show
  • Hawk Nelson - Friend Like That
  • Inhabited - Rescue Me
  • Israel & New Breed - All Around
  • James Clay - Franklin Park
  • Jared Anderson - Blind Man
  • Jennifer Knapp - Undo Me
  • Jeremy Camp - Tonight
  • Jessie Daniels - What I Hear
  • Jonah33 - Father's Song
  • Josh Bates - Perfect Day
  • Kutless - Beyond the Surface
  • Kutless - Hearts of the Innocent
  • Lincoln Brewster - Spin
  • Nate Sallie - All About You
  • Nevertheless - The Real 
  • Newsboys - Something Beautiful 
  • Paul Baloche - Rock of Ages
  • Paul Baloche - All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises
  • Petra - Backsliding Blues
  • Pillar - When Tommorrow Comes 
  • Red - Breathe Into Me
  • Relient K - I Need You
  • Seventh Day Slumber - Awake
  • Skillet - The Older I Get
  • Skillet - Rebirthing
  • Skillet - Savior
  • Spoken - Wind In My Sails
  • Spoken - Falling Further
  • Spur 58 - Sleepwalkers
  • Stellar Kart - Procrastinating
  • Superchick - We Live 
  • The Crucified - The Pit
  • This Beautiful Republic - Going Under
  • Thousand Foot Krutch - The Flame in All of Us
  • Thousand Foot Krutch - The Art of Breaking
  • tobyMac - I'm For You
  • Todd Agnew - This Fragile Breath
  • Warren Barfield - My Heart Goes Out
  • Whitecross - Who Will You Follow
  • Whitecross - When The Walls Tumble Down

Skillet? Man, if they had actually meant Skillit, maybe they'd get my money.
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