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Half-Life 2 Hits Steam on Mac Tomorrow

Get your crowbar finger ready.

As expected, Half-Life 2 will indeed be making its way to the Macintosh. What I--and more than a few other surprised industry dudes--didn't expect though, is how soon we'll be able to play it via Steam on Mac. According to a radical video put out by developer Valve this afternoon, the Freeman will be playable at some point tomorrow, and as Shacknews has learned, this release will include both downloadable episodes to the game: Episode One and Episode Two.
The video below is what I'm talking about. It's a fantastic digital recreation of Ridley Scott's infamous 1984 Macintosh commercial. In it, you'll see Half-Life 2's female lead, Alyx (instead of Anja Major), throw a crowbar (instead of a sledgehammer) into a towering screen with Breen's mug projected onto it. The words "Game ownership is no longer dictated by platform" and "Free Yourself" flash beforehand as Alyx makes her run from the guards to a nice, vomit-free hurling spot. Check it out!

All developers should announce their games like this, by the way. Make it happen, every-developer-in-the-world. Make it happen.