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Halo: Reach Co-Op Matchmaking Update Coming Next Month

The same playlist update will also include new game types and a bug fix or two.

Halo: Reach launched without matchmaking support for its co-op campaign, but there was a good reason for the omission: developer Bungie didn't want game owners' first campaign experience to be a frenzied run on its last level. However, that shield's integrity is dropping fast.

As related by the Bungie blog, the studio is prepping an October-bound patch that will add campaign matchmaking functionality to Reach. Several other bug fixes and game types are coming with the update, too. This will be the first update for the newly released shooter, and surely not the last one considering Bungie's superb Halo support track record.

"The first matchmaking update for Reach will occur in early October and consist primarily of fixes for bugs and balance issues," the blog reads. "We're not done testing them all yet, but when they're ready we'll fill you in on all of the little details. We'll also be adding some game types and Forge maps. Co-op campaign will be going live in October as well." 

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As Bungie warns, co-op matchmaking will not care that you've failed to beat the campaign or explored all of its levels. Similar to how competitive matchmaking works, users will get to vote on which level they're going to tackle together, thus the spoiler bomb might get dropped. It goes without saying, but make sure you've seen it all--and you'll need to see that last level by your lonesome--before dropping into the playlist.
No word on what other game types for other modes might be added alongside co-op matchmaking, but the blog does drop a mention of "Rocket Race" and "Firefight Versus." Unfortunately, there's no firm timetable on when either of these will be released.