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Harmonix Trademarks 'Vidrhythm,' Refuses to Say What That Is

Perhaps it involves video. And rhythm.

Get on it, Harmonix.
Get on it, Harmonix.

Ever since Harmonix made it known that the Rock Band franchise was taking 2011 off (outside of the usual DLC pipeline), many have speculated as to what the newly independent studio might be focusing its developmental efforts on instead. Dance Central 2 is obviously one of those in-development projects, but word has swirled for a while now that Harmonix had some other, original ideas kicking around.

One of those appears to be Vidrhythm, a name recently trademarked by the studio with an "intent to use" filing. What is Vidrhythm? I have no idea, but it's a thing that exists, according to Harmonix Communications Director and noted rage enthusiast John Drake, who confirmed to us that this is most definitely a project currently under development, and that "it will be awesome." So, hey, you heard it here first.

Now feel free to spend the next several hours constructing what the combination of Vid (one can presume it being short for "video") and rhythm both signify. I'm personally hoping for something in the vein of Make My Video. Bring back Marky Mark!

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