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Have a Cookie: The Return of You Don't Know Jack!

Jellyvision's irreverent trivia series is being revived, courtesy of THQ.

 Like this, but newer!
 Like this, but newer!
E3 is an event defined by its surprises, both big and small. Last night I was treated to a minor, but personally exciting revelation, courtesy of our podcast panel guest Mike Bilder, GM at Jellyvision. Now if the name Jellyvision doesn't mean anything to you, it's probably with good reason--though a prolific developer on the PC in the late 1990s, particularly with its irreverent pop-culture quiz series You Don't Know Jack, the Chicago-based company hasn't been terribly active in the decade since. 
But it sounds like that should be changing soon. At the start of last night's epic Day Two Bombcast we were treated to a personal message from Cookie Masterson--the most prolific of the various, but consistently snarky hosts of You Don't Know Jack--announcing that Jellyvision had reached a publishing deal with THQ, and that You Don't Know Jack is being resurrected. If, for some crazy reason, you've not heard last night's Bombcast yet, check it out here to hear the message for yourself.
I leaned on Bilder after the show for more details like platforms or release window, and though he was oddly impervious to my delicate charms, he did say that this was a traditional publishing deal, unrelated to THQ's recently announced Partners program, and to expect more details later this summer. Now in the grand scheme of this billion-dollar industry, this probably isn't such a big deal, but I'm personally very excited about this, and I still maintain that no one has managed to create as consistently an entertaining quiz-show-style video game as You Don't Know Jack.