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Have You Seen The Luchazine?

The community is still a threat.

It was something I always felt when I was just a user: there's something about Giant Bomb that makes the people who visit this site want to take every aspect of the site--its iconography, its dumb game pitches, its "cast of characters" and terrible inside jokes--and continue to build on them. I feel like Giant Bomb serves as this incredible conduit for artwork, music, clothing, photoshopped images and self-supported features, all because you guys have latched onto the site and want to be involved in its future. It's totally crazy and bewildering and bananas and awesome
Crazy and bewildering and awesome are the apt words to describe The Luchazine, an entire damn magazine created by members of the Giant Bomb community and hosted online. Helmed by users GoranP and indian_boy, The Luchazine features a swath of community interviews, contributor articles and discussions, reviews, and interviews with industry professionals. 

 Dude, what?!
 Dude, what?!
And I'm not talking about interviews with people loosely connected to game creation. I'm talking about how The Luchazine was able to get an audio interview with former Capcom director of production/rum drinker Adam Boyes. No small feat for any publication!   
Huge props to everyone who worked on the two issues of The Luchazine so far: GoranP, indian_boy, aurahack, buzz_clik, Danielle J, Count Rockula, Pepsiman, ThatFrood, natetodamax, Origina1Penguin, nofx4208, LordXaviorBritish, RecSpec, Bo17, RenMcKormack, JJWeatherman, XII_Sniper, MattyFTM, EpicSteve, TurboMan, Mmmslash, and Vinchenzo. You folks are out of your damn minds. Keep it up!