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Hello From Las Vegas!

Jeff pops up in Las Vegas with a quick tidbit of info before Midway's annual Gamers' Day event.

Well, the Mortal Kombat countdown (kountdown?) running over on expired at 3PM today and revealed no new news about the next game. Ryan and I are here in Las Vegas, where Midway is apparently going to announce the next MK game, but I’m not sure if it’ll be something we can talk about today, as I’ve heard a couple of conflicting reports about embargo times and dates and stuff. So the news from Midway’s event might remain under wraps until tomorrow. My guess is that the MK stuff will hit today and that the rest of the stuff from the event won’t hit until tomorrow.

But there’s already a healthy amount of speculation out there about the next MK, with most of the juiciest rumors pegging the game as Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics. Apparently GamesRadar ran (and quickly removed) some sort of header image on its site called “MKDC blog–article_image” and it has a silhouette in it that looks very Superman-like.

Dude, MK vs. DC? Really? Like I said, we’ll send word when we get the chance, but we’ll be sitting in the middle of a press conference, so if you’re dying to know, you might want to click around a bit to see who ended up with the exclusive on the announcement and trailer. Personally, I could go either way on the crossover rumors, I’m much more interested in hearing about how it plays, whether it’ll have weapon stances in it or not, and so on.

Besides, we all know that any one of those MK characters could punch Superman’s fool head clean off. Dude hasn’t been in a good game since the Atari 2600.

[UPDATE] None of the Midway info will be free to run until tomorrow evening, so check back then for more details!
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