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Here Are All of Giant Bomb's 2012 Game of the Year Features in One Handy Spot

The videos! The lists! The podcasts! They're all here for your perusal.

May your 2013 be properly hunked.
May your 2013 be properly hunked.

We here at Giant Bomb hope you had yourselves a fun, safe, hopefully video game filled holiday break, and that during the break, you were able to check out our myriad features pertaining to the best (and occasionally worst) games of the 2012. But just in case you missed out on a few of 'em, we thought we'd collect every single piece of GOTY content we produced this year and link them right here, for your convenience. We do this because we're really very nice gentlemen, considerate of your feelings and your time. All that asshole bluster you see in our videos every week? All for show. Deep down, we're all super sweet.

Well, except for Ryan, but you probably already knew that.

Anyhoo, enjoy the content, if you haven't already!

The Videos

Game of the Year Recaps

Staff Top Ten Lists

Special Guest Top Ten Lists

The Text Features

Awards Recaps

(Non-Video) Special Guest Top Ten Lists

The Deliberation Podcasts

Jeff Gerstmann's Disappointed Face, Forever

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