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Here Comes a Carmageddon Reboot, Probably [UPDATED] teaser site is counting down to something. Safe money would appear to be on some kind of Carmageddon game.

Like this, but probably in HD or something.
Like this, but probably in HD or something.

Update: VG247 is reporting that Square Enix is actually, in fact, not producing this Carmageddon reboot, as was originally reported around the web. Squeenix had reportedly sold off the rights some time ago to the franchise, and Stainless Games is busy making other titles based on licensed IPs (like Magic: The Gathering and Risk).

VG247 claims that some mysterious independent benefactor is behind this reboot, and that the game will definitely be announced on June 1st. However, it also will not make an appearance at E3. At the very least, the independent factor does bode well for the quality of this reboot's metal soundtrack. Squeenix probably would have just loaded it up with Stone Sour songs or something. Uck. UCK.


To you, I pose a question: which of the many long-dormant car combat franchises floating around in the vacuum of video game intellectual property limbo would you most like to see revived? If you said Twisted Metal, clearly you haven't been paying attention of late, as David Jaffe and company are already working on that update. If you said Road Rash, I'm right there with you, but it seems like EA is destined to just keep making promises for that one it will never, ever keep. If you said Vigilante 8, you apparently forgot about this awful XBLA remake from 2008, and also seriously? Vigilante 8? Really? If you said WWE Crush Hour, you're obviously just trolling at this point, and I hate you.

== TEASER == That pretty much just leaves Stainless Games' Carmageddon, the biblically-violent vehicular homicide franchise that originated on the PC back in 1997, and through various sequels and ports, also appeared on the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Mac. With the proposed fourth game in the series canceled back in 2005, neither hide nor hair of the series has been seen since... until now.

Over at apparently is something that exists--a countdown timer has begun counting down to something. Between the site being registered to Square Enix Europe (the current owner of original Carmageddon publisher, SCi), the appearance of the distinctive skull-and-crossbones on the countdown page, and the fact that the website is called friggin', it seems altogether safe to assume that this is a countdown to some kind of announcement of a Carmageddon reboot/sequel/remake--or reseqmake, if you're into that whole brevity thing.

The countdown is set to expire at 5am on June 1st (Eastern Standard Time), which puts this presumed announcement a full week ahead of E3. That should give everyone a solid week's worth of time to argue tirelessly about what metal band's music should comprise the bulk of the soundtrack, before the deluge of everything else at E3 swallows this announcement whole. I'm going with Watain, personally.

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