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Here's What Nintendo Just Announced

Not quite megaton, but some interesting stuff out of Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo just concluded its latest Nintendo Direct presentation, and it was full of little news bits.

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If you're looking for news on a new Zelda, Mario, or Metroid, though, that didn't happen. All of those things are probably happening, but Nintendo's not willing to disclose those games yet.

Here's what the company did talk about, though.

  • Little Mac joining Super Smash Bros. and it launches in 2014.
  • Mario Golf on 3DS has a single-player RPG mode called Castle Club. Game arrives May 2.
  • Kirby: Triple Deluxe will also launch on May 2, with in-game items coming via Street Pass.
  • Yoshi's New Island arrives on March 14.
  • Yet another Ace Attorney game is in development.
  • The new first-person Steel Diver game will have free and "premium" versions. The free version has a few single-player missions and the entire multiplayer mode. It's also being released today.
  • Rusty's Real Deal Baseball is a new downloadable game being developed with the theme "good feelings." (Yes, really!) It includes a bunch of baseball-related mini-games. One mini-game is free, but the others must be purchased. You can, however, "haggle" with Rusty and get the prices down "significantly." The game will be released in April.
  • Pokemon Battle Trozei is a downloadable action puzzle game coming on March 20. It's actually a sequel to an existing game.
  • Inazuma Eleven is making its debut in North America on the eShop today.
  • NES Remix 2 launches on April 25 with mini-games pulled from Metroid, Kid Icarus, and others.
  • GBA comes to Virtual Console in the spring, starting with Metroid Fusion, Mario & Luigi, Mario Advance 3, and others down the line. Mario Advance 2, Wario Ware, Advance Wars, Golden Sun, F-Zero and others are headed to Japan.
  • New footage from X was shown, but the only release date indication is "2014" in Japan.
  • There was new footage from Bayonetta 2, as well, and it's coming "later" this year.
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