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Here's Exactly What Max Payne 3 Looks Like

Fat, bald, and surly--wait, you already knew that part.

Rockstar sent out the first official screenshots of Max Payne 3 today. We already knew about Max's new older, paunchier look, and now we have some idea what kind of game this is actually going to be.

Well, sort of. I can tell you with confidence from looking at these shots that the game will involve guns, and shooting. Max will shoot guys. With guns. This will happen in some kind of tropical shantytown. How's that for in-depth analysis?

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Truthfully, you can't get much of a sense of the game from these shots, but you can at least absorb the art style. How does it strike you? Do you think Naughty Dog ought to be getting upset yet? I'm all for changes in creative direction, but I certainly don't see anything in these shots that really screams "Max Payne!" at me.

Well, OK, that silhouette kind of fits.

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