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Here's That Wii Curling Sim Starring Fergie You Were Asking About

If I may pass some early judgment here, this is the dumbest thing I've heard of (today).

MTV has the world exclusive on a hot new game coming to the Wii from Electronic Arts this holiday season!

It's Celebrity Sports Showdown, a Wii Sports-like minigame compilation from the team that brought you EA Playground. It's got all your favorite sports, like curling!


It'll also have some skiing, a little badminton, dodgeball, volleyball, and more. Here's the video:


...oh yeah, the catch is that it's full of totally awesome celebrities that everyone who owns a Wii obviously loves, like Fergie (THE DUTCHESS!!!!!!), LeAnn Rimes (NOT THE DUTCHESS!!!!!!), Nelly Furtado, Keith Urban, Sugar Ray Leonard, and more.

The sad part is that the volleyball actually looks pretty good. Too bad it got weighed down with a bunch of dopey "names" that ensure that I'll never ever feel good about playing it, but then, I'm hardly the target audience for weird stuff like this, right? If I was, this game would have Ice Cube, Edward Norton, and Sid Meier in it instead.

Go read MTV's story for the actual full story, instead of me just riling myself up by thinking about how awesome a volleyball game starring Sid Meier would be.

(NOTE: Like all other videos on, apparently this is only viewable from inside the US.)
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