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Here's What the Next Few Months of Max Payne 3 DLC Will Look Like

Hope you like multiplayer map packs, because there are A LOT of multiplayer map packs coming.

I'm sure you're all crestfallen at the lack of an announced zombie mode.
I'm sure you're all crestfallen at the lack of an announced zombie mode.

Among life's many inevitables, "video games having DLC" is beginning to rank pretty highly on the list. It's not quite in that upper echelon with death, taxes, and disappointment in your fellow man, but it's getting there. Given this inevitability, it should come as no surprise that Rockstar Games today announced the upcoming slate of DLC packs for its forthcoming action sequel, Max Payne 3. What might be surprising is just how much of it Rockstar has in the pipes.

Starting today, eventual Max Payne 3 players will have the option to pre-order the Rockstar Pass, a season pass designed to give you an overall 35% discount, should you want to own all of the DLC. The pass itself costs 2400 MS Points, or $29.99 on PSN.

The first pack will arrive in June. Titled the Local Justice map pack, which includes the "Police Precinct" map, as well as a couple of others, available for use in Max Payne 3's various multiplayer mode.

The rest of the packs don't have details yet, but they do have titles and timeframes for release. They are as follows:

Summer 2012

  • Disorganized Crime Map Pack
  • Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack
  • Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
  • New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012

  • Painful Memories Map Pack
  • Trickle Down Economics Map Pack

As you can see, this DLC slate is perhaps a little heavy on the map packs, but there is at least one co-op pack planned (which is interesting, since we haven't really seen any co-op options in this game before), as well as the curious-sounding "Deathmatch Made In Heaven" mode pack. The game already has a deathmatch mode, so this is...what?

For those immediately scoffing at all of this, believe me, I understand. However, I will say I've heard from a variety of different people that Max Payne 3's multiplayer is actually pretty good. So, while I don't necessarily recommend running out and pre-ordering that season pass, I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand, either. And for those who just want the single-player, at least it doesn't look like you'll have to buy a bunch of extra content just to flesh out the story properly. Lord knows there's been a lot of that going around lately.

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