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Hey, Here's How To Stream Giant Bomb To Your Internet Box

This week: the starlets double up.

It's time for us to once again give praise to hard working Giant Bomb members! Today, however, we're doubling the Starlet count with the equally fabulous  Evilmax17 and BuggeX. These two grabbed our attention with their brilliant uses of the Whiskey Media  API. They each created dedicated Giant Bomb video applications on various media streaming services. Their applications aren't finalized by any means, but it's still amazing to see the amount of progress they've achieved through their respective projects. 

Remember that media-streaming Roku box that clearly favored when compared to its fellow competitors? Well, it just so happens that Evilmax17 took it upon himself to tinker with the Roku SDK, and mesh it together with the Whiskey API.  

== TEASER ==Here's what evilmax17 himself had to say about his Whiskey Media Channel:   

I recently bought a Roku Digital Video Player,  and really wanted to watch Giant Bomb videos on it. Roku offers an SDK, and Whiskey offers an API, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. I've been developing this for a couple weeks, and I'm just about done with the initial release candidate.  

And if this awesome digital video player application doesn't suit your Giant Bomb video categorical needs, then perhaps BuggeX's XBMC (version Dharma) will keep you glued to the couch, and cycling through various memorable videos and live streams. 

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BuggeX (with design assistance from Laxaloot) also created a BOXEE application for all you BOXEE lovers out there. produced a first look at the newly released Boxee Box, and in the video one can see that BuggeX's application is running live. 

Bottom line: If you love watching TV from the comfort of your own couch, (preferably while eating a sandwich as well), then it's almost impossible to escape Giant Bomb's audio and video content. Thankfully these fabulous Giant Bomb members have made our social media lives a little easier by taking advantage of various home theatre PC software, as well as making full use of many of today's popular streaming media players. 
Thank you once again evilmax17 and BuggeX for putting the time and effort to creatively use our development tools and build something for all of us to enjoy. This is the second week in a row that we've chosen members who've messed around with the Whiskey API, but don't think for one second that we're not looking at other fields of community interest. The Giant Bomb Community Staff looks at everything you guys' are working on. Everything! Yes, even the questionably disturbing projects. So keep your eyes peeled for the next time this Starlet feature comes around. Also, if you're from Idaho, then do this guy a favor.