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Hey, How's Your Knowledge Of Zelda?

Answer some questions, and you might win a copy of Spirit Tracks!

Speeding soon to a DS near you.      
Speeding soon to a DS near you.      
One month from today, the newest Legend of Zelda game, Spirit Tracks, will hit the DS. Choo-choo? Yeah, OK, I've got nothing (but I'm sincerely excited to play the game when it comes out).
And I hope a few of you are too, because Nintendo will be providing us four extra copies of Spirit Tracks to send your way, provided you live in the United States. We'll give away one copy per week for the next four weeks until the game's release, along with a few other goodies like a train whistle, T-shirt, and DSiWare points card.
But you'll have to work for this stuff! There's no such thing as a free lunch, or a free Spirit Tracks, either. Instead of our usual random-drawing format, this time you'll have to be the first one to answer these five obscure Zelda trivia questions in the comments on this story to win. And I warn you, these questions are not kind. Put on your thinking (Minish) caps, find the answers to these questions, and be the first to drop them in the comments to win this week's game. Of course, if you just want to discuss the game or talk about how hard these questions are, that's fine too.
  1. What is the only Zelda game that Octoroks have not appeared in?
  2. Which piece of the Triforce does Link earn in the original Legend of Zelda?
  3. In what game besides Link’s Awakening did the Ballad of the Windfish appear?
  4. At the beginning of A Link to the Past, where are all three pieces of the Triforce?
  5. Who is the Oracle of Ages?

That's it. I suspect some of these will take a little digging, so I'll let you get to work. The winner will be contacted via private message, so keep an eye on your inboxes here in the site once you enter.


And don't forget, you'll have three more chances to win, so come back next week for the next round of questions. 

UPDATE: We have a winner! And that winner will be contacted via private message.  
An important note: The three subsequent trivia challenges will post at 1pm Pacific Standard Time on the next three Mondays, so you won't have to worry about missing your next chance to win. Just make sure you've got your eyes on the forums or news feed at that time so you can take a stab at being the first with the correct answers.
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