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Hey There Are Two New Store Items And We're Having An E3 Sale!

Use the code E32018 to save five bucks off of any order of $20 or more!

Hey, we have two new items on the store! The Hockey Logo Tee and Hooded Sweatshirts are available for ordering now. These feature the wonderful logo that originally appeared on our Hockey Jerseys, which I truly hope made it safely to everyone who ordered them!

Hey hockey fans, take this wonderful multiple choice quiz!

What Was The Most Unlikely Hockey Thing In 2018™:

  • The Washington Capitals defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins (!) in the second round of the playoffs, and won the Stanley Cup

  • The Las Vegas Golden Knights advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year as an expansion team

  • Giant Bomb finally shipped their stylin’ Hockey Jerseys

  • Someone may have literally had sex with the Lord Stanley’s Cup

All of these were actually incredibly unlikely, but they somehow miraculously occurred! We’re celebrating these wonderful accomplishments by adding Giant Bomb hockey logo t-shirts and pullover sweaters to the store starting today. Featuring the same fine logo as our jerseys do, these new items are a testament to the indomitable spirit of hockey fans everywhere.

In addition, you can get five bucks off every order of 20 bucks or more if you use the code E32018 at checkout. The system can only handle one code at a time, though, so if you've been sitting on a discount code from a premium membership, go ahead and use that, then email me at support at with your order number and I can refund you the extra five bucks. This will probably take until next week when we get back from E3, though. If you have an open order that has not shipped yet and would like to modify it, please email orders at

In addition, we are restocking many of our recent items below. These are available to add to your order, but they are still in the final stages of printing, so orders with these items will most likely not ship until early next week.

Giant Bomb - Interlocking Zippered Hooded Sweatshirt

2017 Members T-Shirt

The Giant Beastcast 100 T-Shirt

Giant Bomb Circle Stars T-Shirt

Luchadeer Balloon T-Shirt

Giant Bomb Old Games T-Shirt

Giant Bomb Collegiate T-Shirt - Black

Giant Bomb Pint Glass

Giant Bomb Matte Black Mug

Giant Bomb - Gerstfield T-Shirt

If you have any questions feel free to throw them in the comments, but please @ tag me so I'll see them in my notifications. Bit busy this week but I'll try to get back to you when I can!