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Hothead Games Continues to Announce Things, This Time a DeathSpank Sequel

It's called 'The Baconing'. Presumably because bacon makes literally everything better.

Seemingly unsatisfied with the mere announcement of a new game based on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Hothead Games has once again let slip news of a new project in the works at its studio, though this time, it's something familiar to the developer.

Hopefully this Baconing won't be a total turkey! Hah! Right?!? It's... I'm... I'm so sorry...
Hopefully this Baconing won't be a total turkey! Hah! Right?!? It's... I'm... I'm so sorry...

Hothead dropped early word to Kotaku this morning that a new sequel to the studio's 2010 downloadable action RPG titles, DeathSpank, and DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, will be coming this summer to Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and PC. Titled 'The Baconing', this sequel does not feature the involvement of the character's original creator, Ron Gilbert, nor does it feature the word DeathSpank anywhere in the title. It's just The Baconing.

Perhaps this might have something to do with wanting to get away from any negative connotations one might associate with the earlier DeathSpank titles. While generally amusing send-ups of loot-heavy action RPG games, both titles suffered from some rather rote, repetitive gameplay, which our own Jeff Gerstmann took particular issue with in his review of the first title.

That said, Hothead seems well aware of the earlier game's issues and promised in its statement to Kotaku that The Baconing would be a great deal more satisfying to play. The game will apparently feature over 100 new quests, 80 new weapons, 70 different characters, and a new sidekick character named Bob from Marketing. His special abilities will apparently include such gems as: "Laser eye beams; Eat dead bodies to restore health; Eat live bodies as an additional attack option." As someone who once worked alongside a real life Bob from Marketing at one point in my career, I can certify that most of these terrifying abilities are pretty accurate. Sorry, Mr. Picunko.

You can read the entire press release in the Kotaku article, if so inclined. Or you could just go fry up a pan's worth of delicious bacon yourself in celebration of this announcement. Unless you're a vegetarian, in which case, this whole thing is probably just kind of offensive to you. Sorry about that.

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