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House of the Dead: OVERKILL Coming to MotherF***ing PlayStation 3 in MotherF***ing October

Special Extended Cut edition includes new scenarios and Move support.

I think most of us can agree that light gun games are effectively dead in this day and age. So it was with some delighted surprise that I found myself rather enjoying House of the Dead: OVERKILL when it dropped for the Wii back in 2009. Sure, all Sega and developer Headstrong Games did was add copious amounts of cursing and some weird Grindhouse-y visual filters to the tired-ass House of the Dead formula, but hey, I like Grindhouse, and I like cursing. Sue me.

My word! Those zombies are so high def!
My word! Those zombies are so high def!

Happy news for anybody who doesn't own a Wii and would like to partake in this filth-laden cheese-fest themselves, as Sega today announced an Extended Cut edition of OVERKILL that's headed exclusively to the PlayStation 3 this October 25th in North America, and October 28th in Europe.

The director's cut includes two new scenarios in addition to the seven original ones featured in the Wii version, as well as all the usual PS3-related what have you, like HD-upgraded visuals, 3D support, and (obviously) Move support. Because how else are you going to play a light gun game on the PS3, right?

Be sure to watch our old Quick Look of the Wii version if you're interested in seeing what kind of action might be in store for you. Just try to pretend the visuals are in HD and 3D, and that Jeff and Ryan actually enjoyed themselves.

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