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How Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Ended Up in a Hollywood Film

Don't expect Kotick to show up in anymore movies, though.

Yep, that's Kotick. In a movie.
Yep, that's Kotick. In a movie.

The Internet put on its WTF face when the trailer for Moneyball showed up, featuring someone who looked awfully like Activision CEO Bobby Kotick portraying the owner of the Oakland Athletics.

Turned out it actually was him, though. Why? What?

Reuters spoke with Kotick, who explained he's friends with Moneyball director Bennett Miller.

“We were having dinner and Bennett was talking about Moneyball and he asked me a little bit about an owner’s psychology and what an owner would be like," said Kotick. "I started reading the script and I said, I really think the words don’t capture how an owner would react to this part of the conversation. "

Miller pitched Kotick on the idea of portraying the role himself, with Kotick asking Miller to film something for The Call of Duty Endowment charity, which helps integrate war veterans back into society. All of the ticket proceeds from next month's Call of Duty XP, for example, go to the charity.

When the trailer hit, I immediately went to IMDB but couldn't find Kotick's name anywhere. That's because he won't be credited for the appearance--it was simply a favor to a friend.

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