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Hurricane Seaserpent

To thank you for your patience we're extending all current paid memberships out an extra two weeks.

Time to get back up to Level 3.
Time to get back up to Level 3.

Well, that wasn't much fun. We'll likely do a nice video post-mortem in a couple weeks, but the relaunch of Giant Bomb has obviously been a little rocky. I can make statements along the lines of "well, it's hard to test this stuff in a production environment" but at the end of the day some of the issues we've had are because we just didn't prepare properly. As such, on Tuesday we'll be issuing a two week extension to all subscription memberships on the site. In short, you shouldn't be paying to watch us scramble. That extension should cover our rocky stability first week, and the upcoming next week as we bug fix login issues, Premium RSS feeds, and the downtime of the API which directly is keeping our Boxee, Roku and community apps from running. There's nothing you'll need to do to receive the extension, your next billing date will automatically move out an extra two weeks on Tuesday.

To those of you with actual login issues, it's our number one priority and we should have a fix on the way shortly. Don't worry if you haven't gotten an email response from me yet, it's not that I haven't received them, it's just that I'm waiting for a code hot-fix before I send out instructions. I appreciate all the patience the community has shown over the past couple days and the positive response we've gotten to the redesign. We'll get back up to full speed in this next week and start moving forward on all the functionality and design tweaks you've suggested once we get past these larger stability issues. You can find a list of thing's we're working on over on the boards.

I'm looking forward to putting this mess behind us so we can finish off Blade Runner together. I'm pretty sure I'm a replicant, don't tell anyone.

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