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I Am Alive, But Who Are You?

Ubisoft's all-but-secret first-person survival game hits shelves in a few short months.

If you're so alive, why haven't you called?
If you're so alive, why haven't you called?
Remember that first-person survival game that Ubisoft is working on? You know, the one that takes place after a major earthquake that has devastated Chicago? Yeah, I didn't think so. The super low-profile project is called I Am Alive and, according to a recent Ubisoft release schedule, it will be here in March. Surprise!

So let's back it up a second. What the heck is I Am Alive? The game was barely shown at E3 and the biggest news to come out since then is that Ubisoft producer, Jade Raymond, is not working on the project. Pretty much the only information about the game comes from a recently published article in GamesTM that talked a little bit more about the yet-to-be-seen gameplay.  Here's a bit from the game's senior producer, Alexis Goddard, about how to deal with your foes.
Confrontation is a way of dealing with violent groups, but will rarely be rewarded," said Goddard. "We encourage the players to use tactics, diversion, and discretion. You've found a police shotgun, which is out of bullets - rightfully so, since Chicago has long been a proponent of a ban on guns. How about some intimidation? After all, who knows the gun is empty but you? Just point it at looters and they'll remain at a distance as you progress toward your objective. However, you can only aim it at one person, so you have to watch for being flanked.

You can check out more from that article over at 1up. So, if you are one of those people who likes video games, then surely this sounds interesting, right? Hopefully we'll see more in the coming month before the game's release on the PS3, X360 and PC, but for now, here's the trailer from E3.


Not talking about a game makes me scared. Stop scaring me Ubisoft. Serously, you're making your mother worry. I hate you.

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