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I Love Giant Bomb - April 21, 2009

People create some weird pages on Giant Bomb. Here's a sampling.

Internally the engineering team behind Giant Bomb uses the term "wikid" for the publishing system that works behind the scenes and lets everyone contribute content to the site. We arrogantly named it so because we thought we were such wicked (we're so clever) code-monkeys, but every time I come across the daily randomness on the browse pages here at Giant Bomb I think it's a better term for our actual user-base. There is some wild/cool stuff out there.

On a hunt for some of those pages I threw up a quick twitter (@enemykite) a couple minutes ago asking members to send in their favorite pages. While this list initially looks very questionable or childish, let's remember, this stuff actually exists in games so it's something we can totally get behind. Plus if you can't laugh at video games, you likely haven't played them. In any case, here's a sampling of what some of you guys and gals have created over the last six-months or so. This is just a small fraction of what's actually out there, so hopefully I'll return to this feature next week if there's enough interest.

I'll never think of Sonic the same way ever again.
I'll never think of Sonic the same way ever again.
"Vore" is an internet term for a sexual fetish for the act of a creature swallowing someone else whole while they are still alive. The act is also seen in many video games, in a decidedly less sexual manner.

Games where the crotch is used to the players advantage or disadvantage.

Never 'just' a nosebleed. Nosebleeds in video games have stories behind them, indicating past violence, drug abuse, or sexual arousal.

A wonderful collection of the most valiant product placement titles of all time.

A Palette Swap is a concept most commonly found in fighting games. Palette Swaps occur when two or more characters share the same same sprite or character model with only minor color or cosmetic changes. Although visually similar, pallet swap characters may have very different moves and personalities.

S-Rank system performance in DMC4.
S-Rank system performance in DMC4.
‘S-Rank’ is a term used in games, most commonly awarded at the end of stages with graded missions or side objectives.

When a developer creates a game that could be perceived as a new installment in an existing franchise that they've worked on before, but doesn't share the same name due to licensing issues or other reasons, it's called a called a Spiritual Successor.

When the President wants to go for a burger, you know the cake is a lie.

Oversized pests such as rats or bugs are often used as low level enemies in role playing games. They can be found in most any Western RPG, especially ones that use the Dungeons and Dragons rule set.

When the player character (re)visits a certain area or location that were also present in a previous game, or visited later on in the same game, with some alterations.
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