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Iconic Atari Game Haunted House Returning To Consoles

Who loves eyeballs?!

I love eyeballs. I'm a big fan of eyes. I use them every day! I look at stuff. I... process visual information into data that I can further assimilate into my being in order to facilitate interaction with my environment. All kinds of things!  That's why I love Haunted House, the classic Atari 2600 game that allowed players to play as, you guessed it, a pair of eyeballs.

 This is the best part of Haunted House. Not so much the part where you play the game, but those eyeballs are sick!
 This is the best part of Haunted House. Not so much the part where you play the game, but those eyeballs are sick!
Well, technically, Haunted House was released well before I was born, so I never played Haunted House in its prime. But I do love the way it looks, even all these years later. I mean, they had to create a game set inside a dark, spooky haunted house, and they created an environment that was so dark, all you could see were the whites of your characters eyes. That's awesome! And it would have been really effective if it didn't look like you were playing a game as a pair of walking eyeballs.
== TEASER ==The point is that walking eyeballs, made by The Old Atari, are awesome. The New Atari has clearly realized this, and is preparing to capitalize on eyeball fans worldwide with a new downloadable Haunted House game. Coming this September to the PC, XBLA and Wii, the new Haunted House looks to be a kid-friendly adaptation of the original Haunted House game. Players will take control of a young boy set inside of the haunted house looking for the pieces of a broken urn. You'll still dodge bats and ghosts, but it sounds like there will be more than just three identical floors of house to explore, as you'll maneuver your way through towers, catacombs, and tombs, as well as the titular haunted house.
I imagine this game is designed to target parents who remember playing the original game on their Atari 2600. Kids can explore the haunted house while parents teach kids about why eyeballs are awesome. Gotta learn 'em young, right? We'll see how it turns out when the game is available for download this September.  
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