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InFamous 2 Beta Extended, Thanks to PSN Downtime

More time for play-create-sharin' down in New Orleans.

With PlayStation Network out of commission, gamers can't test in Portal 2 co-op, maim each other via Mortal Kombat--or create their own missions for InFamous 2. The InFamous 2 beta test had been going on, until forces beyond our current humanly comprehension took the whole service down.

Fortunately, Sucker Punch has announced the inFamous 2 beta will be extended. How long, however, pretty much remains to be seen, as nobody quite knows when PSN will be coming back online.  

 I'd say
 I'd say "watch out!" but we all know it's too late.
"We've decided to extend the beta," said the studio on their official Facebook page. "Once PSN is back up we'll determine by how long, but rest assured: your outcry has been heard."  

Maybe this is all some elaborate new ARG for Portal 2 DLC.  Silly Valve.
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