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Infamous 2 User-Created Content Beta Sign-Ups Are Live

If you like UGC, this is your chance to get in and then featured.

At GDC earlier this March, Sucker Punch revealed that users would be able to create their own original missions in Infamous 2. Even better, the studio will be allowing people to share their in-game creations and, additionally, access the best ones right in the game world, without having to spend time in menus. It’s all in the interest of giving us more to do in the open-world action follow-up to the original Infamous.

The tools looked sharp at GDC and, according to Sucker Punch at least, there are no bounds on what can be created with them. Everything in the game--including weapons, vehicles, NPCs, props, and structures--is accessible in the editor. And soon, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to dive in to the user-created content part of Infamous 2 before the game launches this summer.

Over on the official PS blog, Sucker Punch announced that the game’s beta sign-ups are kicking off this week. To get in, you’ll need to visit the game’s official page and register before March 21. Then, if you’ve been selected in one of the several waves, you’ll be able to get your hands on the tools at some point in "early April." The beta officially begins on April 12 and runs until an unspecified time. Also, it’s US-only.

As Joystiq notes, the best user missions from the beta will be available along with the game's release, since Sucker Punch plans to routinely pick out the best and apply their own seal of approval. These “Sucker Punch Selections” from the beta and beyond will be available to play on June 7, the same day Infamous 2 hits stores.