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Infinity Blade: Dungeons Goes "On Hold" As Epic Shutters Impossible Studios

Grand opening, grand closing.

Officially on hold.
Officially on hold.

Back in August, Epic announced that it was picking up some chunk of the team formerly known as Big Huge Games--one of the studios impacted by the implosion of the 38 Studios--and giving them Infinity Blade: Dungeons, the Diablo-like action-RPG set in the same universe as Chair Entertainment's Punch-Out!! with swords franchise for iOS. The team was branded Impossible Studios.

About three days ago, I started wondering what the heck was going on with Infinity Blade: Dungeons, since it looked pretty interesting when I saw it back around E3 last year. Today we got our answer.

In a message posted to Epic's official company blog, Epic founder Tim Sweeney gets right to the point. Epic is closing Impossible Studios, with "ultimately it wasn't working out for Epic" given as the reason for the closure. Epic is, however, allowing the team at Impossible to keep its name and logo, giving them the opportunity to reform under that name, if desired.

As a result of all this, Infinity Blade: Dungeons is now officially on hold.

I'm probably supposed to provide some sort of meaningful commentary here, but I don't really know what to think. I'm just sort of shocked. That's nuts.

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