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Insomniac Reveals Its New Multiplatform Title, OverStrike

Game features a rag-tag crew of vagabond military types looking to bust some heads.

We'd known Insomniac Games was going to debut its first foray into the realm of the multiplatform at this year's E3, but what, exactly, the game would be was entirely unknown... until now!

Ted Price brought his patented cheerful demeanor to EA's E3 2011 press conference to announce OverStrike, a new action title featuring a crew of sarcastic, violent-minded mercenaries out to save the world from evil. Probably.

Truth be told, we don't really know what the game is, yet. The trailer presented information on the game's four primary protagonists, their general styles, the kinds of absurd gadgets and weapons they'll employ, and gave an indication of the game's generally tongue-in-cheek demeanor--think Team Fortress 2 mixed with Human Target, or something along those lines--but no actual gameplay was shown.

Regardless, color us intrigued. We all like shooting guns, but something other than a deathly serious blockbuster military shooter sounds pretty good right now. We'll be sure to dig up everything we can on the game once E3 opens up its doors.

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