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Introducing Giant Bomb TV!

Come take a tour through almost 10 years of Giant Bomb's history!

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Did you know that we're approaching Giant Bomb's ten-year anniversary? Whether you're a longtime fan of the site or have some gaps in your knowledge of the Giant Bomb of days past, you'll be sure to enjoy Giant Bomb TV, which just launched Giant Bomb TV will pull from almost every video on our YouTube channel and play one for everyone in chat to watch at the same time. When the video's almost up, you'll be able to vote for one of a half-dozen or so videos to appear next! Or if you want, you can just full-screen the video and let GB run in the background all day long!

For now, this feature's is fresh out of the Giant Bomb labs and should be considered a bit of a beta, and the chat will only be available to Premium users. We're also limiting this to YouTube videos at the moment, so there won't be any Premium videos appearing, but we'll continue to work on it and we'll see how things evolve! EDIT: Hey I guess Premium videos are included in this! My bad!

If you want to check out GBTV, it will (hopefully) always be live over at