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Is This The Next Metroid Game?

Nintendo Japan has a teaser image up that may just depict the next Metroid installment. What do you think it is?

Nintendo's Japanese Metroid site has updated with a tantalizing teaser image,, take a look.

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According to news site Cubed3 (via Destructoid), the full text reads "Follow Metroid Prime's history from the perspective of the Space Pirates." Beyond that, there's really nothing else to base speculation on, so there's no way to know if this is even a new game, or some kind of web video series, or who knows what.

I would certainly like for it to be a game. Specifically, a 2D game in the style of Super Metroid or the similar Game Boy Advance sequels. Konami has been doing a good job of scratching the itch for that sort of gameplay on the DS these last few years with the recent Castlevania games like Order of Ecclesia and Dawn of Sorrow, but I would really, really like to see a new Metroid in that vein. And, you know, that's exactly what the oft-rumored "Metroid Dread" is supposed to be, but both Nintendo and Retro Studios have denied they're doing any such thing.

The Prime games have just about run their course, so I'd be surprised if it's another first-person title. I'll stick with my hopes for 2D action, though come to think of it, a 2D Metroid would be pretty neat on WiiWare too. It'd certainly help legitimize that service for hardcore gamers, too.

What do you think this teaser could be talking about? Which direction would you want to see the Metroid series go in next?
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