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It's PAX Prime And We've Got Something For Everyone!

A membership sale! A new T-shirt! A sale on other shirts! A panel! A subscriber event! Exclamation points!

Hey, it’s the week of PAX! As per usual, that means that the Giant Bomb crew is going to be hustling and bustling around Seattle this weekend: we're gonna be shaking hands, seeing games, and talking about them during our Saturday night panel. The games, not the hands. Unless they're really exceptional hands, I guess. But there’s also some other stuff going on this week, whether you're attending PAX or not!

the calm before the swarm
the calm before the swarm

New Membership Sale

Hey, it’s time for one of those old-fangled membership sales...with a whole new twist. This time around, we’re looking to convert some non-believers, and, as such, if you don’t have a current subscription to the site, you’ll be able to sign up for the low, low price of $35, although that price does not include a $15 credit to the store. If you’re a current subscriber, you’ll still have the usual suite of upgrade/downgrade options for your membership. Maybe that huffs your chuff; if so, send me a message at and we’ll work something out. (Just keep in mind that I’m on vacation this week up until I leave for Seattle, so I might not get back to you until after PAX.)

In a way, though, the poor souls who don’t get a store discount are missing out, because there’s a...

New T-Shirt And (Almost) Store-Wide Sale

Thanks to the inimitable powers of designer buzz_clik you’re now able to honor the mighty GBeast with this brand-new t-shirt. It’s on sale right now, so look for those discount codes in your inbox or on your account page and get one! (If you need someone to look up your discount code for you, email me at, but, again, it might be a few days before I get back to you.) This is a smaller run of shirts than we normally do, but don’t worry if we sell out of your size; we’ll make some more when needed. Here's a look at the design:

Peter Jackson's Giant BEAST: The Official Shirt Of the East Coast
Peter Jackson's Giant BEAST: The Official Shirt Of the East Coast

What’s more, a whole slew of other t-shirts are discounted this week to the below-stupid price of $10! Equip one of these shirts for Wind Resistance +5 and Charisma +1! Get a bunch and the effects are cumulative! I am not a dungeon master and these statements are not legally binding!

Most of these older tees will not be re-printed when we sell out, so get while the gettin’s good.

Premium PAX Party

We'll be having a little get-together on Friday the 29th at Metropole, a restaurant near the Seattle Convention Center. If you RSVPed, you should've gotten an email about this already to confirm your spot. (Subject line was "Giant Bomb Premium PAX Party - Complete your RSVP!" Check your spam filter if you missed it.) If you were on the wait list, we'll reach out to you no later than Thursday night about attendance. If you didn't get on the list or the waitlist, we'll let you know via the Giant Bomb twitter shortly before the event begins if there's any extra room, but it's a pretty tight space and it's likely we'll be full. If you can't attend, we'll be streaming the event in our chat room, starting around 9 PM Pacific on Friday night, and if you can't catch the stream, we'll have the archive up sometime in following few days.

If you're at PAX, we'll be keeping our section of the Metropole open as an all-day rest spot, with wifi and places to plug in your precious electronics. GameSpot will be doing livestreams on Saturday and Sunday at noon, so please feel free to come by and check that out, or just swing by anytime and relax for a bit. We'll be open on Saturday until 7 PM and Sunday until This is likely where I'll be spending the bulk of the show, so follow me on Twitter and I'll let you know when to join me over there for some board and card gaming.

If you're not at PAX, keep in mind that we'll probably just keep our chatroom up for most of the weekend with a variety of feeds from the main PAX theaters. Swing on in when you get a chance!

Giant Bomb Panel: The Giant Bomb Guide to eSports Victory!

Saturday the 30th at 8 PM will be the start time for our official PAX Panel: The Giant Bomb Guide to eSports Victory! If you're of a mood to attend, you'll want to find the Sasquatch Theater and get in line comfortably early. We've basically been right at capacity for the last couple of shows, so don't risk getting left out by showing up right at 8 PM! We're not entirely sure if Sasquatch is one of the rooms that has a streaming setup in it, but if it is, we will of course stream the panel directly to our chatroom. Whether it is or isn't streamed, though, we'll have the archive up shortly after everyone returns from PAX.