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It's the Best of Giant Bomb, Officially!

Now you can have all our most embarrassing moments delivered right to you!


It’s Vinny. You might not recognize me in my text form, so I just wanted to clarify in case I sounded odd. It’s been awhile. How’s it going? Oh good! Me? Ah, same old. You know, gotta get that studio(s) up and running and all that. What a season!

Making Videos
Making Videos

Well, the real reason I’m using all these words is that I wanted to let you all know that after years of internally debating how we could compile the hours of footage we film each week into shorter, digestible, nuggets of content we have given up.

You see, one of the great things about getting older and gaining experience is that you really learn what you’re terrible at doing. We’re terrible at plucking our favorite moments from our back catalog to share with those that might not have the ten hours a week to keep up with the site. So, instead of groaning, blushing, and sighing at ourselves as we watch old footage trying to decide if something is a worthy moment we stopped .

We stopped because someone was already doing it better. We’ve all watched Derek Stone’s Best of Giant Bomb series on YouTube. You might know him as TurboMan here on the site. The series is great and has been around since the beginning of time. We contacted Derek, he completed the Trials of Onboarding, and he can now officially make content for us.

We are extremely pleased to be hosting his Best of Giant Bomb series. They are a great way to catch up on anything you might have missed or to relive some our more bizarre moments. We’ll be archiving the previous episodes to the site over time, but for now you can watch them here.

So, thanks Derek and remember… always make me look good. I approve your timesheets.

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