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Jeff Gerstmann Heads to New York, Takes Questions

Watch the video of Jeff's trip to Brooklyn and the NYU Game Center, where questions were asked and answered.

Before PAX East consumed us all last weekend, I took a quick trip to Brooklyn to make an appearance at the NYU Game Center. They've got a very cool thing going out there, providing students with high-tech setups like 3D printers, motion capture gear, and so on. If there were more game-dedicated curriculums out there when I was getting out of high school, perhaps I would have found my way into one of them, rather than rushing straight into the job market. But, of course, there's no one way into the video game industry. There's no one way into the "covering the video game industry" industry, either. Anyway, enough preamble. Here are a couple of hours of video with me speaking with James Marion, who was kind enough to invite me out in the first place, and taking questions from the audience. I had a good time, and unlike the events that followed that weekend at PAX, no bottles were broken over any heads during the course of this discussion. Oh well, there's always next time...

For more on the NYU Game Center and its ongoing series of talks, check out this website on the internet.

(Also, if you're on mobile and the Vimeo embed doesn't show, perhaps you'll have better luck by going directly to the video.)

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