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Jeff's Top 10 List of Games On Our Cover System Page

We countdown the games that let you hide behind stuff.

This dude is crouching, much like he would if he were attempting to hide behind something.
This dude is crouching, much like he would if he were attempting to hide behind something.
While reviewing Wanted: Weapons of Fate, I really got to thinking about games that are focused on hiding behind stuff. While Gears of War certainly wasn't the first game to feature "dude, get DOWN" as a core mechanic of its gameplay, the success of Epic's game served as the launching point for a lot of today's modern shooters.

With that, I've decided to compile this list of ten games listed on our Cover System page!

10. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Drake could totally hide behind stuff.

9. Time Crisis - When you let off that pedal, you could totally hide behind stuff.

8. Full Spectrum Warrior - This entire game is actually based on hiding behind stuff and ordering around troops instead of actually shooting people yourself.

7. Grand Theft Auto IV - When I hid behind stuff in GTA IV, it gave me time to ponder Niko's lot in life. Would he ever find happiness? Or would he forever get stuck behind his own "internal cover system?"

6. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Hiding behind stuff in Vegas 2 is twice as effective as it was in Vegas 1.

5. Killzone 2 - When you weren't busy looking at the smoke or complaining about the controller sensitivity, Killzone 2 was really all about crouching behind things to prevent getting shot.

4. kill.switch - This Namco shooter wasn't great, but it sort of pioneering the style of cover system that Gears of War popularized. I guess that counts for something.

3. Gears of War - Well, yeah.

2. Gears of War 2 - Gears of War 2 has two times the cover of the original. Remember those stupid rock worms? That cover moved. Moving cover is pretty important, but that's almost certainly a separate top ten list.

1. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand - With all those helicopters, what did you think 50 Cent was going to do? Stand out in the open and get shot at nine more times? Dude can hide behind stuff like nobody's business. And then? When he's done hiding behind things? He can pop out and shoot people in their fool-ass faces. And then he can blow up a helicopter. And then he can hit that big-ass ramp he's had his eye on for months now. Do you think Rick Ross knows how to hide behind things? THAT GUY USED TO BE A COP, MAN.
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