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Jump the Gun on the NXE

Find out how you can get this major Xbox 360 dashboard update ahead of schedule.

This could be you!
This could be you!
If you're anything like me, you can't wait for Microsoft to roll out the New Xbox Experience. I'm fairly ambivalent about the whole avatar thing, but the new interface looks slick and speedy, the Netflix integration sounds awesome, and the promises of a quieter Xbox 360 and faster load times with the play-from-drive feature are downright erogenous. If you're lucky, you won't have to wait until the official November 19th roll-out date, as Major Nelson has revealed Microsoft's plans to let a select few check out the NXE ahead of schedule with its "Xbox 360 Fall 2008 Preview Program," which you can sign up for here.

The offer is available for both Xbox Live Gold and Silver members, and is good in all regions currently supported by Xbox Live. Unfortunately, Microsoft is only looking for a few thousand participants, and considering how bogged down the sign-up page is right now, I'd guess that the demand is well beyond that. Still, it's worth a shot.