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KI3: Evidence Mounts, Plot Thickens

Photographic evidence emerges that suggests Rare itself is the one dabbling in music for a project labeled "Killer Instinct 3."

Totally the same table! Proof! Of something!
Totally the same table! Proof! Of something!
A couple days ago, speculative sheet music was making the rounds that seemed to have come from a third installment in the Killer Instinct fighting series. But some random sheet music doesn't mean squat. Anybody could throw together a quick melody and slap on whatever title they wanted, right? Games music composer and friend of Giant Bomb Chris Tilton turned out a synthesized version of the track just to give us an idea of what it might sound like in its final, arranged form.

Today Tilton hit us back playing the role of Internet detective with this hot tip: has coverage of the Viva Pinata recording sessions.

You'll notice that the picture of the Viva sheet music is sitting on the very same table that the Killer Instinct 3 sheet music was sitting on. So, I'd say they definitely recorded a theme. It's still no solid confirmation though. They could have written a theme just "for fun." However, it seems more likely that they'd take the time to do it if it was a real project.

Is this what they call investigative reporting? It feels foreign. Anyway, Killer Instinct 3! Look for it on an Xbox near you...maybe sometime!

On a somewhat Rare-related note, M4G also describes a "promotional disc" of music from Trouble in Paradise. Does anyone know what this thing is about or where to get it? Because I need it. Preliminary googling has turned up no info. Is it some kind of preorder bonus? A Europe-only release? How can I get my hands on this hot piece of merchandise? Inquiring minds--or at least I--want to know!
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