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Killzone 3 Pre-Order DLC To Hit PSN On Launch Day

Save yourself some cash on multiplayer maps!

So, you’ve been hotly anticipating Killzone 3 and thinking about getting a pre-order because, as we’ve previously reported, all pre-order versions of the game include a free redeemable voucher for the day-one “Retro Map Pack” DLC. I won't tell you what to do, but it would make financial sense to drop your coin now, in advance of the game's release. Why? Because creator Guerrilla Games has announced plans to drop said map pack on PSN on launch day, meaning you’ll need to pony up additional money on top of the game's retail price in order to get all the maps, if you don't pre-order.

This news comes via an official blog entry on the Killzone Web site, which gets in-depth about the DLC offering that has two maps, both of which are re-tooled from Killzone 2. From the blog:

Game Type: Warzone (24 Players)
Description: One of the largest maps from Killzone 2, Salamun Market has been re-balanced for maximum Killzone 3 carnage. After the Helghast ambush an ISA convoy on its main road, the whole market becomes a Warzone. Nostalgia meets brand-new Exoskeleton combat on this classic multiplayer map! 

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Game Type: Guerrilla Warfare (16 Players)
Description: Months after the nuclear blast that ruined most of the city, Blood Gracht is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan’s strange plant life. But when Guerrilla Warfare breaks out between ISA and Helghast troops, the canals once again run red with blood. The fan-favorite multiplayer map from Killzone 2 makes a triumphant return!

In other Killzone 3-related news, the game's open “beta” is live as of 10AM PST today. According to a PS blog posting, you can find the beta, which includes one map (“Frozen Dam”) and all of the game’s modes, on the main page of the PSN Store. The demo, er, beta, ends on Feb. 15, a few days before the game’s slated Feb. 22, 2011 launch.